GODZILLA MOMMY + OCTOPUS DADDY = OCTZILLA!! FGTEEV & Friends: Batman, Hello Neighbor, Spiderman Hulk

Haha Life is great my parents, and I were like this they Love me we have dance parties all the time so fun They taught me things like how to ride a bike This is fun Get it here. We go you’re doing good son. Thanks. Dad. He is so bad at this. He’s gonna crash We go to the playground together Dress on Weird because I wish I had a girl instead What would that be my dad we love playing sports? already This is fun though Is butters sure I might be like 42 years old still living at home, but my parents bills When is he going to move out? I don’t know I don’t think anything can possibly go wrong in my life Darling we have something to tell you yes mom and dad your father and I want you to meet your new brother What my new what my new brother You two will also be sharing a bedroom Goodbye now you just say hello hello FG tevers. What’s up, it is done And he’s bought. Whoa you fell off Bob. Oh, yeah playing dori you were playing We’re on level five if you look here if you touch and hold oczilla you keep turning left and right now his tentacles Watch this tentacles you basically have to tickle the duck To create a bomb correct shot to make it blow up look see what? Tiko Tiko Tiko Tiko Tiko when you start to play this game you only get two tentacles, I’m Upgraded this guy to get five tentacles Yes, oh Yeah, yeah, you’re leaving okay. Bye, bud. I love my kids. I love playing with them and sometimes I got I got some plan and the plane get interrupted now. I think I can focus so listen I just want to make sure y’all understand this game each tentacle It’s used to destroy ducks your back your back If I press this button boom I just got another tentacle, did you see that now the cool thing is that I can actually? this stop Yeah, you’re good nice and help Tell us about tentacles That’s what I’m saying How would you explain a tentacle at the texture No, there’s like it feels like mama slim So one of my tentacles is a squid shooter I’m gonna use some money, and I can buy a shirt shooter for one of them watch this oh no wait, no wait wait wait no wait I Was supposed to you. Okay. I’m new to this game that was a fail I knew I knew I supposed to choose a Tentacle each tentacle is separate so view by the shark on one you can’t get on another which means I have two shooters I’m safe, then it goes helping, but listen. That’s alright cuz check this out right here This was like going almost like an egg thing these three eggs I hatched this bad boy that bad girl and this bad monkey whoa So if we come back in about three hours, let’s see if I get those sorry. Let’s come back and rhythm spy What’s up guys we’re back and let’s see if it’s done Oh, it’s done boost make this arm super during one level. Oh, that’s cool Let’s boost that guy and boost that one and let’s boost that squid, but let me see here whoa no I just bought another tentacle by mistake touched laser shooter arm to shoot lasers. It costs 300 DNA per shot That’s not cool. The DNA’s are up here next customer turtle armor No, I make a buck on this every arm wasting all my money. Let’s buy an elephant pusher and then right here let’s just buy this squid shooter right there, so here is my Oxalá I’m going to see if I can now destroy Level 5 wow oh wow touch it hold to rotate left right that’s right wait. What does the turtle do? No, they don’t think that what does the turtle do oh? My goodness. I don’t think the turtle does anything What’s the shark do the shark shoots out this great does that? Some of these ducks when they have a little DNA on them when you shoot things at them They’ll actually give you some points on oh yeah tape that Angry Bird I don’t know. Why red is so mad, but I crashed into me makes me lose my heart Boom. Oh that all the elephant truck pushes them back no I Still lost I got some new monies. Let’s try this laser shooter right there there we go Oh, I got some two new eggs Let’s see what they are you a regular arm in a cloth and you have to tap on them? Nice now that I had the laser shooter. It’s upgraded for one Level now well what what’s up bullets have been wailing ladies and gentlemen housing. It’s awesome Sweetu decided to play a game with you. Oh, no you’re not playing I’m playing oh come on, dude This is my turn, but I’m like alright our foe. I’m good Whoa did y’all see that boy our Zilla Just became Spidey Silla is that sweet or what let’s see what this laser does I’m actually not too Happy that the laser costs money. Let’s see oh shoots out three. That’s cool. I don’t see what the turtle does do I just Know the turtle destroys my heart