Hermitcraft 6: Episode 11 – New UNDERWATER BUNKER!

Hello everyone, this is Mumbo and welcome back to another episode on the Hermitcraft server. It is episode 11 and today we are starting things off flying around on the underside of my mammoth mammoth mammoth base this thing’s rediculous Totally totally crazy we finally got it sort of finished in The previous hermitcraft episode it went incredibly well, we made tons of progress there And yeah, we’ve got all of the floor of the disk in place, but we still have to do the sides We’ve got one of the sides in that was kind of a tester Just to see how it looked and I’m happy with it by the sounds of things down in the comment section You guys are happy with it as well So I’m happy to move forward with that one and then we actually have to work on the top which we’ve got plenty of cool ideas for that and I was actually thinking today how cool it would be to do different biomes So we could have like acacia we could have ice spikes, we could have jungle and deserts or something crazy like that We could go really wild with it So let me know your thoughts on that one down in the comment section, but in today’s Hermitcraft episode We’re not actually going to be working on this thing because we’ve been doing way too much work on this lately We’re actually going to be heading under the ground and we’re going to be doing some stuff with the bunker You see having been over to Iskalls’ base in the end busting episode I kind of got a tiny bit jealous of the whole underwater theme that he has going on I think it’s just I think it’s super super cool So I thought we would do that to this bunker Well, I have no idea how we’re gonna do that I think the first thing that we should do is get rid of these totally useless farms I mean this thing never Harvested a single melon or pumpkin and we also need to get rid of the chicken farm and the AFK fish farm because we’re not going to be using those this season. So we have plenty of free space and plenty of room for more farms So I guess we could improve some designs and actually make some improvements before we fill this thing with water I’m excited for this episode, you know, a lot of the previous episodes have been pretty extreme I’m really excited to just chill out and Just work on this tiny little base and scale things back a little bit This pufferfish! Right, it’s going once and for all I can’t even get rid of this dude! Okay, let’s put that there How’d you there we go! We’ve got him. We’ve got a bucket of pufferfish. This place looks a little bit bare now I mean look, it’s just it’s almost empty Okay, a first farm I would say is going here. Melon and pumpkin farm. And this is the melon pumpkin farm that we’re going to be using It’s exactly six blocks wide which is perfect for that little area that we’ve created and It is very efficient for its size. I think I might make it a tiny bit bigger. But other than that, I mean, yeah, this thing is gonna be rocking Oh, well, maybe I might not make it bigger. We might actually have to Yeah, I mean this thing was kind of a temporary build anyway so we might have to remove it Let’s just destroy the whole bunker and start again. That’s better we’re doing it todays’ episode All right, things are coming together pretty nicely here, I’ve got all of the base in place We’ve got another minecarts in place all of the minecart rails. You’ve got all the water So all of this is going to be hydrated and I’m just in the process Of getting this thing set up and ready for the observers. So I guess we will place I’m trying to think how this would work so we’ll have a piston there and then it will be a piston here because They face in opposite directions And now somehow I’m gonna need to place an observer and I don’t think there’s any way that I’m gonna be able to do this Yes! My first pumpkin! My first pumpkin ever farmed on this series of Hermitcraft There it is. And I actually I needed a few more pumpkin seeds to fill up the last spot wait Am I going crazy here? I must be going crazy. Yeah, it was the spot that we can actually quite see so that is now all in this pumpkin farm is now operational So if we cover this thing up with glass Then that should end up looking actually quite cool. So there we go that is that is one of the farms in place now the reason I’m using glass is because I don’t actually we’re gonna have to replace this with glass as well because unfortunately, Iron bars, although they can be waterlogged Obviously that means that it would flow down into there and that will be horrible So all of this is going to have to be replaced with glass All of this is gonna have to be replaced with glass and then this central section of our dungeon is going to all be water I think this is improved things So now what we’re gonna have is we’re gonna have a little double door Which is gonna take us down to the XP grinder then there. Yeah, this is much much better So then there’s our melon pumpkin farm and if we put lights here, is that going to