Great White Shark Learn to paint like Van Gogh Acrylic for Beginners #Sharkweek2017 #Shark Week

Hey Everybody, it’s Cinnamon Cooney, your Art Sherpa and I’m
so excited. This is a very special week this week is Art week and it’s shark week so in celebration of shark week, which I’m a huge fan, I’m totally into it. I’m doing a shark themed painting every day. Today is painting one. This is ‘Sharky Night’. This gorgeous painting is a Vincent Van Gogh inspired version of a curious Great White having a midnight splashy splashy swim. These are very curious creatures and I wanted to celebrate that about them. So I created this piece as a tribute to them. I hope you love painting and I must show you every single step of the process. You can create this fantastic painting at home but that’s not even on because also if you want you can follow me on Twitter and live tweet with me during the Shark Week show. If you want to know anything about anything I’m talking about in the show. Definitely check the description below. That’s where all the details are links information everything that you can do this whole week is packed. With Shark Art. So get your brushes get your paints and come ‘Mako’ some art with me. Let’s go. Let’s look at laying in our canvas if we’re not going to be using the traceable. I have a horizon line. It’s about five inches up from the bottom. Just make sure that you give yourself a horizon line that’s level. I’m in a lightly sketched that in rain and I’m going to. Put my shark nose he’s going to be down in the water and coming up and he’s about for me three fingers over. So how I do him is I give him a little point. And the curve his little lines down. His nose comes at a point arcs out curves back and then comes in. This is like that smile curve and then the opposite direction curve to this nice fin that we have here. I’m going to give him this really cool vortex mouth. So I’m going to want to make sure that I do a nice little opening where that vortex mouth is going to be there and I’m going to give him some gums to put those teeth in. And I like to tell myself where that vortex is going to be right here but that I’m going to put an eye in the other lines you’re going to want to think about is about a hands with up from the right hand side. I’m going to make this mountain line that curves in and wanted to go straight curves up and down then wanders up hills or very very meandery. It can also help me even though I’m laying in the stuff all in solid colors to give yourself an idea of where your moon is going to be so you’re happy with that placement. I might come over and put one star in two stars in three stars and four stars in and a little guiding line. This is going to be like some maybe painting white over it. Of the first swirl. For the wind and the second swirl for my Sharky night. Once those are in then I can block in what’s called the under painting. This is sort of like building the puzzle real fast for you to layer all your paint on and it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m going to get this number 10 black pearl bright I’m going to dip this in the water. And I’m going to paint in my starry night sky which is going to be my fellow blue and my dogs and purple. This is going to make NCM swirling that around here. I mean my first dark color on my sky. I went the first color to be real deep right. So I’ve done that once I’ve got my brush loaded I’m going to come over here. I’m going to just paint in along this mountain edge right here. Doesn’t have to be perfect paint around my moon. This is just about the canvas being this dark blue as a base. Lots has to happen. Right. When this pain is on. Lots and lots lots and lots of paint around my little swirls here. And one of my tricks is going to be leave a little bit of it not covered by my balloon so I know where it is. So don’t be coming back with a white color and you can see I’m making this. Who got some paint on my thumb. Wide between the nose and hair. All the rest of this is going to be blue. This dark dark blue nose they got a little water swirling around. I’m showing you guys this just to help make sure that you’re getting that great canvas coverage where the canvas is completely covered. Now just leave that to me is a little white spot wherever I think I’m going to put stars in there. That’s hard. Then you just paint them back in in just a second. It’s all good. Right now we just want to get this first coat this first layer of our Sharky night in. This is definitely inspired. A little bit by Vincent Van Gogh and his very famous painting starry night. It’s really fun to visit ideas like that and it’s fun to put some of the things that we’re excited about in that I really was excited about putting the shark in here. You can see I’m not being that. Stressed about this Amite painful swirl but see how I know where my squirrels are now. It’s going to be really easy to put them back in. And while I’ve got this collar on my brush and I’ve made sure all my canvas white is painted out I ain’t working it I’m going to get a little white here and make it quite light. Others come up here with this like color on the edge of this brush. This bright and just swirl it ain’t going to be changing this a lot. As my pink comes but I’ve got to put these first colors in and this is a great way to get that first layer of paint. On the canvas you can see I’m on the edge shuras sorrel around and go back and I come up see you’re going to get some Meiko some aren’t with me. Oh that’s happening all