How To Breathe When Swimming | Freestyle Swimming For Beginners

– We do this 24 hours a
day, seven days a week, so why is breathing suddenly so difficult when we get in the water? Now breathing and sinking legs are the two most common problems that
swimmers actually face. – Yeah so today we’re gonna look at tips of how to make you breathe
a lot easier in the water and almost make it as natural as it is when you’re on land doing activities. So let’s start off from where
it can all go really wrong. When you take in that big gulp of air and try and hold onto it, your body really doesn’t
react to that well. – Yeah weirdly, holding your
breath actually makes you feel like you’re more desperate for air cause the buildup of carbon
dioxide in your lungs and blood will trick your mind. So once you’ve taken that breath, start exhaling as soon as
your face is back in the water and there should be a
constant stream of bubbles known as trickle breathing. – So how do you get that breath in? So when you’re swimming
you want to stay streamline as possible but then tilt
your head just enough that you can get that breath in. – Yeah, it’s about the
timing so when your arm is going just past your head,
that’s when you should be rotating on the opposite side to breathe. Now the key is to not turn your
head too far like Mark said so ideally you just want to
look to the side of the pool or at Mark, preferably, not up at the sky. Well that’s probably
enough of us talking about what you should be doing, let’s get on to how you should do it. So we’ve broken it down into some drills and we’re gonna start
off by taking the stroke right back to the basics and just the kick but don’t panic if you struggle on kick. Just pop some fins on and
you’ll find this exercise easy. This is a really straightforward one. It’s gonna be a side kick with
your arms down by your side. If you’re swimming along
next to the wall I want you just to be facing the wall
and then turning your head slightly to breathe and
then you can flip round to make sure you do it on
the other side coming back. – So six kicks, one stroke. You’re basically gonna take one stroke and then kick six times on one side and that’s to teach you constant breathing on the surface of the water before taking another
stroke and switching sides. – Well now just starting to
build the stroke back up, you can add in one arm. There’s quite a few variations of this. You can start off with
one arm out in front, you’re swimming just
say with your right arm breathing to the right side but then to make it a little bit harder put your left arm down by your side, keep swimming with your
right, breathing on this side but then when you’ve got that mastered you can actually rotate to the other side and breathe over there as you
would when you’re swimming. – So the 3-5-7 drill is
a great way to practise bilateral breathing, so you’re
gonna take three strokes then breathe to the right, five
strokes breathe to the left, seven strokes, breathe to the right again. By the seventh stroke you’re
gonna feel a little bit out of breath and it’s gonna replicate that hypoxic training like
lack of oxygen that you get in the open water from time
to time but then don’t worry, you’re back into three strokes then again. So sink downs or sinking
mushrooms are a technique where you roll yourself
up into a little ball and then trickle breathe
the oxygen from your lungs really slowly as you sink
down to the bottom of the pool but this makes you relax and
get used to letting oxygen out really really slowly. – Basically the key to efficient breathing is trying to stay as relaxed as possible. If you follow these
drills you will be amazed at how quickly it can
become second nature. – If you enjoyed this
video, give it a thumbs up. To subscribe to GTN click on the globe. To see a video on swim
workouts, click here. – If you’re new to treadmill running, why not watch this video just here?

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  • we dont have swimming pool in winter, the april again in water…..

  • wow, excellent slow mo video really captures the way you keep one goggle in the water while you turn your head to breathe, and sort of squish your lips to take in the air from one side of your mouth while the other side is in the water. maybe next time slow it down more and discuss this part. (also, excuse to make funny faces at the camera.;)

  • I have tried and tried but I just can't learn to breath bilaterally. Otherwise my swim is very efficient. How important is bilateral breathing really?

  • breathing and sinking legs are the most common for decent swimmers, for me: not being able to do more than 50 meters of crawl/freestyle before having to switch for 25-50 meters of breaststroke 🙁
    but WHEN I do freestyle, those two are the most common indeed xD
    Wouldn't mind a video how to build a (basic) swimming condition 🙂 altough it's probably just a bit like building a running or cycling condition…

  • A really good video, I kindly suggest having a longer one for the future as a detailed training/application of these drills 👌

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  • Great vid, same stuff I teach my triathletes 🙂
    One thing I missed: most of the rotation 'to air' should come from shoulder/body rotation, with the neck only turning a litle bit. That sets you up much more comfortably for your next breath
    Body rotation also happens to make your stroke longer, AND engage your pecks and lats more 🙂

  • Thanks GTN!

  • Can u do a video on how to avoid side stiches while running?

