How to choose between the Cobra Ultra & the Cobra Core Goggles

Hi everybody I’m Julien and I’m working for arena and I’m managing the Goggle range. Today I’m going to explain to you the
differences between the Cobra Ultra and the Cobra Core. I’m going to start with the Cobra Ultra. The first difference is the temples on the sides. The temples on the side make the goggles more hydrodynamic and stable. The second difference is the vision. In fact, this goggle offers a great forward vision thanks to the orientation of the lens. Now I will move over to the Cobra Core! As you can see, this goggle hasn’t side temples. This is because some people like to have more freedom around this area. ..and for those of you with long eyelashes, I would recommend the Cobra Core! Finally, is one goggle better than the other? No, it’s down to your personal preference. 😉

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