How To Fix Swimming Goggles: Reattaching Eyepads, Suction Cup

Here’s another very common problem. Children and parents indeed, will come to you and say well I can’t give the goggles back together, the the suction pads come off now if the goggles don’t have these suction pads, they’re probably not a good idea to even attempt to wear. Sometimes you’ll see your children trying to wear goggles and they’ll have one suction pad on and one not, they will leak there’s no question about that, you have to add the suction pad if you want them not to leak. So if you want to put them back on, look for the flat spot first. Put the flat spot together with the flat spot. See the ridges underneath go connect with this… sorry those slides underneath go with the ridges on top. You slide the flat part into the slides and the ridges go in there and the flat part against the flat part you then work you then work your way around a little bit at a time. Slowly slide it in and eventually just like it is with a bicycle tire (this is the trap… often people get trapped trying to put it over) and so I finally put it over the bridge part. You can gently move the bridge back if you need to or if it’s too hard to move it back you can just leave it there but make sure it’s out of the way so you go flat part against flat part, keep move around one part at a time gently gently gently slowly slipping it on slipping it on and… see I got the bridge in the way, there you go and you come around here. Now this is where you have to maintain the pressure. If you don’t maintain the pressure you’ll lose it again so maintain the pressure as you go round. Gently, gently, gently and there you have it! All connected up. Make sure that it’s looking even all the way around no odd shaped parts, any odd shaped parts means that it’s not properly done. And they’re all connected. Again don’t try and fit them to children without the pads on and if these pads are cracked in any way holes here or broken there, give up. Get a new pair of goggles.

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