How Do You Photograph One of the World’s Most Beautiful Places? | Nat Geo Live

Few years ago,
I was called into a meeting a lunch meeting and you know,
the Geographic told me we’re gonna do this
whole issue special on the Greater
Yellowstone Ecosystem. And I was asked to
become one of the team.And it’s, you know,
it’s 50,000 square miles
Western Wyoming,
Southern Montana, Eastern Idaho.
Some amazing areas,
Grand Teton,
it’s the Wind River range,
it’s Yellowstone.
It’s got incredible wildlife.Incredible opportunity
to be asked to do this.
So, I ended up,
as part of the project I ended up getting the Tetons.You know,
if you go to the Tetons
at six o’clock in the morning
in October, it looks like this.
You know, it doesn’t look like
the first frame of the Tetons
actually, it’s full of people.So, we had teams all over. But, you know, there were
teams in Yellowstone for the Yellowstone issue. But I got the south end of the
ecosystem, I got the Tetons. Which is great,
and you know fantastic if you’re a landscape
photographer, which I’m not. Um, because, you know you’re basically charged
with photographing A, the most beautiful
place in the world B, the most photographed,
most iconic I mean hell,
you’ve got the Tetons. And Ansel Adams,
the most famous brilliant landscape
photographer there ever was photographed one of his
most famous pictures here. How the hell am I
gonna top that? ( audience laughter ) That’s easy, you know.
That’s what I did. ( audience laughter )Get someone else
do it for me.
-( audience laughter )
-( Charlie Laughs )The thing is right,
as a photographer, right.
You’ll laugh at that. We all know what he’s doing,
don’t we? We’re all just a bit cynical,
it’s kind of funny. As a photographer,
I think “Why are you doing
it with a tripod?” You know what I mean. “It’s the middle of the day.
What on earth are you thinking?” And I actually want to
form the tripod police. Because I live in Jackson. I just wanted to go and batter
people to death with tripods. Because there, it’s like
lunchtime on a sunny day and there’s a man,
it’s always a bloke women are not that stupid. There’s always a
man photographing the Tetons with a tripod. “What are you doing!” Anyway… I could go on about it
all night if you want– Okay. So why did they,
so we’ve answered, yeah– So, why did they send a
Brit to Yellowstone? Well,Amongst other thingsI am, I guess an aquatic
species specialist.
I shoottechnically complicated photos
of mainly, fresh water animals. And that is such an
incredibly minute niche that no one else has
bothered to do it. So I got it. As you know, I like ( exaggerated pronunciation )
Otters. ( laughter ) If I say Otters in Wyoming,
everyone just looks at me and just thinks I’m someone
from Downton Abbey. So I have to say Otters ( audience laughter ) All the time. And then they look at me, “Why
are you taking piss out of us?” So, I’m stuck between
a rock and a hard– First world problems.
Anyway, um… I’m an aquatic
species specialist. I love Otters. So we do a lot of them,
they’re part of the story. But, I use, sort of taking the techniques I’ve
learned shooting Otters and have moved it on
to other animals.We all had a meeting in DCwhen we were sort of hatching
this Yellowstone article.
And we, well, one of the
visual mantras, I guess, was “We want iconic landscapes
with animals in.” Which is great if you are… Well, if you’re an
underwater photographer what are you supposed to do? ( Charlie laughs ) Anyway, basically I turned
the first few weeks into location scout. How can I get these animals
in landscapes underwater. And this is what
I ended up with.But, one of the reasons I like
this style of photography
and, you know, this image,
is because, up here
up top right there, you
can see all the sticks. That’s, that’s a beaver dam.
Right. And this beaver
and its relatives and its ancestors have created, they built that dam. They’ve created this
entire water world this entire ecosystem. They’ve engineered
the landscape. And they’ve done
it at the foot of the Tetons. So, for me, a picture like that
tells a much bigger story.

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    Other pictures were amazing…

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