How Taren lost 65lbs With Triathlon Training

– Oh my stars! I’m just going to drop it
like it’s hot in there. Motivational Taren out. Morning trainiacs. So far so good on the new vlogging camera. I am really impressed with the quality of what you see? Got all the little whiskers and the beard. Put it just smooth, detail. And you have to get a little hat to help you out improve the audio. Now, we start digging into
the footage from the morning. Ooh. Oh my stars! See you never GoPro. Actually, we’re still gonna
keep the GoPro around. But we’re gonna let the
GoPro do what the GoPro does. Good at the action footage. Maybe some of the time lapses. It was quiet today. That’s all I got. Tally that out the nose. I think 13.4 kilometers
since Sunday morning. Shoulders said no more! Looks so nice out in Winnipeg again. Do you all remember a couple weeks ago when I did a presentation
about social media to a bunch of business owners? Well I got part two of that today. Two different group of business owners worked out the kinks. I’m just going to drop it
like it’s hot in there. Another day is over at the
wonderful world of post. I’ve mentioned in a couple
of the most recent vlogs about overall health and namely, that I used to be a big fat fat man. I’ve been overweight most of my life. Our family, while my mom certainly had a
really big appreciation for health and well being. There was never a big
culture in our family of eating really healthy, of being active, taking care of our body, taking care of our mind. So, when I became 18 years old, and got a job, got into a
routine of going to McDonald’s every couple of days, having fast food, eating pizzas, drinking a lot on the weekend, on on my peak there, in my early 20s, I couldn’t run the length of one house. It’s just been in the past few years that I don’t even associate
myself really at all with being an overweight person. Somebody that struggles with their weight. It’s taken from the age
of mid 20s when I said, that’s it, I don’t want
to be overweight anymore. Until, probably about 10 years later that I now don’t associate myself with being an overweight person. It all started when I
went back to university, I was 22 years old when
I started university. I was at my peak drinking, being unhealthy, living life very irresponsibly. But in between my morning
classes and my afternoon class, I had a really big block of time, and I figured I would go to the gym and just do something with it. It took me from about 215 pounds down to around 200. I had not a clue what I was doing. But just the fact that
I was doing something was enough to lose a little bit of weight. Two years later, I broke up with a girlfriend. I was going to the gym and I knew that that
release nervous energy. So because I had so much, I decided to start going
to the gym a lot more. And then I was starting
to go up to the bar with friends who were really fit like jacked with abs and muscles
and went to the gym a lot, and I was, “holy smokes. “Girls aren’t talking to me,
but they’re talking to them.” Something clicked as a mid
20 year old at that point around 24 years old, I just wanted to look good in pictures. So I went and I thought I was
going to be a body builder and I start eating plain chicken breast, raw oatmeal, tons of protein shakes. I started going to the gym and
lifting weights really heavy, about seven times a week, doing boring cardio on a StairMaster. That got me then down
from around 200 pounds down to around 175 it was a really unhealthy 175. I struggled to keep it down at that 175. I thought that to be fit, you had to diet really hard, lift weights, it just wasn’t enjoyable. I eventually got hurt lifting all these heavy weights. I started walking on the treadmill, became pretty boring, so I started going on the stationery bike. So just to mix it up, I
started swimming, and biking and running, and then there was a friend named Jaque who’s doing the marathon swim with us who was really good at
triathlons in university. And he would always tell me
about his triathlon training. So I asked him, “do you
think I can do a triathlon?” And he told me, “just go into one. “Say yes.” Exactly what I say to all of you, say yes to that first triathlon. And I did a try a tri. Instantly got me hooked. The fact that I was triathlon training and it was motivating and it was fun. It became way more regular. I liked going out and running and getting the wind on my face, on the bike, I hated to swim, that took a few years to come around, all of a sudden, my weight
started leveling out at that 175 level. And that happened for a few years until my dad actually got tested positive for celiac. One weekend, I went and hung
out with the family at the lake and I forgot to bring food. So I just ate all of his gluten free food, I lost a few pounds, and I felt really good! So I went gluten free for a month and I felt light. My stomach didn’t girdle. I wasn’t as sore, I could
recover easier from workouts so I can start training more. I have been tested, and am not celiac and I’m
not allergic to gluten, I just know that I feel better and then recently within the last year, we start incorporating a
lot more vegan based meals because my mom’s side of the family has a ton of heart issues, so I’m very conscious
of my overall health. My mental well being. All of that stuff. And now, I sit somewhere
in between about 155 and 160 pounds. I don’t count calories, I don’t feel like I’m on a diet, I don’t worry about the
amount of workouts I get in, based off of the amount of food I eat. Barely drink any more
than a little bit of wine. If you’d told me all of these things 10 years ago, that I’d be a triathlete doing half Ironmans and placing well in
international Ironman races, and I would be running a one hour 28 minute half marathon and then I’d be eating vegan meals and meditating in the morning, I would’ve thought that
you were completely nuts. All of this together, yeah, probably sounds like a
bit of a humble brag. What I mean to communicate
when I say everyone, every single one of you can do a triathlon, can do a marathon, can do a half marathon, can do a marathon swim! I know you can do it! Because I went from being not able to run the length of a house, scared of open water, week long benders all across the country, I literally won a golden wheelchair for being the drunkest man in Canada at a conference once, to being the person I am now. That’s why I say that everyone who wants to get in
the habit of saying yes and changing their lifestyle can do it. Go out there, and pick something that
you want to tackle, say yes to it, drop kick the fear of saying yes to it can change your life. There! Motivational Taren out!

