Hatching HATCHIMALS Colleggtibles UNDERWATER!! | Sam & Nia

I don’t wanna die. Do you know what we’re doing? What are we gonna do with the pool. Are you guys ready to see what it is? Morning pretty ladies, need some light. There you are. Good morning guys, how you doing? Good morning little buddy. Good morning. How you doing man? Good. Do you like when I do this? Help please. Okay, I’ll help you. Help please I’m helping you. There you go. I’m trying to vlog here. I’m trying to vlog. There. Thank you. You’re welcome. See ya buddy Taste like banana? Bye bye Julesy. Symphony and I are off on a very important date. Okay, it’s not that important. I’m just going to the dentist, having a lot of sensitive areas in my mouth lately and when it’s painful or a problem at all to eat ice cream an Emergency needs to happen. So I’m picking up Nana and going to her dentist. She swears by him. Symphony I don’t wanna go to the dentist, I’m so scared. Why it’s so fun at the dentist. Fun! They drill your teeth. Here we are guys we’re at comfort dental this is where my mom goes. I’m gonna wait in the car, I love you. Daddy the dentist isn’t scary. Mom can you fill out my paperwork? Of course not. Please for old times sake I would do if for you but I have no glasses Nia always fills up my paperwork, there’s so many blank boxes Aw I cant, here Symphony you do it just fill in all those boxes. She can’t do that. Of course she can just fill them in. Please. I can’t do it What’s your intel. My what? Your intel. My initial, like I get that much P. Thank you, sweetie. I’m just gonna sit back and look at the wall What’s your cell phone number? What’s your cell phone number? I don’t wanna die. So I had my teeth pulled guys. There they are it’s all of the teeth they pulled today. I only have a few more left. I’m actually gonna ask him about braces while I’m here. Getting my overbite pulled back a little bit. I need to get braces really bad. Every time I lose a tooth and get my adult tooth come in. They always come in crooked. Let me see. Yeah you’re right. All of them are. You’re gonna have to get braces alright. Not yet though. They’re beautiful still though. Thank you. Well, we made it home guys the bad news about the dentist is I have two cavities, which ain’t bad. I I thought you said you had four. I wasn’t finished Symphony. Two cavities on each side of my mouth. Okay I have four. Someone’s got a big mouth. I’m gonna get those taken care of another day Oh good we didn’t miss it. We didn’t miss what? The swim party. We’re having a swim party? What’s up, little man? Daddy this is gonna be like a surprise birthday like for me. What are you talking about? I like getting a lot of hulks on my birthday because I’m getting a hulk birthday. What are you talking about your birthday for? I’m getting a hulk birthday. Hey daddy what are we gonna do with the pool? Probably poop in it. I don’t know. Ew. Okay guys we told the kids that today we had a surprise for them in the swimming pool Are you guys ready to see what it is? It’s Hatchimals! You guys ready for the big surprise? Yeah! Everyone get out and face the wall. Can we look now? Alright everybody go for it. Aw it’s adorable! Everybody crack them! Splash! Alright guys I’m gonna start throwing them in and you gotta dive for them. Ready. Alright. I did it. Oh limited edition. Nice. Really? It’s a wet limited edition. I keep stepping on these dang things. Oh there’s a special edition of these down in there. Oh my gosh how cute. Put it in, put it in. Cleaning it up buddy? Yeah, I’m trying to get Hatchimal collectibles in here. I’m going to get it. Bye bye. So I think for food today, I’m gonna do some grilling out here on my little char griller. Professional. We went out last night, so I can’t really justify going out again. Nia’s exhausted She’s such a hard working girl. As much as I don’t feel like it I’m gonna barbecue and cook some steaks for us and other things for the kids. What? Want apple sauce? Yes. Here you go Thank you You’re welcome and I’m gonna use this side of the grill This is where you can add some flavor to your meat and I’m gonna do a mixture of charcoal and wood Check out this wood I got guys. I think it’s mostly for brisket these pellets do it all 8 & 1 real wood what real wood flavor I kind of do things differently than other people instead of learning how to do something before I try to attempt to do it and it helps me learn it better when I go back and try to See how to actually do it so how I’m gonna do this is Gonna throw some of these pellets They just let it burn you got to get those charcoal nice and white and ashy before you start cooking on it I don’t know what’s gonna happen to the wood, but I have it mostly on one side So I have direct heat and indirect heat and now let’s read the instructions fill hopper with the wood pellets I don’t have a hopper I guess that’s for smoking You know I’m cooking’s some chicken too chicken is tricky because of the cross contamination and the undercooking it causing salmonella and stuff like that So I’ll most likely overcook it, especially since it’s my first time to grill chicken over fire Guys look who it is. I have a little sidekick for the evening This is baby Nora, this is actually Sandy’s niece. So I’ve got Nora and Cuff. This is my cousin. Yes that’s his little cousin Carrie’s been in town for a while like two weeks, and I offered to watch the baby so they could Go have some sister bonding time and my man cooked for me. It’s really good. What’d you make babe? Give me a bite, feed me. Give me a piece of chicken. Tiny bite. Chicken! Nora, so yummy Do you guys want to hear my song for Nora ready Nora Nora Nora the explorer Nora Nora Nora the explorer Noah Nora Nora the explorer she’s looking at Sam’s steak over there one day you can eat steak but not yet Chicken turned out great too. She’s smiling at you Sam! Aw! Look at that face. Excuse me. Why are you wearing goggles while you brush your teeth? I’m gonna wear them to bed those are Abram’s goggles. No these are. You guys want to play dentists? Oh
yeah! This is the pillow okay. Okay, sit down and lay back, say ahh really big Ahh. Smile while you say ahh. Go. Smile a little more. Smile. I am. No you’re not you’re saying ahh more. You’re not doing it still. I’m sorry Abram. Well, that was a mistake. Okay buddy poor little guy you didn’t grab his head and push it back isn’t that on purpose Look guys our kids argue you just like any other kids? I think it really shows a lot that Sam’s a little tired right now. What do you mean? I’m doing the vlog. I’ll take over. Comment of the day goes to Jennifer R. I just had a pretty big laughing fit over Matthew arggg I just kneed myself in the arm. I’m dying. Thanks for watching guys, we’ll see you all tomorrow for another fun day with the Rader family don’t forget We love you and remember to love each other. Daddy did call you spoiled brat. I only called you spoiled brat cause you’re my son.

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