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What’s up everyone, it is finally fish friday This is WILL and you’re watching Low Light Aquatics!
Please LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!! What’s up everyone it is finally fish friday and today we’re going to be talking about how to buy aquarium plants online so we’re going to go ahead and just break up plants into two groups we have plants that are grown submerged and plants that are grown emerged if you buy plants that are grown emerged, they’re going to take more time to transition to your tank because you’re trying to grow your plants submerged submerged basically just means they are grown in water and emerged means that they are grown out of water emerged plants are grown in a high humidity high CO2 environment which allows for them to grow faster and allows for wholesalers to rapidly grow them so they can supply more plants to people there’s advantage and disadvantages to both plants or receiving plants in both ways but if you’re looking just for buying plants for the first time or you’re an experienced hobbyist and you’re looking to buy different plants, you’re definitely going to want to buy submerged plants over emerged plants

unless of course you’re wanting to grow those plants emerged aswell it might be more beneficial to go ahead and buy the plants emerged
but the submerged plants will transition much faster to your aquarium and just because they’re submerged though
doesn’t mean that they won’t have a transition period and you could experience some die off and some melt it’s pretty natural, you take a plant out of it’s one habitat and or it’s one environment it has been growing in and you move it to a completely different one, it just has to adapt and accept the new water
It’s really important though that you when you plant new plants in, you don’t want to move them around a lot when they are new
and even if they’re not new, you still don’t really want to move a plant around because it is disturbing its growth and it’s settling in when it grows its roots into the substrate. and if you’re constantly pulling it up, it’s just going to give you less desirable results
so let’s go ahead and look at some different plants that you can buy and the types of plants that you can buy

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  • Hey Will, great video! I'd be interested in seeing a follow up video about plant trimming and the finer details about that. Keep up the good work

    Oh if that gift card is still up for grabs, I'd be interested! Have a good one

  • Me and my brother have a shit ton of plants for fish tank that are real it's been going nuts and multiplying

  • I havent started growing any in mine yet, still trying to decide xD

  • you should check out they have a ton of plants and have a great reputation for online selling very healthy plants online for over 10 years!

  • Drinking game idea, take a shot every time he says “emerged”.
    No hate tho, do your thing dude. Thanks for the info!

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