week. Brigadoon park Shirke puns and all kinds of things I’m excited to see you guys on Twitter. Be sure and come to the Twitter via Twitter. Be sure to follow me on Twitter which is at our sherpa. I’ll be tweeting during this show. You can check the description to get to the Web site where we have the links and times and all that information. About what we’re doing we’re just celebrating all things shark week this week. Now just to show that we’re they are going to come back with my brush and a little weight to the corner. We’ll come back and say Star was here Star was right there. The real star here. And another one right there. And so there my stars are that are in my brush. Get all the pigment out. And I’m going to come put some purple. Now this one I’m in. Take a little of this crewneck or don’t and my dog’s name purple. I’m a mix them together. I’m going to paint in this hill. Area go. Sound this is going to be real fun this nice coastline hill. We’re going to have to go pain in the hill. This is putting a puzzle piece of our painting and rain. Don’t be real stressed about this right now you’re just building the foundation of the painting. Lots of layers to come here just wanting to get these all worked out together that’s pretty nice. My next color doesn’t have any purple in it some more rinse my brush out again. And
I’m worried that a lot of pigment on it so I’m going to switch brushes. So either it’s a great time to get clean water or to switch brushes just to make sure that the pigment or the color that you had from previous isn’t contaminated the next mix that you’re trying to do. So I’m going to grab. Let’s see here. I’m going to get a bike. Oh here we go. No I want another number 10 I think. I’ll take it down smaller. I’m going to get in number eight. Great. Sometimes I like to reduce the size of my brush to make it easier to work around the angles and corners that I have gotten the water there and. Shrug off the extra. I’m trying to avoid the purple I have right here because I want this great Marine color. You know. I’m going to paint all of this in with this bright green color I’m a paint around my fabulous Sharky night shark. Now in my mind he was a great white he’s having a little. He’s being very playful like to say that all of our sharks this week are going to be very playful sharks even though they may be showing us their toothy smiles and they may be doing Sharky things. They’re being very playful. So very happy shark and he’s just feeling splashy. I’m sure you can relate to that. We all feel splashy from time to time and I’m just painting this all in with this very deep blue. This sort of marine color. That is the fellow green and the fellow blue. I’m going to avoid some of his mouth and I’m going to put a wave up here maybe that comes across him. I’ll be defining that more later. But all the rest is going to be I’m using the edge of my brush to paint around him painting on the flat to get that nice edge there. Pink salin. Now a tip which will help you be more successful and happy with your painting is where you have big areas of water. Make sure you have horizontal brush strokes. I have to obviously curve a stroke sometimes to get around a curved object but I’ll immediately try to level out the overall impression of my paint Whenever I’m working with water. At first even if I start building it up in a minute especially in a very. Creative piece like this where we’re doing all these sort of expressive strokes just painting all this space in fall that way. And there’s going to be more waves there’s going to be more stuff I’m just making sure that I’ve got the basis of the colors that I want where I want them. I want them to feel like all that white canvas is covered. Well second rinse out my brush really really well. Now I’m going to get my just my Kornicker don’t maybe add just a smidge of the yellow to it to warm it up like you do. It’s still going to be very pink very red. And make sure that I paint inside the mouth. It’s bright color. OK. Like if a little blue picks up and makes kind of a purple in the mouth. Don’t be worried about that we’ve got a lot of layers in the mouth. We just want a certain feeling. And now I’m going to get a little white on my brush here like I have. Come on said Cher just paint the gums in a little bit. Get on the edge there. So those are sort of painted in. Now we’re in my brush. Now. I like to do. I’ve got my little black. I don’t want too much black on my brush but I’ve got to get his base isn’t so good and a little blue. I don’t want him to be just pure black and I’m going to leave his quarry. So there’s two tones to him when they come up on the edge of my brush. And I’m like her in his outline first. First this outer edge is make sure I’ve get nice coverage and a nice Sharky line that I’m happy with. The go. All the canvas cover in a car on the wave here. Lots to say about him in a minute. You know I’ve got to get the basis of him in and get some more of this blue in in black. Now I’m going to show where he’s got this lighter color and so when they come up here strt about the midpoint make sort of an ellipse around. His mouth and then down here leaving some area for the Gray and I will paint in when I put his eye back in a little bit later. If you’re worried about you know keeping it in you can leave that painting the paint around it. OK. Just real easy for me to put it back in. Painting all in the nose here. Now I’ve got to paint some white to this for the gray. The nice gray. This is much lighter. I can adjust a