How to Choose Potting Mix – DIY At Bunnings

Hi I’m Colin and today I’m going to be talking
to you about choosing the right potting mix. Unlike soil a good quality potting mix will
give you right balance between holding moisture and draining well, and it’ll also give your
plants the nutrients that they need. Potting mixes come in two different standards; regular
quality potting mix and premium quality potting mix. They also come in different sized bags
from six litres up to fifty litres. To make sure you’re getting a good quality potting
mix, look for the ticks on the bag. Black ticks tell you that it’s a regular potting
mix which is ideal for annuals and the red ticks mean that it’s a premium quality potting
mix, when you want the very best for your plants. So once you’ve decided on the quality
of your potting mix, then you can use the type of mix best suited for your plants. General
purpose potting mixes are great for all potted plants and shrubs. But if you want to give
your plants the best, get a speciality potting mix. They’re specially formulated for plants
with particular soil and nutrient needs. There’s seed raising mix which is good moisture to
help your seeds germinate freely and grow strongly. Bulb mixes offer extra drainage
to keep your bulbs in peak condition. There’s potting mixes for roses, other flowers that
prefer more acidic conditions. You’ll be able to grow show flower orchids with an orchid
mix. Veggies and herb mixes will keep your produce healthy and strong season after season.
There are speciality mixes for African Violets and Cyclamen, natives, cacti and succulents
and even Bonsai trees. Whatever plant you’ve got there’s a potting mix to match. And remember
when you’re handling potting mix, it’s best to wear a dust mask, protective glasses and
gardening gloves. And that’s all you need to know about potting mix, your plants are
going to love it.

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