ah Godzilla’s going to come I’m telling you guys he’s coming. He’s coming with a vengeance. I don’t know what we did did We destroy his hotel is this Godzilla’s hotel? Is that what’s happening right now? This is just Godzilla’s hotel..haha *Intro* Now ladies and gentlemen before we get to the game here’s something that I forgot to do I just realized for the last like few days and that for my boys and girls and frogs and dogs and Hogs you guys collect pogs anymore. Is that a thing. I don’t know anyways today We are going to be showing the kitty of the day. Which is a pretty kitty licking is lips Wonder what he just ate probably cat food I would assume but you never know it might have been something really bad it could have been a kid Probably not if I’m unthinkably really it probably wasn’t so anyways though today. We are playing Hotel disaster, and then in brackets and brackets wait for it Godzilla Where’s Godzilla? Where did he go? You would think that he would be very visible Then again doesn’t Godzilla come from the ocean doesn’t he just like emerge from the ocean with anything like this massive dragon dinosaur being thing What is it even it’s like a it’s like a it’s like a dinosaur that breathes fire But it’s also the size of a skyscraper. I don’t know how do we actually get into the hotel is there oh? There they come it said there’s some weird message right there. Oh to the sixth floor here We go to the we’re going to teleport. Maybe this one right here to the eighth floor 10 honestly I’ll take any of these at this point. I just want to get to the hotel. That’s really what matters here Oh, it’s a front door you require points. I am stupid Okay Now anyways, what is the oh? What is happening here? Okay, so there’s some noobs on a boat, and they’re saying don’t die plox. Okay? I am going to run upstairs to like that didn’t have and Where am I going right now? There’s an elevator here. I believe am I waiting for the oh, okay? Yes, this is it I want to go to the top floor toffler toffler. Come on. Come on. Come on close close close How do I do this okay top floor? Oh? And we’re going up, okay. We got to survive Godzilla. I don’t know where he is like I already said the round the new round just started and we’re going to see what happens right now It says on the chat bottom of an environment of the screen that it’s burning right now What is burning is I one of those godzilla burning probably not I thought what that would be weird if like That’s the first thing that happens in the game was a godzilla The whole like you know the beast of the attack is burning is a hotel burning. You know something like that It’s the oh my goodness me, okay there the boat down There’s burning if the hotels going to start burning really soon here. Where’s Godzilla? How do we fight him how first off? How do we fight him if we can’t see him also? This is a really nice pool right on the edge of the hotel. I thought that would be so nice. Oh my goodness Maybe this is one of those things we know context if it was I could build up in Story Mm-hmm It does still say in the chat at the bottom. It’s burning. What is burning hmM? Is it the hotel is that the oh I did not I? Did not know what I was looking at for a second there uh uh here We go what so what exactly these guys doing I don’t know there’s always a lot of burning going on down there the that’s for sure What would we fall onto if we OH I did not mean to fall Hello. I am stuck on the edge of the building now is absolutely nothing I can do about it so what do now what’s the next course of action if you’re stuck on the edge of a hotel and You’re awaiting Godzilla Should we try going all the way back down and then going up the elevator again? It really seems to be the only logical possibility at this point Why I say we should try and do it here. We go, okay So wait a second that’s not water I didn’t even reach the water, but this right here, isn’t water. I thought it was like the water was turning black from how You know like burnt up it was… obviously doesn’t make any sense. I just fall out of the…? What is happening. Oh Like I was floating in the water very nice But exactly we height 9 studs hotel Oh flood It’s flooding no no no no no no no no no flooding flooding flooding bad bad bad very bad very bad is this is so bad so bad right as I I knew this would happen I knew it would as Soon as I decide to go down if when this happens can I go back? Can I go back to I go back can I go back to the front door zero points? Oh wait 30 points though meaning that I can go to Spawn above the hotel to the top floor top floor here. We go. That was six points. I could afford it It’s okay the water is rising up though. It’s coming real soon, okay. We’re going to get down It’s going to be okay at least we’re not dead just yet. Oh there goes the guest. It’s okay You didn’t have a seat you know a little bit dangerous needs to buckle up a but besides that I think we’re okay We’re actually on the top. We’re fine So it’s going to start there’s a little bit of like a delay. You know It’s like you know they let it go for like five minutes or something, but now that it’s going We’re essentially waiting for the flood. I have a pretty good feeling that Godzilla’s going to be coming any second now first up Why is this hotel in the middle of the Ocean? Who would want to go to this hotel actually now that I think about it? I’d be a really cool hotel a hotel that’s in the middle of the ocean the view would be kind of dull. There’s just Motion in all direction, but then again that’s kind of cool because the hotels in the middle of an ocean I mean, I’m sure there would be some some people out there paying some special kind of Moolah for that I don’t know. I just don’t know I Don’t I personally wouldn’t I don’t see how it would be that Interesting just a hotel in the middle of the ocean cuz like I get it There’s ocean all around you you might as well. Go on a cruise you guys What a cruise ship is it’s a cruise ship you guys was just