mess with this? No, it shouldn’t so that’s like level 7 right there Nothing should be able to spawn now and this is optimal darkness Obviously none of this matters because all of this area is gonna be underwater soon Question is do I prefer it like this? I actually think I do. Yeah, I think that looks cooler This is a little bit all over the place, but I can live with it. That’s much much better as well And this is actually fully functional as you just saw there that was perfectly timed so the pistons are going to extend based on this little hopper clock that we have over here and that will push off our sugar cane and drop them down into the chest which has actually been happening as you can see we’ve got A bunch of sugarcane there, and then pumpkin farm is working as well we just have this gap in this corner and I have absolutely No idea what to do with it. No clue. What farms even are there? Okay, here’s the deal I’ve actually just been looking and it turns out that this side here is the closest to the ocean so I think this is now going to become our entrance and it’s going to kind of go up like this and Then this side so we’re gonna have to do something with this area and I suppose we could just leave it as an enchanting area We technically don’t need what other farms do we need. We need some way to get food. We could do a bread maker but we don’t have any bones. Well, we’ve got we can buy loads of bones Yeah bread maker. The only issue is I have absolutely No string none whatsoever. You would’ve thought I would have some I kill spiders all the time Especially when this place wasn’t it up, but there is none. Okay Finnell We’re going to have yeah a one dispenser little bread maker. But if we place in the water there That should actually do it for the most part. Where’s okay, there it is So if we just till this soil that will do the trick there and then we can cover up all of this and That should give us a little space that we can go to to make bread That sounds pretty good to me now This is not going to be the fastest farm in the whole world and you’re gonna have to break it manually So it’s going to be hold right click and then left click But it should be working. Let’s chuck some bones in this thing. So that is that and Let’s give this a test at how fast is this? Okay, so I’m eating the carrot is faster than I can actually harvest right? Let me just eat the carrot real quick It’s not that bad that the server seems to be actually struggling to keep up with it, you know what It’s not ridiculously slow That’s alright, actually this isn’t too bad at all Well, no, we got almost the stack already As I said, it’s not gonna be breaking any records, but that that’s that’s a pretty good thing to have lying around So now we have food. We have a constant source of food We have a constant source of pumpkins, which is great for villager trading and we have a constant source of sugarcane Which is also great for villager trading so we don’t have to make quite so many micro transactions I think now it is finally time to actually get ourselves set up with an area that we can enter into this base through the water So I am going to cover up all of this to protect all of our redstone and then we can start work on building this pipe So this is the distance to working with here, which actually in the grand scheme of things really isn’t very far so I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to mine it from the bottom up because That way I don’t have to deal with the whole slow mining thing. You know when you mine underwater. It’s really slow So we’ll gradually make our way through and then we can do some underwater decoration with this place and I can’t wait to see how all of this looks but first I think the iron bars are going and we’re going to put glass in here. Right. This is what we’ve got going on so far. So we’ve got this kind of cool entrance area type thing and That’s making its way up to this place here So I’m just gonna take out I guess I should probably rid of this diorite because otherwise whenever Iskall comes over to my base he’ll cry, so get rid of that and then and then we’ll make this hole I guess bigger I don’t know how big I really want it and then eventually we’ll have to flood this entire space So I’m going to need lots and lots of water buckets. Whoa! Conduits are amazing I had never realized look look at how much brighter it is now in the water than it is out of the water That is ridiculous. I can’t see a thing Anyway, this is what we’ve got for our entrance at this point in time obviously is going to be decorated for things like sea grass And kelp and all that sort of thing. But for now, I would say that’s looking pretty good So now as I say, yeah grab myself a whole ton of water buckets And we just gonna have to fill this thing to the brim and I don’t know what approach to take to this I suppose if I need a hand then I’ll have to ask Iskall to see what I should be doing But on that it’s just gonna be spamming the right-click