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Hey it’s Mei! It’s Fun2draw a cute cartoon baby octopus, step by step! This video’s for all you viewers and fans out there who wanted to see me draw a baby octopus. It’s going to be really cute and Fun2draw one! First, I’m going to draw a balloon – like shape for the head, and the head is quite big and round, so go ahead and make that balloon shape quite big… next, I’m going to draw a small little mouth low on the bottom of the balloon shape like that and of course, let’s add those BIG Fun2draw eyes… if you need to, you can always pause this video, or you can watch it as many times as you want. If you want to request something for me
to draw, please comment below or on my Fun2draw channel – but before you do,
please read my “INFO REGARDING REQUESTS” in the video description below. I’ve got one happy eye, let’s draw the other one shade that part in… after you’re done drawing this cute octopus, you can try drawing the other characters from my Fun2draw channel, like the orca (killer whale) or narwhal. Alright, so we’ve got two happy eyes, draw those eyebrows in there, but this time I’m not going to shade them. Because this is a cartoon, you don’t have to draw all the legs. I’ll just draw some. The legs are quite short and stubby Awww… looks like it’s dancing! you can add little suction cups underneath by drawing half – circles like that, along the legs, we’re almost done! I’m going to add a few more legs in the back, just to make this character look more 3-D. Add the suction cups in there too, I want to say a big “THANK YOU” to all you viewers and fans who’ve shared my Fun2draw videos online, and with their friends and classmates at
school! If you like this cute octopus, please thumbs up, favorite, and share this video with your friends! I’ve got new Fun2draw videos every week. To be the first to see my new ones, please SUBSCRIBE here. You can watch my other Fun2draw videos on my channel by clicking HERE! Thanks for watching and sharing my videos, everyone!

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