this avelino from king coke aqua by popular requests featuring my old aquarium part 3 there are a lot of improvements since i did a few months ago here we are let us watch and enjoy like i have said befrore this old aquarium was revived by me started with 5 guppies and i added as additional guppy made of 3 males and 3 females next thing i know one fremale had babies about 15 of them now it’s may 5, 2019 teo females lo and behold have given birth to a lots of babies i could not count them all, wow plenty of them wow look at the red shrimp as you can see the quality of this video is not high quality however this doesn’t stop me from showing and sharing my aquarium you feel the love just the same, right ? you have just seen an old juice container i made D.I.Y. power water filter, it helps the main hang on filter the water is so clear the shrimps, there are only 3 of them looks like one is preggy i bought them at $ 6 a piece so happy they are all alive hopefully we are right in assuming, she is preggy does anyone know if a cherry shrimp eats baby fish ? my wife thinks they do eat baby fishes she said they swims fast and have many arms to catch baby guppies who wer just born i find it funny the analogy of shrimps with many arms ha ha ha maybe it is just me who finds humor in shrimps and many arms, or are they legs ? wait my giggle seems fake ha ha i think that’s still funny okey okey it;s finished again, until next time hopefully you enjoyed this cideo albeit low quality shots i am waiting for my son’s gift of an old iphone of his whict got auto focus, on light or dark shoots thanks everyone so far many who i asked for feedback have said the quality of the video has to improve. i agree are the story boards good ? well, maybe they don’t want to hurt my feelings it’s alright, they are watching at least. good enough for me i welcome all feedbacks what i can say also to those who are starting to make videos go on filming, editing lot’s of videos eventually we will all get better as long that it has a story or conveys something it’s ok to try and thrive we will remember it’s what is on the video that counts. good luck and god bless please subscribe

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