How to Make a Mobile

How to Make a Mobile. This sleek, modern mobile
would look equally cool in a nursery or above a workspace. You will need Waxed twine Scissors
Eyelets An embroidery hoop Poster board A ⅛-inch hole punch and an eyelet punch. Step
1. Cut the twine in various lengths between 12 and 36 inches. Double them and tie the
pairs of loose ends together. Used colored twine for an extra punch of color. Step 2.
Take the looped ends and slip them each through the eyelets, pulling the tied ends through
to make slipknots. Step 3. Use slipknots to fix each piece of twine to the hoop, equal
distances apart, keeping the eyelets at the bottom. Step 4. Cut three more pieces of twine
to hang the hoop from a ceiling hook. Double the pieces and slipknot at three places on
top of the hoop, bring the loose ends together, tie a knot, and hang. Step 5. Cut shapes from
the poster board. Pick three complementary colors for continuity. Step 6. Using a one-eighth
inch hole punch, punch a hole at the top of each shape, one-quarter inch from the top.
Attach the circles to the eyelets using an eyelet punch. Did you know Did you know? Marcel
Duchamp coined the word “mobile” to describe fellow artist Alexander Calder’s moving

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