HOW TO: DIY brine shrimp hatchery

Sub titled by Deadly Gopher! Hi everybody, Joey here again and welcome back So today I’m going to show you how to build a brine shrimp hatchery Now this is a project that has been done countless times, and countless ways But I get asked to give my take on it all the time So, here it goes… When it comes to feeding live foods, live brine shrimp are a very popular food choice Highly nutritious, and a great first food for fry However I tend to avoid it, typically speaking your fish can sometimes become dependent on it and a hatchery of any kind may not be as sustainable as you might think Simply put you might run out, and not be able to keep up with your production Or you’re culture simply might crash Leaving you with nothing to feed your fish Personally I Prefer to feed my home made food to fry as it is something they readily eat, grow fast off of, and I never really run out With that in mind, if I were to build a brine shrimp hatchery I would not depend on just one culture But several running all at different times I wanna point out that I just use spare supplies that I already had obviously, the most popular type of a “do it yourself” brine shrimp hatchery start with a water-bottle For me though, I wanted to run at least five at a time I needed a holder first, so I grabbed some spare plywood and cut it to size and build a little platform Tall enough For the bottles to sit in, and enough room to easily access the bottom of these bottles I then marked off where I wanted each bottle and ensured that they were closer to the back side than the front I’ll explain why in a minute I then drilled the holes out with a hole saw that were barely big enough for the bottles to fit into I wanted them to be snug I followed this up by painting the stand white I went with white simply because it’s what I had on hand Painting it will help seal the wood and make it last longer Now on to the bottles I used five for this rack Took the caps off and cut the bottoms of the bottle off I put the cut-off portions aside as I would use them later I then took the few “do it yourself” CO2 caps I had previously used on a build that I got on eBay for two for a dollar with free shipping These were simply screwed on to the bottle ends, like we did in that “do it yourself” CO2 video Other supplies I had on hand were a small air pump We don’t need a tonne of air for this though So, almost any size air pump will actually work some airline hose Airline manifolds I only needed one, but they come in various sizes and types This will allow me to run multiple devices off one air pump and control the air to each, with tiny valves Cost will vary but you don’t need anything fancy Then some micro-ball valves These were made by two little fishies This will allow you to cut off air or water on a 6mm airline I also use some painters tape and a marker Then some measuring devices Again, nothing fancy is needed A two-litre bottle of tap water ensuring it’s de-chlorinated, some rock salt Any type of salt is actually fine but I buy rock salt for about a dollar a pound (lb) And it’s 100% salt Then a bit of baking soda

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