Half-Ironman 70.3 World Championships 2018 Day 5: LUCY CHARLES for 60 seconds

– Morning, Trainiacs. Just a delightful little ride. Like 48 K, little bit of hills. Saw some baboons, I saw Javier Gomez. Saw a guy named Chris Dales from Germany who claims he’s gonna win
the 35 to 39 age category. Not if somebody you know
and hopefully subscribe to has anything to say about it. Let’s be honest, I
don’t think I’m winning. But hey, it’s finally nice. I can show you the place. We’re gonna meet Lucy Charles today. We’re gonna go to the expo. We got a big day planned, let’s go. (upbeat music) (electronic hip hop music) Trainiacs, with it being
Wednesday of race week, that means everything is open. Everything’s starting to get setup. We got the finisher line right here. We got transitions starting to get set up. All the expo is set up. We gotta go pick up our media credentials. The board over there with
everyone’s name on it is set up. You can spend some money. Let’s go walk around, check stuff out. (upbeat music) The swim is over there
and we bike out there. Go all the way around
the cape, come back in. Down the coast here,
this is transition two, and then we run out along
the boardwalk that way. Just do a little up on
a small hill, come back. Pass transition to a
lighthouse that’s down here. Turn up the road, come back,
run here, and that’s one loop. We do that twice and we run
past the expo tents here and we run in these little archways here, make a turn, boom, into
the finisher shoot. Let’s go and find our name here, shall we? (upbeat music) Boom, well would you look at that? Taren Gesell, Ron Ferdino. I mean, that placing
would be nice, take that. (upbeat music) That means I’m officially official now, actual media this year. Well, Trainiacs, now that it’s nice out, seems like all the
triathletes in the world are congregating here. – Hi, Taren, how are you?
– Hey, what’s up, man? (laughing)
Good to meet you. Seems like everyone is here and bringing tons of people to the area. As a part of that, Iron Man
just announced, got the email, that they donated $100,000
to Legacy Projects with four projects in Port Elizabeth building new Early Birds
day care in Walmer, restoring children’s
cottages in Easter Province, providing new Isuzu school
buses for Heatherbank pre and primary school, and
building a learn-to-swim pool at the new community center. This is great. This is motivating stuff. Alright, I wanna go say hi to this guy. Lucy Charles, welcome to
the Triathlon Taren Podcast. How are ya?
– Yeah, good. Thanks for having me. I’m a big fan, so yeah,
it’s great to be on. – I told you, that’s weird to hear. (laughing) Yeah, when I reached
out to you, I was like, “I’m a big fan of you.”
(laughing) Would you rather have
to complete an Iron Man biking on a hipster single speed or wear Converse Chuck
Taylor’s on the run? – Wear Converse. – Would you rather try
to complete the swim with a swim cap over your eyes or complete the run wearing
flippers the entire time? – I could run with flippers. – Would you rather have the
Gwen Jorgensen treatment, having your significant
other make all of your meals or an in-house personal masseuse? – In-house personal masseuse. – Would you rather have
the CEO of Iron Man, Andrew Messick’s, power or
Mike Riley’s smile and charm? – Mike Riley’s smile and charm. – Would you rather win an
Olympic gold medal or Kona? – Olympic gold. – Would you rather have
to do every Iron Man on a road bike or all of your
training in racing flats? – All of my training in racing flats. – Would you rather have to
do every run on a treadmill for life
– 10 seconds. or swim with no goggles for a year? – Treadmill. – Would you rather have
to complete the bike wearing a parachute the whole time or run wearing a full suit and tie? – Run in a full suit and tie.
– Good call. – Seven, seven.
(laughing and cheering) So, how we’ve been starting out, I don’t know if you’ve been listening, but in person, we’ve started off with a segment called Explain that Gram. – Okay.
– So I dug deep into your Instagram.
– Oh God. – And I’ve, yeah.
(laughing) You’re right to be scared. I have dug up something
from August 25th, 2014 and you have to explain what
the hell is going on here. You are wearing a Blueseventy wet suit and a crocodile hat.
– (laughs) Oh, good, yeah. – Fill me in here. – I’m trying to remember
where I found that, but I found that and probably
sent it to my sister. She studies, so she
probably found it somewhere and I thought it’d be a fun idea. WE had some beginners at triathlon club, so I thought it’d be a fun idea to try and terrify them
with the crocodile head. So I was in the lake trying to go along like an almost crocodile shark
(laughing) and scared the life out of them, but they knew it was me straight away. So kind of plan failed, but yeah, we got a few laughs from it.
