How to make a barrel pond

Hi, Tiz here from Hayes Garden World, i’m
going to show you how to make a small patio pond. Great for relaxation and to bring wildlife
to your garden. So, in my earlier video I showed you how to
make a pond marginal basket, so we’re going to use that now in this little pond. So, there’s a couple of tricks. Number 1, you’ll need some empty planting
baskets, they’re going to act as a little booster for us. So they go in, just into the bottom, and then
the marginal basket that we made earlier can sit on top of it. Most marginal plants don’t like to be fully
submerged, so they really only like to get their toes wet. so where that is now, when we fill it up,
that’s going to be perfect for them. Now we want to push it right to the edge,
just as far as we can. And next, what we’re going to do, we’re going
to make a frog or newt ladder. So hopefully this is going to bring some wildlife
into the garden and so if they do come in we want them to be able to get out. So, couple of large rocks. And all you need to do is just bank them up
around the back, making some little steps for them. So, anything that comes in will be able to
find it’s way out again. This is a brilliant plant as well. You may well know it as Creeping Jenny, they
often use it in hanging baskets, but again it’s quite good in ponds as a marginal. Now what you can do with this, is if you actually
tuck it in with your other marginals, you can have, as it starts to grow, it’ll start
trailing down over the back of your barrel. So again your frogs and newts and going to
come up onto your pebbles and then they’ll be able to make their way out, in and out
as they please. That’s the frogs and newts sorted. I’ve also got a little lily, i’ve gone for
a white flower, loads to choose from, personal taste, entirely up to you. So, lilies can go straight down onto the bottom
in a size like this where it’s not too big. What I’m going to do, i’m going to chop the
label off so we don’t see that. Hold onto the label in case you ever need
to know what it’s called, or for any care instructions. So, we’ll keep hold of that. As those leaves come up you’ll find that lots
of things like to bask underneath the leaves, so again it’s wonderful for wildlife. Lastly we’ve got some of your standard pond
oxygenators, so these are the easiest thing in the whole garden to plant. They come leaded and all you need to do is
just drop them wherever you want them, you’ll find that they sprout little roots off and
they very soon start growing a lot larger. If they do start taking over the pond you
can cut it back, quite brutally, put it on the compost heap.So, I’m going to dot a couple
of these in here as well. Newts and toads love laying spawn in that
so they’re a brilliant one to include. Now lastly, because I want this to be relaxing
as well, I’ve got a really nice little mini pond pump. It’s a tiny one it’s only 450ltrs pre hour
and a telescopic fountain head on it so all I’m going to do is pop that right in the front
and that’s just going to give us a nice little feature, and that sound of running water. So that’s everything in, now all we need to
do is fill it. So I’m just going to use the hose pipe to
fill it. You don’t want it coming through too fast
‘cos it’ll disrupt all of the compost, so a nice steady trickle, and I can leave that
to fill while I go and get a cup of tea. So all that’s left to do now is to get the
pump running, and time to enjoy your patio pond.

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