How to Eliminate Fogging In Goggles

– This is gonna get me through years of fog-free goggles, huh? (swooshing)
(hip hop beat) I’d be lying if I said
I wasn’t afraid, though. (swooshing) Morning, Trainiacs. On Sunday, for the Megalong Marathon Swim, one of the biggest battles
that I’m gonna have is fogging up of the goggles. We’re solving that problem today. When you first start
swimming, you’re gonna find, yeah, goggles are fogging up. There’s a lot of different
ways that you can approach getting rid of said fog. If you’re like me, the first thing that you’re gonna think
is, oh, there’s gotta be some defogging stuff out there, like this? Some of it is for hockey masks, some of it is for Ski-Doo masks. You take a little bit of it. I think it’s kinda like antifreeze, and every few weeks you ch-ch-ch-ch, all over the inside of your goggles. Two problems with that. First one, doesn’t work. Second one, you’re basically
putting chemicals in your eyes. I don’t know what’s in there. It’s blue, do you think
nature makes neon blue things? No, so I don’t ever use that. I bought that seven years ago, and it’s still more than half full. Or you can lick, or spit in your goggles. This is something that swimmers
have been doing for decades. In my experience, however,
basically just putting spit in your goggles takes away
the fog for a little bit, and then when you do it in
the middle of the swim set, of course you’re gonna lick
off the fog, but it’s not like it creates this long-term lasting
coating, in my experience, that reduces fog for a long time. If you want spit in your eye. You’re gonna, whoa! You’re gonna have to
excuse the echo chamber that is this wash room,
but it’s gonna be worth it. The best option that I’ve ever found, that a lot of people around the world use, is hand soap for reducing goggle fog. In our case, magic pink hand
soap in this pool is our go to. All you do is, you take a
little teeny dab, see that? Just one little drop, swish it around. (water running)
Give it just a tiny rinse, so you don’t have a big amount of soap that’s risking getting in your eyes. Then, you can use things that
are a little more natural. A lot of people use Baby
Tears, tearless baby shampoo. That works, too, and
this hands down, has been the best anti-goggle remedy
that any of us have tried. So, we’re gonna load
up for the long sweat. It’s like milking a soap dispenser. Voila, this is gonna get me through years of fog free goggles, huh, huh, huh, huh? Hacks, baby! Now I’ve gotta be less
of a creep and get out of this bathroom with my
camera and go for a swim. It’s okay, it’s like a secret bathroom that nobody knows about, nobody’s
ever in, only part creepy. (energetic techno music) That thousand meter, thousand
yard set, that has been the bread and butter of
training for this marathon swim. It’s like a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 or a 4, 3, 2, 1, doing 400 yards, 300 yards,
200 yards, 100 yards, or meters, or 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, whatever. I typically do the first challenge with snorkel, bend, and pull, just to have a steady long set of
turning those arms over ’cause that’s all it’s really gonna be during the marathon swim. Don’t have to worry a ton about kicking. Then, towards the end, with
that last one- or two-hundred, we do some real quick
pops, just to make sure that when this long swim is over, I haven’t completely lost my speed. So many cards, so many cards. Then, we do those middle
chunks with a lot of kick and bend and drill, just to work on like, the little niggly things that you ignore when you’re just training for volume. The best part about having that
chunk of a thousand is that you gotta do massive,
massive volumes in the pool, To do, say, a thousand
continuous meters or yards, or 1500s, things like that,
your brain’s gonna go crazy. That 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 or 4, 3,
2, 1 is a really nice way to break it up, so that
mentally, all of a sudden, doing thousands at a time
doesn’t feel so hard. (tropical music) – Whoa! Put away those guns! (woman laughing)
Those weapons. Surprised Marion would
travel with those things! (tropical music) – Well, Trainiacs, we are really dark. Hang on, that’s better. We are 109 hours away
from Dot, Jacques, and I, starting the 37 kilometer swim in this. I was damn afraid coming into the weekend, literally right up until
the few minutes before, or, right up until the first few strokes of getting into the water and doing
that test swim last Sunday. But, we got through 10% of the total swim. We got through 3.8 k in just 45 minutes. We’re flying, the current is so strong, that at times, we’re going 5.3 k per hour. I think we might have to slow down to make it seem like it’s
harder than it actually is, so nobody does it for a few years and we keep bragging rights. I’d be lying if I said
I wasn’t afraid, though. Says here, where I’m
at is called The Forks. This is basically the middle of the city. This is where the city developed
around because there’s, this is the Red River and then just around the corner
is the Assiniboine River. That’s where you see me
biking down, when right over my shoulder, there’s Little
River going beside me. This is where the fur trade
centered around because people could get in through boats, through the north, the south, the west, and this is where the city
basically expanded from. So, when we pass through here,
I think that it’s going to be right around 11 a.m., right mid-day. It’s gonna be Sunday, this
place gets completely hopping ’cause there’s a dozen
restaurants, thousands of people that come here, the media are
then gonna be aware of it. We’ve kept it kind of
quiet, besides just the 15,000 of us that talk about it. I know there’s gonna be a live
hit radio show that calls in and talks to somebody, our
support crew in the boat. From what I hear, some
of the media are trying to book boats for themselves to follow us a little bit before we get to this point. The police are going to be escorting us. So, by the time we get here, right here, I would not be surprised if there were thousands of people onshore watching. That’s gonna be either
really cool and motivating, or really embarrassing
because I’m in so much pain and I’m wining like a little bitch. Could be both, you never know, but, I am now, for the first
time in the three months since starting to train for this, actually looking forward
to getting started. Yeah, pumped, pumped! Oh, by the way, for all new
Trainiacs that are here, this Sunday, June 25th, two friends and I, we’re swimming 37 k in
the Red River in Winnepeg. Now you’re caught up, alright. Been training for it for a long time. People have been making
jokes that I’ve been Swimming Teran and not Triathlon Teran. It’s gonna go back to Triathlon
Teran right after Sunday. Okay, alright, there we go. Later, Trainiacs!

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