lot of this so what are the reasons I’m not tense at this stage is if like way here paint it out a little black it’s real easy for me to put it back in. During our second layer I’m just trying to block in where objects are. On this painting. All I’m doing blocking it in like it’s coming across using my brush to block it in. And if I want to make the mouth bigger or change the line of the grade that’s easy for me to do later. So I don’t have to be that stressed about that. Noreen’s this out and I think the last thing that I want to paint in all my painting I’m going to get a small brush in this case I’ll get a number 6 VERRET. This is a Brislin I’m going to get this wet. And I’m going to add a little of the connector down to my elbow to to make it a little more orange. My come here to my moon and just put that first layer in where I have this just like a little C or my add this yellow to where I have my stars put in. So now I have that rinsing out my brush. This is a great time to get fresh water. So all your colors stay really vibrant to the painting process. So you and me let’s go get fresh water and meet you back at the easel right now. It’s a good time to rinse out your brushes too. So now it’s time to twinkle up our stars and put in all that kind of really great starry night essence that I think makes us painting a lot of fun. Let’s get to the next part. Over
here. I have smaller brushes for acrylic painting I’m going to be using small braids. I’m going to be working mostly in number two braids. This is number two black pearl I’m going to get this slightly damp and I’m going to come and get some lighter color and take just the fellow blue and a little white and see how this makes a nice lighter color. And I’m going to start twinkling up my sky. So pick a star. And I like to make these little dashes around my star These little dashes just little dashes. Now when I get to a good like like the halfway point here I’m going to start wanting to make my circles around this star. So that they can bump into each other. I like to weave them together a little bit like a basket you may have a very neat starry night style. You know there really isn’t a right or wrong way to do this. So don’t be critical yourself. I’m going to leave a little space here. For around Maiwand as I’m coming around I’ll come into this little crease right here. You can come right into the one that you’re going to have CME calling that write in those dashes and then my car around. All right. Yes pulling this around. Now I’ve got this nice shape so you can decide how you want to fill in between your stars how that sky fills. And that’s how I get that done. Let’s take some of this around here bring some of this down even between these two around this star coming under here. And see how this is just done. Chest filling those spots and I’m just dashing around the star just my blue and my white coming around my man spraying those dashes everywhere that they should go. Along the hilltop is nice. Once I have this fellow that I’m going to get a little of my purple and even a little my Kronecker don’t mix them together and add a smidge of white to it. Come up under the wind. I think some of this color can come a couple of places around. I’ll put this around my stars. All around my own asked layering up the star energy. Right inside out. Now let’s get some blue into our White. We want it to be quite late. Start putting in her blistery blustery wind blowing following the curve of our. Wonderful wind blow here and make sure that you’re just doing little dashes. You can be very neat with these you can be very expressive and loose with these that can be long they can be short. However you want them to be just blusterer them around plastering them around it can blow up into the sky a little bit. To blend these two areas together if you like them to like to take this very very late Coler and a little bit of it. Around the sky if you’re purple is still wet they’ll blend together. So it might be a good idea to give my painting a dry so I can get my bright blues popping. OK. Let’s keep painting and that’s just something that might happen sometimes you want the color to mix on the canvas. Sometimes you don’t. If it starts happening you like you don’t want it just draw the painting. It’s real easy to at least in the world of art have a lot of control over what happens in our creative space. So if you’re seeing something you don’t like you can usually just change directions. As you want to so don’t take this too far out into the dark sky just want this sort of like implied radiating light. These are the stars of vibrating in the sky. Above our little Shirky Shirke who’s having a beautiful night swim and how much it hurts. But is it be to be his shirt at night. I mean you can you may or may not want to share water with a shark at night. I don’t know. But for the shark it’s got to be pretty nice isn’t it. Cool and calm and quiet probably pretty. And creature. All right. You know who knows how fast swimming but tonight if you follow me on Twitter which is our sherpa we’re going to see Michael Phelps swim with the sharks. That will be interesting. Or so you have. I don’t know if they’re going to actually make him swim the shark. I’m kind of curious. I am reserving my expectations you know. But if you’d like to do that with me watch with me. Definitely definitely follow me on Twitter and glancing at my brush. Now I’m going to put one last little blustery coat on my blowing wind of just pure white. I know it can seem that there’s