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  • 65lbs is a lot!!!

    Congratulations!!! And the new camera is sweeeet!

  • I have a lot of weight to lose like 155 lbs. This is why I chose triathlon training. I was an athlete growing up and I need the challenge. Excited to see my fitness increase most of all.

  • Taren, your story is truly inspiring. Congrats man.

  • Glad you are taking a whole and well rounded approach to wellness. I complete;y understand how you feel about the transformation and how your life can become something you never would have imagined. Congrats!

  • I know, Pizza is the worst, one always leaves me hungry and isn't enough, but two is self-indulgence.
    Best eaten with friends who you can share a second pizza with, or non triathlon (non sporty) girls which can't finish their pizza 😀

  • I'm gluten free and it sucks because I need to eat a shit tone of Calaries every day, but instead I eat lots of fruits and vegetables and lots of protein.

  • Hi Taren, new sub here. I have been watching your video every day when I wake up, just wanted to say a big thank you!

  • Hi Taren, My story sounds a lot like yours. Big drinker, big eater. I have now dropped 125 pounds because mostly of my triathlon training, right foods with the help of surgery that I had in June last year. I love your videos and your inspire me each day to just keep going. First Olympic last month and now looking at a half next season. Well done mate.

  • Liking the new camera lots! Much better picture! Thumbs up!

  • Great vid! One of the better I'd say. Gonna show this one around to some peeps. Got me more motivated as well 🙂

  • Fantastic motivation! Great work as always 😀

  • New camera is sweet !! That beard quality 👌🏻

  • Awesome story. Thanks for sharing!

  • I can relate. I'm 41 and have gone from 225 to 188. Swimming did it for me. Now adding biking and running.

  • So motivating. Just subscribed last night. As a fellow triathlete I can relate to everything you say.

  • Great video quality!👌🏻👍🏻

  • great story Taren! for reference.. how tall are you?

  • … I saw a pink board. Why no pink board?

  • So you didn't lose weight with hydroxycut?? in all seriousness, definitely have noticed that by dropping the strict calorie counting and focusing on how I feel and some light planning has been a game changer and just made me happier to train. Love hearing more about the start of triathlon for you. So thanks for making this a relatable and believable journey!

