How (Not) To Swim

*ukulele music* Hey guys! So today we’re going to be learning how to swim! Now first things first You want to have protection So make sure you have sunscreen. Make it come out Here put some on you. Now you put it right, put lines so that you get protection everywhere. And it’ll spread out when you start swimming. Yeah Perfect Yeah Okay put it all over you, even your clothes Sometimes, because you never know where you can get sunburnt Okay next make sure you have goggles So you can open your eyes underwater and even if you don’t open them it still protects them. Okay get those on. Okay, now make sure you have your little slippers. So when you jump down you’re good. And we’ve only got two so you’re going to put on one and I’ll put on the other one So now we have our slippers on Now we’re going to get into formation So you’re going to, turn this way, and have your arms up real high and you’re going to dive in Okay get to the edge and then you just fall 3 2 1 *splash* Wow And that’s how you swim, okay So now we’re going to do the common swimming form. Which is like this, it’s called The Paddle And you’re going to go like this. And kick as much as you can. And then in case you’re drowning make sure you kick even more *more splashing* Okay so make sure you always have noodles with you In case you’re drowning they’l protect you See It brought me up to the surface It kept me from dying. Okay If you remember the Titanic, people died. They drowned. We don’t want that to happen to you. So find your piece of equipment And make sure you get on top of it Especially if there’s room for only one person And if there’s only room for one person Get them the heck off of it So you can live and not them Thank you so much for watching my swimming tutorial I hope it saves your life someday. Hey guys Thanks so much for watching my swimming tutorial I hope you enjoyed it And make sure when you’re swimming always have a swimming buddy And make sure you have the raft so you can live Um don’t forget to comment, subscribe, and thumbs up the video Till next video *zoeytheawesome theme song*

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