a lot going on in the skies and there is there actually kind of a lot of fun to do. I really have enjoyed this since I did my finger sunflowers so long ago in YouTube some sort of happy to be back here. Painting something a little Vango ish. You know of course you could skip our friend if you wanted to. I don’t know why you want to put you might. And it’s you’re painting everything here. Belongs to you. I’m just guy knew through art. I really like that. Now I’m going to add the light in my stars to my sky home and get a little of my yellow and my white together I’m going to make sure my star center is pretty nice. I’m going to add just a few bits. A banding yellow out. I can tell you right now it can get fine when I go into my man. Sure this is kind a nice second color on it. It can get fine to add pale pink or orange or different colors all around. I’ve seen a lot of really cool stuff you do what feels good to you. You can put some pink in the sky. You can pink in the sky and put some orange and the sky will however your stars twinkle at night is perfectly awesomely acceptable you twinkle how you want to twinkle. Twinkle twinkle all have a good time painting. So take a minute and look at your sky and be like you know do you feel really good about how it is. If you do which I do you can move on to the mountain. Which is going to be really fun to put in. So what I really loved about this is I went into my purple and my cousin Akra down here and I made a very kind of like much more magenta color and I got a little white into it so I could really see it then I come along the top of the mountain. On the edge of my brush. And right here at the middle point I’m going to wander a hill down top of the mountain. Maybe there’s another little bit there. So I’m creating this contrast and I can come in I’m going to just pull down these are like the strokes in the sky but there are looser and just pulling that down and you get a little more and magenta on my Bresch can pull that down. Just at the top here and then I can come back if I want to with some just purple and a little white the white helps the purple show up otherwise purple this purple can feel almost like a black to the high so it can help out a little white to it so you can see that it’s purple and you can even use it like a black and then it will just reflect a little bit purple every once while which some people really really like and set out really really really well. And then I’m going to play what is like my interpretation of the moonlight reflecting on the Hill. So what I did is I took a little my Kronecker down and a little of my yellow and I made this sort of peach color and I added some white to it which I thought was pretty nice. And I came across the top here and just added a couple little brush strokes. Snee of the moonlight reflecting on this hill in the same sort of little Bingo stroke just pulling that down just at the top. Just something nice. Now. The back. The water. So we’re going to push that water far away but we’re going to keep that bingo stroke going it’s going to be a lot of fun going be really easy. Hopefully you’re breathing in your breathing deep. You’re in the deep you’re going.
Done. Done. Almost done with a painting done. I know it’s just the whole thing. I’m doing it. I know I’m doing it. All right so might take a little blue and a little my green and I’m going to have even in this case just a little bit of purple to it. Them over here. This is my dark ocean color. It’s going to be the first color I’m putting down. I’m going to go cross my horizon line and I’m going to make dashes. Of this dark dark color to just past his fin here. OK. Just dashing that with my small brush whole thing don’t try to paint the whole thing out. This is just like the sky we are going to have waves in front of it but this is what we’re going to weave them into. Well Green little blue little purple cushion that’s got back and you may need to level this like mine got a little unlove all and just make sure that’s nice and all and pulling in now I’m ok if my dash is kind of going to my shirks space a little bit. And that’s because I’m going to be painting a second coat on him making him Q and shiny and happy and swimmy all those things that’s what he’s going to be right now while this is so wet and I don’t mind that this is still what I’m going to get my blue and my green together. It’s my favorite and my fellow Green and I’m going to add a little white to it. I get this nice deep aquatic color. There you go. And I’m going to come back here and I’m going to add these dashes. And with my dark dashes. I’m
working to just dashing out here in the background. Dash dash dash dash dash just doing these little dabs the Monet’s with me if you’ve done ative and go pieces with me are very familiar with this. Super
