Government’s fresh stance on freshwater welcomed

The government’s new stance
on freshwater is being welcomed by
a Maori environmental expert. The government has flagged
the establishment of a Maori Freshwater Forum. But according to political reporter
Eruera Rerekura, there’s still an air of caution about the government’s
true intentions. Rivers, creeks, lakes and springs – these natural resources have long
been debated over by the Crown
and the Iwi Chairs Forum. But, the government has a new plan
to work together with iwi. This is a time where the government
is reaching out, so leave some space to talk
about freshwater, its life force, its importance and how freshwater
should be managed. Tina Porou is the Iwi Chairs Forum’s technician for freshwater
and an environmental expert. She says the Iwi Chairs Forum
is fine with the idea too. Ms Porou says this group
should have real authority. This is a new area
for the government to enter into, it has so much importance
and a path needs to be carefully forged when it comes to ideas of caring for
our rivers and freshwater resources. Because it’s a new idea,
there are some concerns. Because water is the key to life. Eruera Rerekura, Te Karere.

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