Hello guys welcome back again guysnso in this
video tutorial we will talk about habitat of
algae ,In my previous videos I already have talked about the classification of algae if
you haven’t seen that I will share a link in description
below and you can go there and watch that too .so in this video we will only talk about
habitat of algae so let’s see, so based on their
habitat their living area we can divide them into three types aquatic algae , second one
Terrestrial algae third one algae of unusual habitat. Aquatic algae it will be found in
marine or freshwater area its mean it can be found
in aquatic portion; it can be found in land portion.
it will be found in unusual portion. you can say some rough condition for some tough
icondition environment habitat, so three types algae. so our first portion aquatic algae
.the algae are predominantly aquatic and aquatic
Algae are two types first of all you need to
know mostly lts dominantly aquatic they will be found in water or 75% algae Habitat in
water so if you divide the aquatic algae again then
we can divide them into two types.either they can be found in freshwater or can found in
marine water .so lets see its first of all BENTHOPHYTES it is the type of Aquatic algae
ok we are not going into AQUATIC ALGAE OR freshwater algae or Marine algae portionSEPARETIVELY,,,
ok we are going to SEE COMMONLY portion of Aquatic algae ok LETS
SEE BENTHOPHYTES several freshwater and Marine algae found in a ATTACHED condition
,, you can find them by attaching into ground layer by substratum portion of their
body ok the Fress water such as CHara NITELLA cladophora,CHAEMOSIPHON found attached some
substrate I’m in the bottom of the world is mean they are normally but but attached
to the ground by their substrate layer.we will call
them benthophytes other they can be fress algae or Marine algae par they will be attaching
to the ground by the substratum portion example you can see cara and nitella for almost all
of brown algae pic I have talked about phaeophyacae in our classification videos are found
in attached condition to substratum in the sea so most of the brown algae are found in
a test condition their benefits because they are
attached to the ground portion by their substrate I’m so it is well that’s how we will talk
about a pesticides such algae grow along the source of
lake and pond cannot play stick example it is a lake ok it’s so and it is left or right
so portion of lake if sum of Algae are found in this
area we will call them pesticides the most important
freshwater omsa would union c 24 subspecies of spirogyra and my guitar sound items in
it is a s a truck so pbb founding and source of
lake and pond ok now talk what playing 2 Fights the algae which float on the Shore calling
to fights it mean it is the layer of water it is your
SEO your leak is it will be floating on the layer and the route will not taste the ground
like this ok we will call him playing 2 fights if you
alternative. Divide them again and we can divide
them into two types first one you playing to fights and second one is equal into fights
first of all we will talk about you plan to fights
they are never understand from the very beginning are very free floating is mean it’s the league
is the outer layer and their food will not attached
to the crowd get a free floating plant we will call them you playing two parts such
as diatoms macrocystis volvox chlamydomonas if you come
to the type of link two files in the beginning such as 11 test but later on the became T
test and recruiting its mean during the germination time during the early stage of life the will
be attaching to the Crown it is you like it is select
layer person it is the ground portion ok in early stage of life there test but after germination
after spending some life there will be a test and free float if you talk what some examples
of species of asparagus God of War 2 conium my
water trigonametry microsphere non stop that is poor sarcasm these are the example
of type of endophytes ok so we have completed the portion of Aquatic algae now we come to
the Terrestrial algae Algae are also called epiphytes they are found on or inside the
surface of the earth they will be found in earthsurface of earth surface they can be
found here or inside of that by their this condition we
can also divide them again one will be same of its their surface LT this type of file
most of the species found on the surface of the soil
with the surface of the member of the example if
you come to the surface of the soil help to enhance the capacity of the plants ok weedicides
examples of stock and you clean ok now we have to type cheats spotted
spotted blogspot Onam metrics we will call him later by its
like this ok not come to the halophytes the algae of
curing saline water also known as halophytes they will be holding in saline water the most
striking exampler 2 Ne Le Liya and chlamydomonas which are currently you don’t need to go
into the depth of the example ok come to the epiphytes many Algae are found up on other
living plants and Bakery specific ok ok like this make us for our gonium are found SAP
5 support love she is busy so Kuda conium so
they will be found on another living plot or
bakare species of algae like this school your Chetan little area miss AP fighting upon species
of kara and Nate a la so 1 lb is living on another Blk we call that epiphytes and some
of the species of V K tiare patake Pon Some crops
is grown on the bank of the phone and hydrophytes suggest vallisneria type of several
other aquatic plants Kittu name is on AP fighting on the miscellaneous most of that
respond better it is worthless you don’t need to
remember all of the example just Orbit there will be floating in air fryer upon upon the
terms of trees walls fencing wire shops in animals
and so many other areas of state of these are
two types of halophytes in AP full fights take a look at them epiphyllous first one
like this you can see lkr free floating such a liya re Peepal
leaves of trees ok if I take part their living tree
leaves species of like to fully are commonly found upon the bark of tree bark of trees
ok AP file open second they also Q upon can fencing
words and their evidently found on the fencing wire rope Calcutta botnical cards
gardenscapes example like this so what’s the park
of mixed with many mosses and liverworts they are mixed with only warm water birds and
next El capitan living aquatic animals living on animals especially in and it’s ok it is
so you can keep this Smallest cells ok episode fights
mean living on animals graphites their diesel gear forming isense room diesel ki phone cost
at snow green Suno yellow yellow Scrolls no end points table ok in European countries
is play especially in Arctic Tundra region the green
snow is caused by chlamydomonas and miss ateneum Android so where is Dead Snow is
caused by species of chlamydomonas Scotty Allah Close Up song ok as you can see that
is the example of that’s no way you can call
Apartments nose while keeping snowblood snow caused by chlamydomonas image is the most
example comes in various soap objective exam who is the course of Rates need to remember
chlamydomonas nivalis redsnow is this like this chlamydomonas level is it is microscopic
portion you can see in green so it is Green Zone is caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa and
close to aliens that is the type of the first one second one third one I hope you will get
all the tyes.thnx for watching

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