button I think. Actually you know, what? No, I’ve had a thought I think actually what I should be doing is Filling it up from the bottom up. So I’ll run around and I’ll fill it up from there and then I’ll do the next layer and then up from there to guarantee that all of it is water sources. I think that’s got to be the way to go on this one surely And of course, I have to manually fill in all of the half slabs with water as well because I’m assuming No, flowing water streams don’t go into half slabs. So that needs to be filled in We also need to patch up any holes while we’re at it Guys, I have something strange going on here. I have blocks in my base That I can do absolutely nothing about There’s something Strange happening there. Also, can you water log chests? You can water log chests. How did I not know about this? Woah, it is super dark in here now But underwater it’s nice and bright and this is giving us a rough idea of how this thing looks fully watered and I’ve just realised I still have to fill in all of these half slabs The issue is though, because I can sort of see in the dark we can now see how awful this area looks so we’re gonna have to do all of the decoration for this room because normally you can’t see this is pitch-black Is there any way that I can get rid of this? something weird going on with this water and like I Can’t get rid of it No matter what I do and the same thing goes for this as well It’s a source block, both of them a source blocks they’re just… it’s not quite right I’ve managed to work something out, and that is to place a half slab with water on the top side so that slab there has got water on the top side and that’s removed to all of the water problems that we’re having here and then that one has fixed that one and I’ve had to do it a handful of times throughout the build But now this place is looking fully filled in with water there’s no weird glitches going on apart from those ones there and I love this because I mean this has been such a long time coming I mean seriously, I’ve been playing Minecraft for years and years and years now and any form of underwater build would be plagued with just Horrible horrible water edges like this. So any of these slabs here not gonna happen. It’s just gonna look disgusting Whereas now we can have this build and it looks… it looks normal. The only issue is is that doors apparently? Yeah doors Doors are ugly That’s a shame cuz I really like acacia doors. But you know, it’s only a small problem. I think that just about does it Okay, so this one needs the same treatment alright, so There we go. That’s gotten rid of that. And then I guess Oh, what do I do here? Why does it do this? Update aquatic should fix this because it’s really frustrating unless I have slabs going that’s ugly Man, there’s nothing I can do about that. Oh my word Somehow that didn’t break anything I’m very impressed and I’ve managed to sort out the water situation by just adding in a few extra blocks here and there and maybe we’ll actually we’ll increase the size of that one so that that kind of looks okay and if we look around Yeah, this is all looking good, now I just want to check am I being pushed anywhere by any water streams? I think all of it should be water source blocks Okay, there’s one that’s maybe needed there Okay, that all seems good So now we need to start filling this thing in with things like kelp and sea grass and thankfully ju- Wait hang on Does bonemeal work underwater? I’m interested now And… test. Yes, wow. Okay, that is actually it’s pretty serious We’re gonna have to tone that down Just a tad But that is… that is perfect. That is spot-on. This may be this is gonna be my life so easy I was kind of worried about how I was gonna do this, but that is This looks so cool And of course I can bonemeal grass and make it longer… so that means that we are We are pretty much all set I wonder can I buy mill in here? No, that is totally Oh, well, obviously, I can’t bone it and there’s no water. Oh I’m terrible. I’m terrible at this game Evan told Grian about my new entrance and We now have a working Grian display That’s hilarious is he stuck down there? No its soul sand if anything, he should be flying to the top I guess the soul sand… because it has solid blocks around it? Maybe it’s not working Oh it’s not a source block. Yeah, so it’s not gonna work That’s hilarious Anyway, this is the current set up. I think it looks pretty cool. I don’t really know what else to do Maybe add in some kelp? Oh now that is glorious being able to see Grian swimming around This is cool. I can’t wait for him to absolutely blast it Oh dude Grian is improving my base! Yeah, that does make things look better So funny thing just happened I’ve gotten so used to being underwater Already that I kind of broke the glass to get into this room and then expected to just float over And be able to light up this area so that I could work on this room because I mean if you’re working underwater Obviously you can just float around