  • I am lucky enough to be on vacation right now and (aiming to switch from running to triathlon) did my first open water swim in about twenty years. During the swim it felt great and it seemed like the salt water was helping me to stay in a better body position. However, at the end of the (500m) swim I did feel nauseous and had trouble finding my balance when exiting the water. Never experienced that in a pool before. Any ideas what that might be?

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  • I think 1 arm drill is perhaps the best single drill for freestyle. It helps with so many things – breathing, hip position and rotation, catch, kicking… I think Andy Potts has said it's the only drill he uses!

  • You mentioned leg sinking, is there a video coming for drills on that?

  • If your local swimming pool is closed for the winter, I guess you could still do a simplified version of the "sinking mushroom" in your bathtub for now

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  • I think this video clearly shows the 'bow wave' your head creates and into which you should be taking your breath. A shame it was not mentioned, but a good shot all the same 🙂 thx.

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  • With the help of these tips today I doubled the number if lengths I could do. Thanks. Hopefully I will reach the 1.5k soon so I can take on my first triathlon.

  • the slow motion demonstration at the 1:00 mark – there is way too much exhale at the last second as the face is coming out of the water – you can see the splash created by it – you should be done exhaling by the time you are taking a breath stroke again

  • I find this super easy to do in the pool but it's significantly harder in open water. Not being able to see through the water makes it different for me-any suggestions? (I don't do much open water training because I live where it's cold!)

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  • While breathing, your eyes actually look back and not sideway.

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  • I am 40 year old and last year only I had learnt swimming a little bit.. my problem is that I am sinking quite low in water….when I turn my head sideways so as to breathe it is still inside water and I have to turn a bit more to breathe and as a result of breaks my momentum… Moreover I get tired too easily,, I can just swim 20 m at a stretch.. please advise..

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  • These drills are extrelley hard. You need a very good kick for the first drill. Even the guys in this video are strugling lol.

    Your much better off rolling all the way onto your back and you'll discover a balencing point on the way over. 3 strokes front 4 strokes back.

  • The slow motion of freestyle breath in this video is not professional. When having a good freestyle breath, you should not rise up your head, your jaw should gets close to your shoulder and your sight should look forward to the back direction. It need more practice to get the feeling !

  • Nice video ! Thanks ! Try to practice these drills in calm water with few people in the pool for more sensations and relaxation

  • It's all fine until the comment about hypoxic effect. At best, that's confused, there's no hypoxic training in a pool unless you're at altitude

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  • I having a problem while breathing freestyle.The thing is that i learned the breathing technique but i could not breathe smoothly.My head seems to too low that when ever i am trying to rotate or turn my head to breathe its feels like i am not able inhale smoothly.Water gets into my nose and mouth.I don't know where i am lacking or whats my problem.I try to get relax and swim with ease but i am not able to catch breathing easily as my head is too low.

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    Began swimming again last year but only recently started to get to perfecting my techniques and I find it really difficult to get that breathing under control…….i keep getting water in my nose and it hurts like crazy 😀
    I will give this a go and see if i can get that to work !

  • I am new to swimming and I have asthma and sometimes buy the third stroke I start to panic. It feels as if I can't get enough air and or I can't hold my breathe that long. Is this a common thing for new swimmers or just swimmers with asthma?

  • They said 6 kicks one stroke…. when I got in the water, all I cared was just float and breath…. I totally forgot how many kicks… I just kept kicking….

  • This has been the most difficult thing for me. Now I don't stop kicking when I breathe, but I still don't have a solid breathing pattern. I have to breathe every stroke. Thanks for this video!

  • How do you breath with just half your mouth open to air and the other open underwater?

  • My problem isn’t about not managing to get air or breathing in too much air, it’s that I’m out of breath after 100metres and have to stop. Breathing out under water feels too difficult, I’m sure it must come automatic after a while…still waiting for that.

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  • As a beginner I think many of these drills are great for people to refine their technique (BUT are already good swimmers). They all depend on you already being good at propelling yourself through the water (to keep your legs from sinking) and having good stamina (maybe using a float between your legs). For a beginner like me I find them almost impossible to do or to do for more than a few strokes. Perhaps I need to look at more beginner videos.

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  • 2:56 No-No-No! : ". . . trickle breath the OXYGEN from your lungs . . ." ——> ". . . trickle EXHALE the CARBON DIOXIDE from your lungs . . ."
    Breathing is both inhaling and exhaling. You mostly exhale carbon dioxide. There's a tiny volume of unused oxygen in the exhalation, though.

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