  • I remember hungover fat Taren cooking hash browns in my kitchen…he wasn't so bad 😉

  • I have noticed I have to eat a lot, because otherwise I'm sick really fast. I've always been fairly skinny, went up to about 70 kg (for 180cm height) the past few years after some injuries and surgeries. Now I've lost 2 kg the last 2 months and I feel I shouldn't go lower for my health. I am a bit unsure on how to accomplish this. I'm sure going to McDonalds is not the best idea though!

  • Personally , I have shed 40 lbs in 4 months , but added a few pounds of lean muscle through strength and conditioning and pilates twice a week., the amount of workouts needed to complete a programme for an Olympic or 70.3 Ironman really precludes going out partying and drinking , but does not exclude enjoying life. The training programme brings into your life , new short term goals, new short term focus and I am personally always on the go , all with 3 kids under 5 , my diet is designed to fuel myself and as such nachos are out and mangos are in , a personal favourite from my time in India , love a good mango, so there is no time to go to the pub ( which I was an Olympic athlete at ) , nothing would get me to the bar quicker than a few pints and some chicken wings. I am tearing off the band aid this weekend with a sprint tri in Dublin on saturday and a half marathon the next day. I sleep so much better, I have tons of energy for my kids , i do go to bed earlier , but wake earlier, and all my clothes are way too big , but the best thing for me , and I dont know if anyone else recognizes this , is that , I feel as human, better put together , my joints, my muscles, my gait, my cadence, everything feels strong and that gives me so much confidence to push to the next level all the time. btw, I am 45

  • My story is the same. I was 265 now 175 and am training for my first half and full Ironman this year.

  • Well said!

  • Kudos Taren, very inspirational. If only we were told how to take care of our bodies and mind at young age, like at school! Like you, I started to enjoy sport later in life. It's not just about competing, it's the lifestyle of eating well, getting out of our comfort zone, learn about our bodies and mind and live a life of adventures!

  • That is an awesome story! congrats man, I actually have a similar but not quite the same story. I've lost 140 lbs (from 312 into the 170s) not from triathlon training but just eating better and going to the gym. Where triathlon comes into my story is I was losing motivation for working out, I felt there was no real goal for me as I had already lost the weight. So since September of 2016 I've started my triathlon training and am getting pumped for the my tri season this summer! Ironman Calgary 70.3 is my big race this year 🙂 thanks for sharing and the awesome videos!

  • Awesome… I now fighting to get there too but I've come from the other end of the spectrum.  In college was 135 pounds soaking wet.  Could put on weight no matter what I ate or drank.  I mean 3 triple cheeseburgers, weigh gainer shakes and beer every night…Get out of school get a desk job and boom 10 years later, I found the weight, expect now its a belly and not muscle! So I went from 135 to 198 and now am headed back towards 160…but man, this desk job still makes it so hard…

  • Tomorrow, I’ll try to do my first bike century. First ever marathon three weeks ago. I know some people don’t understand why I’m doing this, but they just don’t have the same mindset. It kind of sucks because I’m doing what I do partly to prove myself what I’m able to do, even though I am confident around people, basically I have quite a low self esteem. Maybe I shouldn’t just talk about it at all, but every time I do, it builds up motivation inside me to do it, even though people around me don’t get it. I’ve set some things aside to train for the marathon, that includes drinking with mates, saying yes can also have side effects. Changing your lifestyle can have weird effects on your relationships. People don’t look at you the same way, and it’s a bit awkward to be honest. Not sure how you deal with it.

  • congrats on the loss and keep being awesome

  • Awesome taren!

  • This is the most important message you've given. Thanks.

  • What I like about your videos is how silly you are 😀

  • I love this story–thank you for going more in-depth with it! I'm down about 110 pounds now and am aiming to lose 10-20 more. Training for my tiny tri really helped when I was stuck in a plateau, but I did up my resistance training/conditioning when I felt like I was burning too much muscle away in places triathlon training specifically didn't seem to touch. I know you do similar exercises that aren't strictly bike, run, and swim–like your planks, shoulder work, and hip rotations. About how much of your total activity go towawrd those supplemental exercises?

