High Desert Museum | Bend, OR

The High Desert Museum was founded in 1982, and its mission is bringing to visitors the high desert landscapes, natural history, science, culture, and the arts. Nearly half of Oregon is high desert. This place has its own rich history, its own unique wildlife, and its own fascinating cultures. And so there are so many stories to share about the high desert and we take great joy and bringing that to visitors. We have a variety of exhibits here at the High Desert Museum Some of the favorites include the otter exhibit, which includes three male otters, Our raptors, which includes an array of raptors from bald eagles to owls, and our permanent exhibits on native cultures and the people who settled the American West. My favorite part of the museum is really seeing how this place excites people. This is really an experiential learning kind of facility and people really get hands-on experiences here, whether they’re visiting the1904 Miller ranch and chatting with our living history characters, to seeing our wildlife fly right overhead. So, it really is fun to watch people discover something they never knew about.

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