How To Adjust Goggles Single Strap Split 2 Ways Review and Adjust Voyager Clip

This type of goggles have very nice suction cups here to go around the eyes and they’re molded to the eyes. Of course the flooring specific molded suction cups for children is that if their face is not big enough you end up with a gap just here. The bridge on these ones are a little hard to tell… (I’ll Just get a picture of these goggles) so the bridge on these goggles are a little hard to change. What you’ve got to do is hope that there’s enough gaps inside… it’s very difficult to change. If there’s enough gap or leftover bridge for you then you can pull on it and that releases it from this clip here. Very secure but it is hard to change. There’s a slot here where part of it goes. So push it in there, to security it like that and then you can finish it off like that. So it’s a whole series of those holes and the side adjustment is a series of ridges here, which can make the side adjustment solid but mostly these ridges are for this clip here. Slide it out there. Then you can adjust like that and securing it back in… push it together. This has two straps, well it’s one strap that goes up to the breaks into two segments through the goggles themselves which means that one strap can fit either side of the occipital bone. The biggest problem with children with these ones is that have a tendency to have one stuck under their ears and one stuck all the way over the top of there head. But nevertheless they still work quite effectively. And that’s about all for these goggles

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