underwater and you can build like that you can you can build underwater really easy. It’s like creative mode Whereas yeah, that is that’s not the case in regular Minecraft. So you might have to do more underwater projects They seem useful and Grian is back and I think he’s gonna do some decorating So Grian has asked for my favorite color. I would say… I would say yellow I think that’s yellow Because it goes best for the orange and then he’s placed down some sea pickles. I like this I like this a lot! Another fun fact I started panicking about the fact that I’m punching holes in these walls that the water is going to flow out and destroy redstone and things We’re not underwater. It’s weird how fast your brain switches. Oh wow, look at that! We’ve got a splash of color through the place. That looks so, so cool And also I think Iskall is coming over it’s gonna be like a big a big bunch of friends chilling out in my underwater base because I think Iskall knows how to fix those little blocks they’re broken Anyway, while they’re standing over there looking really confused around this block. I think they’re about to try a piston but piston The piston won’t extend into the space its really really strange I’m in the process of cleaning up this rather wonderful mob spawner that we have over here so far I’ve pretty much replaced all of the ugly blocks with stone and Now I’m going to start ruining it like I’ve done with this here Right, I think that should do the trick. So we have got all of the blocks in place. I’ve also done a little bit work on the ceiling as well I thought that would look good. And you know what with the iron bars. Where are the iron bars? I just took down a bunch of iron bars and replaced them with glass. Hang on I’m quickly gonna grab those and also, whoa! Look at this place! I’ve haven’t actually looked at this yet. Oh, Oh nice, so we’re slightly spruced up. I think he’s also changed up some of the seagrass So it’s a little bit less dense Because that was all over the place and he’s also added some texture and depth into my floor as well That looks much much better. I might have to just ask Grian to come around every now and again He does leave my doors open that that’s the one thing that Grian does he leaves doors open Oh and yeah by the look of things yeah, No luck, no luck with those blocks. What do we think of that? I actually quite like it I think that looks quite cool. So that is holding on to this, now I’m assuming zombies can’t spawn on the inside of iron bars So we shouldn’t have the problem of things getting caught on the top here. Anyway, the system is now live we’ve got no lights on the inside there and that is an absolutely enormous improvement to the base Yep, I’m so glad that we actually put the time in to do that because that looks so cool And I really like the iron bars on the top That looks really good I’m chuffed to bits with this this has been Oh dear. I mean, I shouldn’t laugh because he’s just helped me out with my base, but it is always funny when Grian dies So now to finish up this project We need to get rid of all the red roses I have no clue who placed the red roses by the way by I have a few suspects in mind aka Grian, Grian, or Grian. so those are all gone and now We block up the hole There’s still all the water on the inside there. But at the minute that’s not causing me a problem So that is now all blocked up the only way that we can actually gain access to my base is to swim down here and through this little tunnel and I wonder 46 46 pumpkins generated, tiny bit of sugar cane generated. That’s not too bad I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to go AFK overnight in this place Maybe I will this can also double up as an AFK’ing zone. I feel like that’s probably a safe bet Because I don’t know how good those Drowned are at pathfinding I imagine they’ll be able to find their way to me at some point So I’m going to go AFK overnight in here But unfortunately ladies and gentlemen, that is actually all I’ve got time for today. I really do hope that you’ve enjoyed this Hermitcraft episode It’s been a fun one. It’s been a bit of a chilled out one I thought we would do you know all of the Hermitcraft episodes that we’ve done so far this season have been pretty heavy-duty. We’ve been working on big big projects and making tons upon tons of progress So I thought it would be nice to kind of chill things out a little bit work on a handful of projects Just do a few bits and pieces here and there and it’s been nice. It’s been nice to mix things up but with that said next episode we’re going to be working incredibly hard on the base and making serious progress once again, so unfortunately, Unfortunately ladies and gentlemen that’s all I’ve got time for today I hope you enjoyed if you did be sure to hit that like button and if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe But thanks for watching guys. This is been Mumbo and I’m out see you later.

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