(laughing) I swam from the age of
about eight or nine. I started to get into
swimming, was super competitive even like as an eight year old. I wanted to win everything,
so I quite quickly got stuck into training
and then I was like, “Oh, I wanna do the
hardest even there is.” So I was a 200 fly
swimmer at nine years old. – Oh gross.
(laughing) – So I was like, “That’s the
hardest, I’ll do that one.” (upbeat music) I remember like, “Yeah, should
we just enter an Iron Man?” as we were going back to the hotel and then signed up for Iron
Man UK the following year and was just like, “Oh, we’ll be fine.” “We’ve got mountain bikes,
we can do it on them.” And you soon learn, oh hell no. You can’t do it on a mountain bike. (upbeat music) I had kind of done eight weeks of training and I’d split it up with
the 70.3 in Lancashire as part of my training block and I didn’t race very well there. I was just so tired that I could’ve been in the middle of a block, so I kind of was basing everything off of that thinking, “Well, that wasn’t very good.” If I’m gonna go to Kona, I
need to be better than that and I’ve only got four weeks
to kind of turn it around, get fresher, and hopefully race well. So it’s like, you know what,
top 10 would be amazing, so if I can get top 10, I’d be happy. I’m obviously very
competitive, so it was like, if I can shoot for the
podium then I’ll go for it, but I definitely didn’t expect
to come second, it’s crazy. (upbeat music) – How not to taper for a race, carry a bag full of camera gear around. Let me show ya everything we got. Drone, a DJI Mavic Air,
tripod, a little mini one, podcasting, bunch of equipment there, second camera setup
here with extra lenses, all the media kit that we
need to check in for media, and you, another camera. Let’s see what’s in the
media accreditation kit. Oh, Iron Man 70.3 pin. Holy smokes, this is thick. Official souvenir magazine,
look at this, look at this. Info on everyone. T-shirt, this is what we wear to let everyone know
that we can go places. Dudeski’s picture from Kona last year. Taren Gesell. And instead of saying Triathlon Canada, Triathlon Taren, video journalist. How about just cool dude? Now, when it comes to all this,
it’s amazing, it’s surreal. I probably met, I wanna say,
like 30, 40 of you today. I really am sorry that
I couldn’t just stay and talk to everyone there like around the four o’clock and on
point, ’cause I had to go and do that interview with Lucy Charles, but being able to be here is,
it’s a dream to be able to be in the triathlon world as a job and not working for somebody else and not having to risk and like put myself on the line of injury and have to perform like I used to when I was a curler. But literally just being
here is part of the job and I have all of you to thank
for all of that so thank you. And then back, you know, if there’s like, it’s about three years ago that
Mel and I, we went to Vidcon which is a convention for YouTuber’s. Not me, it was other
YouTuber’s were learning how to YouTube for where
we worked at the time. And I got to see one of the YouTuber’s who I really looked up to at the time and wasn’t all he was cracked up to be. It’s like, “Ew, you’re kinda pretentious.” “Not a huge fan.” And Mel joked, she was like, “Don’t meet your heroes,
only let you down.” It’s not to say that I
think I’m somebody’s hero, but I just kinda wanna get across to you that even though I might not be able to spend as much time
with everyone as I can or I, I don’t know, don’t
act the way you expect me to, ’cause in these videos,
we can edit, you know, a lot of energy and just
be really big and upbeat. I hope and I just feel so
much gratitude towards you that every single one of you that I meet, I hope that, I don’t know,
I just wanna let you know that thank you for
everyone who does come out and I do hope that when you
meet me, it’s not like that where it’s like, “Oh,
this guy isn’t very cool.” But I mean, if it is, I get it. ‘Cause I just really appreciate
you all and that’s it. I think that’s it. I wasn’t really sure where
I was going with that. I think it kinda came
together with something. So Trainiacs, there we go. Tomorrow is the pro panel. We’re gonna film that from a
couple of different angles. We’re gonna cover that whole thing. That’s gonna be, as always,
one of the most popular videos of this entire week, so if
you aren’t already subscribed, hit the subscribe button below, and if you are subscribed, thank you. That’s it, just thanks.

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