next camp is the perfect place to stay cool this summer and hang around at an indoor playground david elder and i take you there check it out what’s summertime it’s hot outside so what better way to cool down and have fun they come out here to hang indoor playground that’s right we all hang in and it’s a great place for the kids to beat the heat and Samantha don’t hit that spokesperson joins us and this is a great place because they have summer camps also where you get in all that in just a moment that’s right but when kids walk in here and they see the room they go so tell me I’ll be like what do you have in here about four thousand square feet of play area so our rock climbing wall hi David you’re only a foot off the ground yeah it’s not that far it’s faith and it’s also made for smaller kiddos so it’s not impossible to accomplish and it’s a doable thing and it’s a lot of fun and then we also have our ninja obstacle course which has the Rings has a balance beam and lots of cool little interactive balancing type figures so if you really want to get in there and get some exercise it’s the greatest thing ever we also have the large play structure and that is the best part of this place because there’s a lot of tunnels in each slide you can go down I’m pretty clumsy person so it’s our safety a lot of safety factors yeah you know safety this place was built with safety in mind for the kiddo and I’m a mom and I actually bring my daughter here she’s 4 and there’s no sharp edges and the best part about this place is the cleanliness so that was a really big concern of mine as well so they make you wear socks and they clean this place every single day from top to bottom but the best way to show you guys what this place has is for you to try it out let’s go already you ready oh now I don’t know I don’t want socks on their matches all right so this is we’re gonna time this all right see who’s the winner start here Everton go all the way through and finish on that side ok ready all right first you are what I go first all right on your mark get set grace and elegance there you go David’s going here we over live for life good luck oh gosh feel like I’m gonna slip [Music] how did you do this so well [Music] you’re good [Music] [Music] miss me now it’s my turn [Music] all right so summer camps are happening right now right yeah so summer camp starts June 11 and run all the way until buscar we’ve got two sessions for little ones and for the bigger ones and for families looking to come in here for a deal is there any kind of deals you guys have going on yes anybody who mentions as they live gets 10% off and entry and then also military families with a military ID you also get 10% off your engine where can folks go for more information more information go to hang indoor play of course you can also head on over to sa live.com as well [Music]

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