going to cruise ship Why is there a hotel they really could have done a cruise ship, and they could have gone anywhere They wanted not having a hotel stuck in the middle of the ocean man Anyways now on the bottom is saying the floor is decreasing dast and it is shut down most of the fires a lot of happy faces Going on. Oh the floods. I say the floor the flood is decreasing fast. That’s great No, but where’s Godzilla? Because I heard that Godzilla’s going to come up any second now, and I have yet to see Godzilla I believe it will happen because at first it seemed like nothing was happening at all next thing I knew it was flooding. So next you know what’s going to happen is I’m going to be like here’s no Godzilla I’m just going to go back down see if I can escape on the boat and I jumped down and Godzilla’s going to come out of the ocean and he’s going to eat me I’m telling you that’s exactly what’s going to happen and I’m Not letting it happen this time. I’m going to stay right up here, and I’m going to wait. I’m going to bide my time I’m going to see just what happens and maybe just maybe I’ll be able to get out of this alive the flood is decreasing fast and it shut down most of the fire ok that’s still the main message going on right now, so What do we do we climb this tower? It doesn’t seems like the only logical thing to do this is this flashing this flashing tower right here the one that seems incredibly Obvious To stand on doesn’t seem inconspicuous at all. It seems like anyone with logical Reasoning would want to stand on the tip of this tower which might make me think that they’re trying to do some sort of reverse psychology Here maybe Godzilla is now going to fall from the sky Face-first and land on the tower and eat me I’m going to go right into his throat who knows just Knowing my luck that’s probably what’s going to happen so far everything seems, okay, though. I’m going to get off a hat though I’m just you know. It’s just giving me bad vibes, so I’m going to go I’m going to get away from it Maybe I’ll hang out in the pool for now We’ll see just what’s going on. There’s anything going on. Hello Hello Hello, try to pull my hand behind my ear headset on right now. Okay? Can’t do that. Oh Joseph Joseph hello, Sir we must stick together who knows when Godzilla could come in when he does Who knows what’s going to happen by the way now down here? Whoo the flood is over. That’s great That’s really so good bite Godzilla is not over godzilla can come at any second now but when Earthquake earthquake, it’s saying earthquake, okay? We should really not be at the top right now I’m like oh, it’s like whew yeah : three you know like the hamster face Emoticon thing then it goes It’s like ah flood is over, and it makes you all happy and you know all these everything’s great And then there’s an earthquake immediately after next thing you know it’s going to go earthquake Tsunami Volcano eruption Godzilla I couldn’t be more ready for it in my entire life was that it with the earthquake That didn’t affect anything that thing get anyone. I mean look at Joseph He looks good as new I’ve never seen joseph so so spiffy and clean look at him He has taken a bath right now. It’s true in water filled with Chlorine. Oh Flood run the water is full of toxic waste from medicine factories that is a weird thing and all of a sudden the water is filled with toxic waste from Medicine factories. I should there’s still an earthquake going on right now, so I probably shouldn’t be on the edge of the building Oh, whoa ladies and gentlemen we got to another kitty of the day this one right here He said miniature even in a little plant pot. Oh, he’s so cute or she you never know to assume cat gender it’s 2017 ladies and gentlemen the flood still coming up. We’re on the top full right now Let’s go for another one this one right here is a blue lad why russian kitty it might not be a white Russian But it might be blue russian the white version Russian which would then actually have it be considered a russian Or maybe now maybe it’s just a normal white cat so not albino. It’s not a labine about a second didn’t I? Isn’t this exactly what I predicted the earthquake caused a tSunami get off the first floors now. Oh This is exactly what I was saying what happened? Neck after this is going to be godzilla, or it’s going to be also what I what comes up your toonami earthquake meteor shower Volcano who knows when is Godzilla Gonna hits only? Time will tell I guess and we’re just gonna have to stay here And pray that we don’t die, but as I’m saying that it seems like the entire hotel Seems to be really struggling me and this guest fell into the not guest noob I should say whatever he’s got that whole like new dress going right now, and so we’re I’m not I’m not trying to look that. I’m just saying it like it is but what would be what was The tsunami has knocked over the entire building and we now seem to be stuck in this room things are falling apart There’s no eight wait a second Uh-oh a uber big storm is coming for us is this the tornado? I was talking about is it actually going through the exact events I said that would happen and what is happening with this guy he he really seems to be struggling right now And there’s nothing I could do to help you do and I’m sorry. I’m sorry joseph. I would really like to help I’m stuck in this chair. Oh, he’s dead. He’s Dead. I Should be dead. I really should but I’m a lucky guy. I’m gonna be alright How do I get out of here what what am I doing? What can I come out here? Oh, wait a second is this the owner only area oh? Did we somehow make it into a vip section without paying anything? Oh? my goodness owner room Mostly we can’t go in there, but we can come out here. Oh interesting oh So it’s like a nice whole vip section. Oh, my goodness do I see that It’s like the hotel was split in two and now it’s just sitting on top of each other. What is the chat saying now? We’re big bombarded get on the choppa you die you get two times more