  • Taren, so what type of camera you've filmed that vlog? It looks pretty good 🙂

  • Great Vblog. I know this must take a lot of time everyday but it is something I REALLY look forward to EVERYDAY. Keep it up.

  • After being out of competitive bike racing for seven years…and playing around with crossfit for the last couple of years…I'm going to try a triathlon (at the tender age of 51). Your videos have helped a ton. I knew I would suck at swimming — I was ready to suck at it — but I had no idea how truly bad I would suck at swimming. I've been getting lessons for the past week or so…already improving. Can't wait to try my first event…thanks for helping to keep us motivated (btw, I was a fat kid, too!).

  • great video! I lost about 45 pounds 1 year ago and now im competing triathlon and have done a marathon and half iron man and will be doing Iron man Florida in November!

  • My dad lost his toes and job due to being overweight and becoming diabetic. It is a big motivation for my triathlon training; also triathlon is too fun not to do. 🙂

  • I am doing my first sprint tri this year. Of course Athena division. But I don't care. I am scared and very excited. Thank you for not losing weight in 6 weeks but in a healthy lifestyle change and that it does take a while. It's taken me 3 yrs to lose 60 lbs and trying to just keep moving and motivated. Thank you for sharing.

  • Dude!! So I realized that I watched more and more of your videos as I prepared for my first 1/2 Marathon; Finished at 2:39 and now I'm going to keep it rolling into a sprint Triathlon, I'm 5' 8, 183 and looking to get comfortable in my own skin again, but mainly…I'm looking to say: "I did a Triathlon". Thanks for the vid's They really make a difference for us out here wanting to be better human beings.

  • it's all about mindset!

  • Loving these videos Taren, thanks for posting them. I recently completed my first sprint triathlon after following kind of the same path as yourself, so can totally relate to it. I myself dropped from 252 lbs to 217 lbs through a combination of better food choices, cycling, swimming and running. So far this year I've run 3 half marathons 2 duathlons and my first triathlon. I now have my sights set on running a half ironman and would love to complete a full marathon. Without a shadow of a doubt discovering exercise has changed my life for the better, I am now encouraging my children to exercise more and my 10 year old daughter will also be taking part in her first triathlon in September.  Keep up the good work mate.

  • Taren your post and videos are just awesome and so real. I never had issues with weight however no one is perfect and we are human. Your post and videos goes details and show us more than perfect post..thank you

  • Thanks Taren 🙂 this is really inspiring.. and good timing, i'll be doing my first try-a-tri this sat during the ITU here @YEG 😊

  • I do love your beard. More beards in Triathlons please.

  • Thank you. You're very inspiring

  • i was 114 kg, and i start commute with bicycle before 3 years, now am doing triathlon training, swimm run and cycling, i swimm 1 km run 10 km and cycle 40 km….. i am 92 kg and 172cm height….. i hope loose more weight, i want to go to 70 kg.. i believe i need another 2 years to loose it

  • Love your videos but laugh that gluten free literally only benefits celiac patients; gluten doesn’t effect you it’s simply a placebo. Anyway keep up the solid work and hammer away. Aloha….. from KONA

  • You're like a fitter Paul Giamatti. Good videos, all the best!

  • Super awesome! Loads of resemblances to my life, except for the triathlons (I've done one marathon lol). I'm a vegan, been totally sober for a couple of months now, enjoying triathlon training like a madman… even swimming, although I still get out of breath too soon…

  • last 30 seconds were very inspiring, not only in triathlon 🙂 wow

  • Great video!

    This sounds similar to my own journey that I’m on right now. Was completely over weight and unhealthy (downing lots of pizza and beers as well). One day, I looked in the mirror and decided I don’t like what I see. I really wanted to see my abs. Started a Pilates routine for my abs then some overall strength work. Then, the following summer, it finally happened. I finally revealed my abs. From there I went into body building and had some moderate success with that. To make a very long story short. I did a half marathon to a full marathon the next two years to completing my first sprint tri this past summer. So my ultimate goal is to first complete an ironman then be competitive in them.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Preach!!!!

