How SeaWorld’s Killer Whales Gave Hope for One Brave Young Girl

Isabella on May twenty-third was
diagnosed with pineoblastoma brain cancer It effects less than 1% of all brain
cancers in children we were talking about her doing radiation treatment, we
were referred to the proton center here with Scripps Proton in Northern San
Diego. One day when she was kind of feeling down we decided to come to SeaWorld I went up to them I asked them a question.
Actually, I didn’t hear them at first when they told me when they said how many whales were in the show.
“How many whales are there here?” And he’s like “there’s 11, do you want to meet them?”
And well I got to come face-to-face with them. It’s super cool.
I love— I love the whales. and before, I didn’t know much about them
but now I know a lot more and it’s just amazing.
I’ve gotten so close with Isabella just because I randomly met her and we get to meet so many people
and talk with them about the whales and share the whales with them which is one
of the best parts about my job is how many people I get to encounter and get
to meet and get to know and Isabella’s story and Isabella
herself is just it’s such a personal connection that I have with her my own brother is fighting his own fight
with cancer and when I was a kid my mom had a brain tumor too. And so just
meeting this child who is just so full of light she’s an incredible kid.
We’re rooting for you but we’re also in support of everybody She’s made a lifelong friend in me. I’ll be her big sis forever I love you, little sis.

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