points than normal we got to get on the chopper? We got to get out of here. Maybe we can escape before Godzilla arrives. Oh, this is perfect, okay, joseph You got to come with me man. The chopper is here. We gotta go okay. I? oh Why did I die? Why did I die? I don’t understand I definitely thought I was supposed to get in the chopper, but as I got it I died How exactly I I have three hundred and twenty three points that is insane that is insane. I can do whatever I want Okay, we gotta get in the chopper now. It’s okay. Don’t worry, so whenever we get in So when you get in you respond with double the amount of points That you would have earned is that it that barely makes it worth adult so you actually don’t want to get in the chopper So you die and you get and get two times where points than normally LKC? So I don’t actually need to worry about that I don’t even want to get in the chopper And you see what I was telling you about that pole there you see I was telling you that was bad news well look at it now Look at what happened to the pole ladies and gentlemen I’m telling you It’s bad luck you can’t be jumping on things that seem too obvious but now What now is it Godzilla time yet? Is Godzilla going to arrive? He’s got to arrive at some point, right? I mean come on. Come on the game most called the hotel Disasters Godzilla Godzilla, he’s got to be here somewhere. He’s in the ocean somewhere I Will try to prove it to you somehow. I don’t know how but I’m going to do it I’m going to prove it to you If I can somehow get into the water tonight, okay, so I’m under my camera’s underwater right now I can’t seem to see anything though See if I can come back in there doesn’t look like Godzilla’s on that part how am I still alive? I’m still just on the edge of the building Okay, so it doesn’t seem it’s a we seem to be safe Ish, not really I mean
I said that right as I always like this close to getting hit by one of these meteors or missiles or whatever is happening Right now I don’t really know I’m going to come back up for whatever reason It seems more safe even though I know it seems like the obvious place But it doesn’t seem like the obvious place anymore because this is where there was the pole which was the oBvious place no That is exactly what I thought was it’s not what I thought. I wouldn’t happen We’re still okay to always just at the bottom of the entire hotel, and this is obviously the most dangerous place I don’t even know how to get up anymore because you can’t take the elevators. Maybe you can Probably not the elevators probably don’t work anymore. I can almost guarantee the elevators don’t work anymore Can I work hello Elevators elevators? Hello? Probably not a given can we go come here to me I called the elevator Is it going to work is it it seems broken for some reason if we can call that somehow? I don’t know are we just scaling the building right now. I think we are and work We’re only on the second floor for some reason I thought I thought we were making progress look how low we are in the grand Scheme of the facility where no way Oh, that’s just great So do we should we reset and then make our way back to the dull nothing to do all the action is glad right now? We gotta get some action Jackson going on right now, okay? Here we go You can close the shop the shop likes to open it The entirety is itself every time I spawn it’s really quite something because we spawn above the Rule town and then one just Hello, sir you got to get up here come on. Oh no the floor 13 is no longer accessible. Just like many floors How there’s hotel oh, I’m falling right now. No no no no no no no I’m fine. I’m fine I’m fine guys come on. Come down. It’s all right. How did I crawl up there? I have no idea can I come up here. I’m afeeling I can’t I Can’t I can’t? Okay, so what now what do we do now? Do we just wait Godzilla coming any second now? He probably is I can guarantee it because as everything I’ve been saying so far this video for whatever reason is kind of pretty much being proven true ah Godzilla’s going to come I’m telling you guys he’s coming. He’s coming with a vengeance. I don’t know what we did did We destroy his hotel is this Godzilla’s hotel? Is that what’s happening right? Now? This is just Godzilla’s hooked. Oh I’m sorry gods. I’m sorry that we brought this upon your hotel. I really didn’t mean it. I mean I just wanted to stay here for a nice vacation who would have want to stay at a hotel in the middle of the oshin Maybe Godzilla or maybe Godzilla’s the only one that wants to stay in hotel De ville the Ocean and I fell down and then a new kit, the Island Omg look at these messages. What are these emoticons? There’s the nuke oh no, it’s getting larger and larger. We got to go up. You got to go up No, the entire hotel is falling no No, wait a second Was that a nuke to take care of Godzilla now the entire hotel isn’t it everything is there’s absolutely nothing You can do no matter how good you are at the game? There is no what you’re getting out of that well? How is God fellas supposed to arrive now the entire world’s being nuked? Man, whoever attacked this hotel must have had something really really against Godzilla Well, I’m kind of disappointed He didn’t appear because I was really looking forward to that especially because that is actually the name of the game I’m not getting I’m not getting it’s not like I can show you guys. I will show you that I died I don’t know why I died again boom there we go disaster Hotel Godzilla, I’m telling you guys. I’m telling you it said Godzilla. I Don’t know if he’s supposed to appear at any point but from what it seems like the entire world Gets a nuked so on that note I would like to thank you guys so much for joining me for another Roblox adventure if you enjoyed please remember to leave a like Maybe even subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already, but other than that guys. I will see you the next one you

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