All I’m doing so bad oh, I got an egg from that one Spidey you failed me so the turtle destroys enemies bullets got it But you don’t let me down all right you gotta get your spidey sense Okay, yeah, no the turtle Are you serious Seriously maybe is that Syrian new egg Whoa a porcupine Judah wonderful spider-man giving me some trouble take him out Yeah, get out of here all right now. Let’s try it get what out spy yeah Batman alright, we’re going with bad Zilla, are we ready Batman? Oh, yeah? Shooting lasers and Shoot him lasers. I like that just the lasers custom much murdie Boom that was perfect timing Oh, No and oh no aunt Oona And I’m ready for you boom angry birdie. Yeah, go get him Sharkey shoot the duck Yes, Thank You Batman. I know how to play you can just sit back and relax this looks pretty easy alright Oh, I beat it. Hi baby. See guys I made it look so hard before but it’s actually that was actually pretty easy I think it was I think spider-man wasn’t messing yeah, bullet present. What does that do? There’s an ad oh I think when you press the present an ad comes up, and then you I like to present alright. We’ll wait Oh, there are worded six gems nice. That’s actually really good to hear so 430 gems I can get a new spot for another egg Coolio we are going to boost that harm and that dog I still get to see what a real boost Does what does the boost did it is three power-ups looks like ice a shield and a fireball that? Was oh Whoa I want to see what it what the super upgraded arm does Oh? Destroys them faster, and this turtle it should block a bullet. No it did it what? My name’s Batman, and you sure are bad man at playing this game. That was a long and corny joke Thank you so much. Now. You’re getting out of my iPad Batman’s gone and because of it. I’ve been rewarded 100 DNA doesn’t even like Batman to new eggs Oh elephant trunk delicious alright What do you say we try level 6 again level 1 2, they’re kind of boring? And that’s why I kind of skipped ahead for you guys Hopefully you don’t mind me failing it levels 5 & 6 so much, so let’s just play Whoa hard guys ladies and gentlemen Hulk is here You know the deal Hulk in the game Wow Hulk Zillah Hulk smash no Hope you won’t be smashing anything You’ll break my iPad, and I don’t have Apple care all right level 6 with my hole, buddy So let’s see if it was Batman cuz if I win with Hulk it has to be because it was Batman right now I mean, it’s so I didn’t make sense so later oh The laser doesn’t normally shoot out 3 that was the boost I’m so sorry it took me so long to realize that guys and get back shoot you Let’s do and then shoot you yes, I’m doing pretty good at this if I see somebody crazy coming along my way And I don’t think I can defend myself. I will be pressing that ice button cool. Sad little guy I kind of don’t want to hit him. You know I want to see what he does when he gets close I really really enjoy this ok. Oh no oh no pie spice, baby Oh my goodness firefighter, baby. So the ice this freezes them it doesn’t kill them Yeah, it was cause of Batman guys Hope thank you, buddy me you till the end bro alright, so me and Hulk are best buds 7 let’s do it meet Hulk Push him back oh no boom boom boom Boom boom know what brick boom no. Oh, I lost the light. I lost another life Oh, that was cuz of you you’re out of here Hulk is gone uh it looks like I really I’m stinking at level seven I only really this whole video I’ll only be two levels, but you know it’s about fun when you’re coming through this channel. It’s not about destroying levels Shot you know what it is. Oh? Mark hey dirty. How’s it going? What’s up? I just heard you were here playing games with your friends I didn’t like that they they chose me I’d ask them to come in a game. You’re still my favorite well Maybe you should start acting like it you want me to throw you in the game. Oh, no. No I didn’t know that I was Will since I’m here are we gonna play or what no what we’re not gonna be doing this I know. I just kind of wanted to trap you this was a tranny little annoying guys We’re done for this vid nor thanks so much for watching. No no you should What when I want you guys to do is subscribe don’t do oh? I bet mart-mart stalking. He’s being annoying and hit the bell notification Hold on one sec meet and we’ll see you guys next time be late bop bit of a bot By mark hey somebody let me out of here hello, oh We must drink a lot of snow-shoes Sugars and enjoy that while we can brain freezes Yay, that looks like a not a slushie come on girls. Let’s get out of here peace out stranger dated woo We’re back at in the creepy house

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