fun. Relaxing thing to do. I mean to reload my brush that’s why I rinsed out. It wasn’t actually a change color it’s because the brush was feeling heavy and that’s the thing I’ll do my Brushville is heavy is pushing this out there so I’m weaving those two colors together. Now I can do a really fun thing. Get my brush really well and I can get just a little yellow on here without my orange just a little yellow maybe a little white and I’m going to come here in the water. I’m going to add some dabs of the moonlight reflection. It’s back here. That sparkling it’s going to be peeking out from the waves right. The little bits of that water here in there. See. Right now I’m really low in blue and it’s good to make sure that you don’t have too much pain out but you want enough to do the task at hand. So I’m going to put a little more of my blue over here and get my blue and my green Riego my green. That’s my fellow turquoise. And then I come here in my little shark land and I’m going to start kind of adding a little curve to my woven stroke. I little curve seen a slight curve to it. It’s just a little more energetic in the water Chisolm more energetic and I’m going to come in and get some purple on here add some more really deep even minor on this fan Kerr can see it’s curved so it’s just creating a little bit of energy. It’s going to be right here. So. Let’s match that right up here. Do the same thing. Lo Green Well blue a little more energetic. Coming up through here a little more energetic just a little bit more energetic. Get your deep color and that dark Cherney mysterious water to the space rinsing out one last little reflection right here and then we’re going to get indoor Shirke. So I’m going to see if I can find any good white paint that I haven’t gotten all crazy messy. I’m going to come in and just a little bit of an even brighter moon reflection dancing in the water up this way. Beautiful. All right. Now is another good time to freshen up your water change that water out rinse any brushes out if you’re going to be using one or two brushes if you don’t have like a lot of brushes to go to. I’m going to meet you Rebecca easel so we’re ready to get started again and I just want to remind you remember we’re going to have a new Shirke painting every day this week. Everydays you’ve got to keep coming back. Some of them are going to be short. Some of them are going to be more involved every kind of shark you going to really love it. Let’s finish up our shark while we’re thinking about all the other cool shark stuff we could be doing this week. All right. So I’ve got my palate I kind of freshened up some of my pain so that I had enough and I’m going to go back still working my number to brie and get away and bring off all extra water and I’m going to go back into my blue and black mixture great. Which was my not just black. It was kind of like a bluish gray right. Mixing that up and I’m going to come here and make sure. That he’s all painted how I want him to say I’m going to come along outside edge with his dark line. I lost a little of his dark line and just make sure that I have him edged out how I want him to be. I have to be perfect but I want him to have a nice look and when I’m happy with that and I make sure of a nice amount of blue in my mix and I get some white and this is going to make a blue gray I come here and his nose maybe it’s going to go around a little bit and I’m going to just follow the curve of him. He just curving him around. Now down here I know he’s going to have his little Ibori so I can just very carefully put that back. You still have yours. That’s good. I just want to make sure that I put this gray a little bit around his eye. Just dashing this down. This dark gray color just believing this in it’s kind of a lot of personality. He’s got a lot of character and I want to make sure that that shows you know he’s not he’s very adventurous. You know he swims the seas he’s curious again it may not be fun to have a curious shirt discover you but maybe it would be maybe you’re somebody who studies sharks who are super excited when they come visit you. I could have been. I’m going to a little purple to my black. You might be noticing I’m not leaving my black just black. That’s a little trick that I’ve got. You can use black. I think there’s anything wrong with black. It’s fun. Change it up a bit I’m going to. Just turn around his little mouth here kind of weave in some of these black dashes that show his dark Shirky skin maybe I mean a paint inside his eye with a darker color. Just pulling that along has scan. Little purple little black make sure his fan is nice and he’s a very important figure in our painting. So I want him to look as interesting as possible re stashing that in being going you little shirt up and you’ve got that one nice touch. Before I let them drive for the white highlight is I think it’s nice to take a bluer version of this where it’s really blue and just a little black. So you like this and add a very light highlighter that even later just along the top. Like he’s catching a little moonlight maybe even a little at the now. Along the top of the fence and we’ll add some white in just a second. But right now I’ve got to let this rest rinse this out. Let’s work in our nice kind of Shirky skin hair so I’m going to take a little of my yellow interestingly enough. And again you can kind of catch a little tricks here. Adding it to my block and then I’m going to add some white to it. Let’s come along here. Just make sure we’re looking healthy when I look. We’re going to we’re just dashing that. It’s not a perfect painting or anything we’re just coming on in that second town. Long hair takes some of that into his darker skin color. And he’s one set out. And then it’s nice to come with an even lighter color over the top I think. And then focus that hair some down here. So this is more gray right now. The pink. So start with a little of your quintic or don’t and some of your weight I’m going to make sure of a nice These are the gum’s and I want to make sure that my gums are nice. Coming around they’re going to stand out from this really interesting mouth that we designed for him OK. And I got to make sure I’ve enough to touch some really fun too