Hard is why it’s cool! Setup a saltwater aquarium you can be proud of.

– This is episode one, and you found the beginning
of something cool. This is the 5 minute guide
to saltwater aquariums. Our mission is getting
new saltwater tank owners the information they need to set up and maintain a reef tank
they can be proud of. If you’re looking for a series on how to start a new saltwater aquarium with clear, direct path to success, in manageable bit-size five minute chunks, this is it. (drum beat) Hey I’m Ryan, your host of BRStv. This is episode one of
the five minute guide, and we answer the number one question for new tank owners, “Is it hard?” You could ask this
question a hundred times and get a hundred different answers ranging from easy to nearly impossible. I’m gonna give it to ya straight, you have selected one of the
most difficult pets possible. Saltwater tanks and reef tanks, with corals in particular, are not goldfish bowls or hamsters, this is a section of an ocean reef. You’re recreating your home, a symbiotic ecosphere of life. Most people will never even have a chance to see in their entire lifetimes, and you’re gonna do this
in your living room. I believe that difficulty’s
actually what makes it one of the coolest, rarest,
and most interesting and rewarding hobbies in my life, this just isn’t the kind of
thing the average person does. In fact the difficulty is
why it’s so interesting. It isn’t just a pet, but a hobby. In this case, perfect hobby for someone who has an unquenchable
thirst for knowledge, passion for applying that knowledge, and the achieving the type of results anyone could be proud of. All that combined with an
artistic or creative flair, a bit of gear or tool junkie DNA, and truly unique group of
pets that can live decades and absolutely part of the family, in the same way that any 20 year pet is. At this point, you’ve probably said, “This is for me, how do I get started?” Or checked out and said, “This is way more than I signed up for.” If this is for you, I can explain exactly what difficult really means. Maintaining a saltwater reef tank’s actually simple and
requires minimal effort. 80% of it’s just feed the fish, change some water every couple weeks, and clean the glasses needed. The other 20% is a couple of couple of cool filtration and chemistry elements. Simple to implement, and part of what often gets perfected as you dive deeper. The challenge of reefing’s not really any different than any other hobby, it’s captured in the difference between acquiring knowledge and the
application of knowledge. Take championship barbecue,
home brewing, or bass fishing, acquiring the knowledge to do these things can take many years. Learn, attempt, fail. Learn, attempt, succeed. Learn, attempt, master. There’s no way around it, it takes years to master anything, but some paths are just
harder than others. The easiest path is finding
someone who’s done it before and willing to share a working, easily replicable recipe or technique. In a matter of hours, you can take that knowledge
and produce similar results. For instance, you don’t have to be a bass master to catch a fish, if a guide or a good friend brings you to the right spots and shows
you the right technique. You’ll probably catch
30 fish in the morning and learn the difference between fishing and catching. One is absolutely more fun than the other. In fact, you can probably go back there and replicate those
result on your own later. A solid, and more importantly
fun starting point for a hobby where you
can take what you learn and then go find your own spots and learn new techniques. Saltwater aquariums and
reefing’s no different, application of knowledge
and the actual act of maintaining a tank
is what I’d refer to as easy and absolutely requires way less time and effort than most common pets, as long as you find a solid guide. And that’s what the five minute guide to saltwater aquariums is all about. It’s all the initial knowledge
acquisition challenge in a manor which won’t make
you a reef master day one, but will provide a solid
recipe and technique that will produce a successful
tank you can be proud of. The building blocks of a journey to something really amazing. All that and quick, less than five minute direct, succinct, or easy to consume bits. We’re gonna share this in two phases. Phase one with episode one through eight, which is just the “What,” or basic understanding
of what we’re doing here with saltwater aquariums and reef tanks. And phase two, or the “How” phase, where we set up an actual tank, and show the recipe and
technique for success. So you can produce a
tank that looks like this with your very first try. The next logical question here is, “How much does all this
cost, and is it expensive?” The entire saltwater aquarium
guide is always avaiable here in this playlist for binge watching, but cost in an important factor, so click here to get the answer.

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