How to do Easy Fresh Water Aquarium Water Changes – 125 Gallon

hi there this is my hundred and twenty five gallon aquarium housing mostly cichlids. I just wanted to share how I do water changes, throughout the years I’ve learned different ways of doing so and I will share what works best for me. As you can see the tank is crystal clear the fish are thriving it’s really a healthy environment. It’s really important to do water changes. I find that doing weekly works best. You could do anywhere from thirty to fifty percent I go right in the middle. It works for me and my fish are happy. I have two different ways I take the water out of a tank. To make the process a little quicker, I set up a hose on the output of The Fluval Filter. As you can see the hose is setup on the output. This is open and close the inflow into the tank. Second way and I take water out of the tank is to siphon out of the tank by connecting a hose to my faucet, which creates a vacuum and I used this to clean the gravel in the tank. Also very important Try not to do the whole tank every time I’ll do like half the tank one week and the next week I’ll do the other part of the tank. I don’t want to remove too much of the good bacteria, which really helps the fish thrive. This week I’m just gonna go around the tank and next week I’ll probably pull out the rocks and all the decorations in here and really get in those other spots. Now the tank is ready to be filled back up. One of the things I like to do is filter my water before I put it back in. I don’t use a RO system but I get these filters. I guess you can get them Home Depot or get them online. They’re shower filters, they remove chlorine and I think some other things that may be harmful for the fish, like metals. Another thing that’s very important and when putting water back with your tank is that you match the temperature. I keep my water 75 78 degrees give or take. There we go, waters going back into the tank at the perfect temperature. Don’t want to stress out your fish during your water change so you definitely want to keep that temperature the same as the water in the tank. This is not a RO system by any means but definitely better than putting regular tap water in the tank okay the last thing I do with my water changes is add a little water treatment we got this formula by API tap water conditioner. This takes out chlorine and detoxifies heavy metals. Just good to have and gets whatever else is getting through the filter. Can’t hurt.I add a cap full of that and then the Stress Zyme, which is good to improve the biological filter process and add good bacteria into the tank. I also like to put Vita Chem, this is basically just vitamin supplements for the fish. I put this in weekly. Two teaspoons full Good for color enhancement, promotes breeding. I’m not really worried about breeding at this point but it’s good for the fish. Got to keep those fish healthy Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Tanks filling up. By no means am I an expert these are just somethings that I’ve learned along the way to keep my fish healthy and vibrant and thriving. If you have any comments or questions please ask. Thanks for watching!

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