How To Choose Swim Goggles – Best Swim Goggles for Swimming!

Hi My name is Diana Goodwin and I’m the president and founder of AquaMobile Swim School Today, I am going to share some tips on how to pick the best goggles for you Having a pair of goggles that fits properly can mean the difference between having a relaxing enjoyable swim and having a painful one that’s always having you stopping and emptying water or rubbing your nose because you’re in so much pain So first, I am going to give you an overview of the different types of goggles that are out there This one here is more of a mask style You can see it has wide coverage of the eyes and it’s also got wide rim for suction This is actually a child’s mask and it’s good for children because it does give them more visibility because of the larger frames and it also tends to have this thicker strap at the back here so that it doesn’t slip off their heads one thing to note with this mask style goggles is that there is no nose piece and this is highly highly recommended to avoid having a nose piece unless you’re going scuba diving that’s the only reason why you would want to have a full mask that has the nose piece on it the second type here is the gasket style goggle this is the most popular goggle and you can see it’s a little bit smaller windows of visibility and there typically tends to be silicone around the frames and that provides suction on to your eyes and then you can see here this strap tends to be a bit more narrow then the mask style but the dual strap here, in the back that also helps prevent slippage This third style here is the Swedish goggle and it is very popular among competitive swimmers you can see its very minimal design it’s literally just two plastic sockets that go over your eyes, they are not very comfortable so they are typically just worn in competitions to minimize drag as competitive swimmers like to try and you know save split second wherever possible because it can mean the difference between first and second Now that we have gone over the three main types of goggles out there I’m going to review some of the common lens colors that you’ll come across when you are shopping for goggles one of the common ones is the clear lenses Now clear is ideal for indoor situations where the light is dim because it gives you the maximum visibility through the lens The second one here is the mirror lens Now the mirrored lens are ideal for bright light situations and also for competitions and outdoor swimming Your amber lens these are the most versatile lens because they’re good for both indoor and outdoor situations When it comes to picking what type of goggles The right choice for most people is going to be the gasket style and if you want a swim lens where you are going to be swimming indoors and outdoors I would recommend getting the amber colored lenses and pairing that with the gasket style That’s my recommendation, but everyone will have their different preferences of what they feel comfortable with and also depending on what type of lighting situations you are going to be swimming in What you need to do now is to make sure tht you find a pair that fits for your specific face type Me personally, I know that the TYR brand its the brand I have been using for years and for me they fit perfectly on my face They are very comfortable when I am in the water and I find they have just been very long lasting and the straps never break on me because they are made of silicone for me they are the right choice, but everyone’s face is shaped a little bit differently So one of the main things to do to make sure is to try them on when you are at the store see how they are when they are pressed againt your face are they staying on your face, or are they loose and they are falling off Another thing is, make sure that the nose piece does not pinch you that’s another area where it can be uncomfortable and it can be hard to tell when you are in the store sometimes and a lot of stores know this and they would even be comfortable with you taking them and trying them at home and putting your face in a bowl of water and seeing if they leak anywhere and so I recommend trying them on your face first without putting the strap on Just to see if they are the right size and not too big not too small And then you can try and see with that particular strap because the straps can also be, some of them can be uncomfortable so you want to make sure you have a good fit I recommend, also looking for a dual strap like this here, and again that minimizes it slipping off your face I wanted to finish with a few tips on how you can keep your goggles lasting long and not falling apart on you Things like chlorine and salt water will eat away at your goggles So, it’s important to make sure after you are done swimming in the pool rinse your goggles off, and the straps as well in cool water cool non-salted water and that will help rinse away the chlorine and the salt from your goggles don’t rub the inside of your lens with anything harsh because that can scratch your goggles so the lens rather, so be aware of that and then let your goggles dry flat, in a dry place so do not leave them out in the sun to dry the heat can help unfortunately break down the materials and degrade them and you’re going to have to buy goggles more sooner That’s it for today, if you have any tips that you’d like to share about keeping you goggles in good condition or any brands you particularly like share them in the comments below Thanks, and have a great day!

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