  • There was a big dark cloud over me last year. Only when I began to run did the sun begin breaking through. The weight loss was just an added bonus. With 2 x half marathons under my belt I’m now getting into tri. For mental health, there is nothing better than run, swim and bike (though like you, the swimming is taking time to get used to)👍. Not sure where I would be without it 😎

  • Similar story here. 229lbs, bought a bike and rode for a year which took me down to low 180s. Got dared to run a half and then signed up for Chicago marathon and the running took me down to 169. Been hovering between 169 and low 180s ever since 10/10/10. First Tri in 2013 70.3 and 1x 140.6 per year since 2014. Still eating whatever I want which is a problem.

  • These videos are really unnecessarily long and provide too much irrelevant detail. Had to skip through the entire first two minutes (25% of the whole video) to actually get to the girth of your message. Just some candid feedback 🙂

  • AWESOME story! I have a question. What do you think about race weight and how should you estimate your correct weight for racing?

  • Is swimming enough to get fit or should be with biking ..
    Many thanks

  • Yeah T-man!!! Amazing real life inspiration! Love your stats and how it make everyone realize that its achievable!

  • hi , great motivation from you and i m sure you ve inspired many out there ! keep going 🙂

  • awesome video, relates much

  • Needed that message 🙂👍

  • Have a golden wheelchair on me 😂

  • In have been following your channel for a coulple month now, but today i decided to watch some of your old videos like this one. Got a tell you, things have change alot from shooting the videos in your living room to the nice pain cave/headquarter that you have now, keep at it, nice job. Well, related to this video, i can relate to your story!. I was 277 lbs at my heaviest, now down to a fairly stable 168-170. Always been invoved with sports but i had always had an issue with weight. Finally in sept 2016 i decided to have gastric bypass surgery and this is how my dramatic weighloss started. One day at a spinning class a buddy of mine started nagging about signing up for a 5k. I have never been a runner and probably never ran more than 1 mile on a treadmill before. I eventually decided to sign up and in oct 2017 did my first race. At the end my first thought was, hum!! I did not die doing it and did it in 28 min!! Signed up for a 2nd one 1 month later and did it almost 2 min faster. I started to get hook on this. Ran a 10k week after. Fast forward, both my brothers have been doing triathlons so one of them wanted for me to go on a bike ride with him. I have NEVER been on a road bike before or have clip up shoes on a bike, so i was scared to death about it, fost half an hour was trying to make sure i didnt kill myself. Liked it so much that i then decided to get a bike and train for my first duathlon that next april in 2018. Since then i have been obsessed with racing!!!. 2 sprints, 2 olimpics, 2 duathlon (hit podium for age group on my last), 2 half marathon, just did my 3rd marathon last weekend, plus multiples 5 and 10k. Im down to a 406 marathon, want to get under 4 hours by the end of the year. All thjs has been in the last 1.5 years, i just cant stop training and racing. Signed up for my first half ironman in june, very exited about this (once i get out of the water!!!). Overall it has been great, hopefully in the next 2-3 years i can get my full one in, still working on adapting my body to the longer distances specially due to my limited nutrition due to the surgery. For me is not about finishing, that i know i can do, is all about giving it all and trying to get a decent time in. Keep doing what you do, you are a good advocate for the sport!!!

  • Sprint Triathlon on April 28th!!! Excited to get back into it after 11 years. When I was 22, I did a sprint tri and didn't have a clue what I was doing. After that triathlon, I didn't go back to the gym, I ate whatever and played video games on the couch for 11 years. But, now I'm back! With a renewed sense of health and fitness and a focus and inner motivation that is driving changes in my lifestyle. A triathlon lifestyle!

  • No way! I have celiac disease as well!

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