How to hold your breath and breathe underwater. Breath Hold Challenge!

Welcome to Elizabeth Swims I’m 6 years old and I can hold my breath for one minute notice the camera is on me 100% of the time. This video of me holding my breath has not been cut and has not been
edited right now I’m using a simple technique
to hold my breath for one minute If you would like to know how to hold your breath for a long time keep watching and I will show you how I did it My name is Elizabeth I started swimming when I was just a baby. Every week is a new adventure Exploring new Pools Trying new things and meeting new people so jump in with me because life is fun
when you just add water when I swim I use lots of different muscle muscles use lots of oxygen from the air we breathe if you’re using a lot of muscles while
holding your breath you won’t be able to hold your breath for very long that’s why we breathe harder when we run, swim, or exercise the most important thing to
know when holding your breath is you need to relax if you don’t use your muscles the oxygen can last longer when I practiced holding my breath sometimes I like to just float make sure you always have an adult or
friend with you when you practice holding your breath in water for two minutes relax your body and
breathe normal try to think of happy things like
butterflies and ice cream after 2 minutes take 3 really deep breath in and out then take one more big breath and hold
it in as you go underwater while you are underwater don’t think about holding your breath think happy thoughts to relax your mind think about warm cozy blankets or sitting on a summer beach don’t count the time don’t think about breathing focus on things other than breathing look around the pool and see
what you can see enjoy your time under the water relax your body and your mind at first I could only hold my breath for a few seconds I kept practicing and now I can hold my breath for one minute another thing to
practice underwater is breathing out blow through your nose while underwater
then come up for a breath of air see those little air bubbles in my nostrils? That is called a “bubble lock” doing a bubble lock keeps water from getting up your nose takes lots of practice now I’m doing a bubble lock with my mouth see the air bubble in my mouth? I also use my tongue to keep water away from my throat try blowing bubbles underwater next time you are in the pool if you liked this video and would like to see more please subscribe and click on the bell thanks for watching and remember life is fun, when you just add water leave a comment and tell us if you like to wear goggles if you liked this video and would like
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