Gulf Guardian Award: 2nd Place Bi-National – Rio Grande International Study Center

[Music] Narrator: The Gulf of Mexico is fed by multiple
rivers. The health of aquatic life in the estuary
depends on the health of the rivers that drain into it. For nearly 20 decades the Rio Grande has ranked
as one of the ten most endangered rivers in the world according to the World Wildlife
Fund. The Rio Research Roundup is a bi-national water
testing project that brings greater environmental awareness about the health of several river
basins that drain into the Gulf. Each October, nearly 3,000 students and teachers
from the U.S. and Mexico collect water samples from the Rio Grande or its tributaries, to
capture a snapshot of the river basin’s health. The goal of the program is to create better
informed and pro-active citizens to protect America’s rivers and surrounding aquatic
eco-systems, while connecting classroom learning with real work experience. A key Roundup goal is to make environmental
education opportunities available to a large, diverse group of schools and students. Each team receives lesson plans and a water
testing kit. Students also perform mathematical calculations
to test stream flow. By analyzing water testing data throughout
the whole basin, students can observe how the quality of water in the Gulf’s estuary
can be impacted by the water in a river basin. This unique project provides teachers and
students an opportunity to learn how interconnected our water supply system is and how they can
make a difference to improve its long-term health. Congratulations to the Rio Grande International
Study Center the second place winner of the 2017 Gulf Guardian award in the bi-national
category. [Music]

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