because a shirt without his teeth is actually very sad Shirke neither Tepes very important. So here in Santa he can get some white with a little of the pink canary and you can even put some of the purple in there. Slightly different color just want to really stand out from what’s underneath it. Going to just dash this right here. So he’s tied into his little world. Inside out. And then we’re going to blend our dark shadow color in which is the queen Acra don’t down and the purple because he’s got a slight shadow right under his lap. His gumline now I think it can be interesting to come right here and I still have my little dog and I’m going to just Paignton his little. Hungry belly vortex. He’s out there. Taste in the. Sproull or in the world. So it’s fun to sort of blend those out and as I’m blending in we get more and more magenta. Pointing that out. Pointing out the vortex blending it out. Too much for plunge rinse out wipe off my brush get some warm magenta. Just painting in the vortex. Leaning to his hungry hungry belly you will come along his gums and make that kind of neat and tidy so his teeth really pop out against it. And we get a little yellow in there. I mentioned to let’s start can a little white well yellow little white. Talking about curr this vortex being very soft very gentle. Creating value. Making nice rounded. Rounded. That see it’s starting to show up. This is about just painting soft rounded strokes. Marian come back with a little orange a little more magenta after this dries a bit. But now he should be dry enough for us to come back with a little bit of white just right on our brush. Come right up to his now. And make the high reflection just right here. And down a little bit maybe another little a little fin coming back over his eye. We’ll do the last finishing touches we put in the teeth. These are what he has to have painted in so we can put it in his water. All right. This is a good time to dry your canvas. OK. Let’s do a couple of things first. Now our canvas is dry. Let’s put out. I’m going to put out the soft body paint. You can use your regular white paint you can use crappin. I just really like to use this especially when I’m doing detail work and I’m going to load this up on this brush. This is a number zero black pearl round. But basically what this is is a small detail and we’ll do a couple of things. I mean the current is I want to make a nice little outline d like and really see a lie. And then I’m going to come in and give them to be Toops I like to start slightly if this is the center of his nose slightly off center. And remember sharks have rows of teeth. So the thing that I like to do is kind of have some teeth that are smaller and maybe farther back and then some that are far forward. And I even have some shark teeth on my desk here. Right here. So you can see what those shapes are like. Little. Added touch that I have for you. Put some nice curb to curb the teeth. Maybe a little hidden too. This is the fun part. His two feet toothy smile you’re most happy. I’m like making them smaller as they’re coming around. Just two feet two feet smile maybe you didn’t know he was smiling at you but he was. This isn’t a painting not nature. Don’t pet shirks in nature don’t eat paint. Don’t pet sharks. Let’s it’s your job to pet your shark. And I don’t know anything about that.
You’re in charge there regular people it’s not your job. This works is way out on your paddle board and be like unhinges me this shark and give him a pet while the animals want to be left alone. Are. Her. Harry going to give him a nice respectful row of teeth. Having a good time. Giving him that. While those are drawing this out we can come in and out a little fire to his vortex. So now for Tex I’m going to switch it to clean your water for this last leg of the painting we’re nearly done. I’m a little my Conacher don’t. And some of my red mean little my cognac are down and some of my yellow scattered yellow come here and I’m going to just add this great little fire. Coming on here we have as much as I wanted to. So I just want to make sure that that’s right they’re sort of reflective of the universe right. His whole mouth and I feel good about that. It’s a touch. I want it now that everything’s dry. I can start putting in the last layer which is the splashy splashy cool waves and surf and they’re totally a lot of fun. Let me show I’m going to do that. I have taken some shots and I have sharpened it and I’m going to come here. Above his fan right. These are all going to be above his fan. I’m going to curl up. Some waves. And I’m going to finish that little line in waves over here. And then when we look at my reference I’m going to come here I’m going do a similar thing. I’m going to curl up some waves here. So this is a little splash here. And then it goes down and up and out. So we have these two layers of waves that we get to paint in and these are Supraphon These are super easy and we get to do with the bigger brush. So I’ve got this number six. Ruby satin and the nice braid I’m going to get this wet hair and then when I come to my bigger upfront waves I’m in the mix my green and my blue and make my fellow turquoise again. And I’m going to start painting and my dashes coming up these waves I’m so glad that I have. The dark green underpinning that’s going to help this water get darker and darker and darker. This is what I’m doing I’m just painting in this darker part and then I’ll switch to my number two in just a second and use a number for it. That would also be