How to Make a Collage : How to Make a Nature Collage

Hi, my name is Lanie Evans and on behalf of
Expert Village, I’m going to show you how you can use nature in your collage. Here I
have some petals that the flowers have already started to wilt. Instead of throwing them
out, I’m going to use them in the collage today. I also have some very small leaves
that I can use as well. We’ll see if they’ll be on the same collage or a different collage.
Let’s get started. I’m going to use some light glue here and I’m going to brush it onto the
card in a very thin amount.
Now when you’re doing these collages you can also write words on them, make them notes
and any words that ring accord with your theme or subject matter. These are really fun collages
to do with your kids. You can go out and explore a tree or a plant and make a collage out of
pieces that you found and use them as a teaching tool. Actually I’m not crazy about these guys,
I’m going to peel these off and add another rose petal. So now your rose petals almost
take on a look of a violet in this instance. So I did find a way to use the small petals
that I found or the leaves rather and make it into a center circle for, the flower is
a whole. But this is a way that you can use nature in your collages.

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