OK. Just painting this in a little more blue. If you need a little white get it straight here see at the top painting of that painting this right here. And then I’m going to start doing the big strokes. Big Ocean strokes look at these sort of back and forth a little more green it’s pain up here. Getting my paint and just painting this way the little bit of white is giving me some coverage. And I can come back with some darker colors. No problem. Just getting that first layer and let’s come in the back here. We’re going to do that with our smaller brush so we’re going to keep doing this with their bigger brush and get some of our purple and some blue. We may need to put out some more blue. Now let’s come right here between these two waves. Let’s give the deep sea water to this right here is the purple and the blue. Right between these two. Put up some more blue. If you need it you gotta put it out and put these close to each other. You get your flu and you’re green and you’re making your dark oceanic color. Let’s bring this up the top here. But don’t go all the way up or just building the water or some nice dark water here is these waves crashing now. And then maybe a little more coming off here see curve curve brush stroke brushing it off building up those layers. Building up this layer incur right up that way. We want to with that dark color in these dark oceanic colors just strolling along the bottom of the bottom of my canvas to me my darkest and we’re building it up. So once I have that base switch back into my small brush again work this back line let this French line rest so that I can come back and froth it up. Let’s work our back line. And our back line has a similar thing that the blue in the purple and maybe a little bit of green for deep water color. Well I can come along here now taking all of my brush strokes out that I put in earlier and right at the base of these waves I’m just brushing up this darker color having some fun. Down through here brushing it. But here just brush it up. So we haven’t taken on our dashes that we put in earlier. And when TSAs out and I’m going to mix a little of my green a little my blue making my blue turquoise go ahead and some white to right that coverage up very good article I like come up the back of the wave and I’m in this flick that out and then just play in those couple little brushstrokes there up the back of the way. A little green on that one. Oh just like that out always and a few letter colors three or dashes. Up the back of the wave with this letter color. Sam just flicking that out and I’m leaving the curve looking man up. Let’s take a little of that green with all of that blue that white very color curl that are on there and stash that down. Just take that great highlight right off the edge. Charitra stashing that down around the back. Starting to see those now are. Puts one here. A quick look like the chest up the front and a little bit for us. Here and there. See just working that around. You need some more dark and I recommend that you keep the front of the wave. So your blue Harry. Go blending in. Cleaning up the way. So even though that these are very abstract and waves are still like darkening the foot lightening the top like we do. And let those rust so we can and the very very bright highlight colors. That you might expect to see on those distant waves. And let’s make these some special waves up front. We’ve got our green and blue all come together and make our turquoise just a smidge of white to it so we can see it. We’re going to just come right up. I’m going to flick right in front of his face a little bit. Just dash this down make some little brushstrokes here keeping that color dark. So lightening it up when I get up here. Just now let’s do our little dashes in the water. And go on up and down. And again just coloring it all in right. Those nice colors and those greens those aquatic colors ones more greens when working that through this is really going to come together. As we add it’s pull dark purple in there places. We’re going to just make sure that the base of this wave is very dark grey here. And here and there adding that these should be fairly fairly light dry at this point. So you get your way it doesn’t need to be perfect Whateley can get him some balloon stuff on it come at the top of your wave and he’s going to flick off a little of that color. Just the top when the water breaking. Or you go. Splashy splashy and come here. So a little that down the front in some of the hair this white water back up here and then splash splash here off the front Splash Splash Splash Splash Splash cause he’s wearing Ray actively swimming very. Just following the lines of the water just turn some churning water here and as soon as you’re happy with your ocean you can grab your liner or your small detail brush drop that in her signing paint come put your maker’s mark on here. You have done Shirky night you’ve done Sharky night. You go the shark you survive the bite of the great white. You have done it. I hope today was a good day. It’s the first of a whole week of this. I want to see you all week so keep coming back to see what kind of cool shark fun we’re going to do some of the lessons to be real short. Some of them are going to be these gorgeous paintings you want to hang all over your wall and give to all your friends. I want you guys to be good to yourselves be good to the oceans. And I want to see you guys. These are really really soon. But by.

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