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Hi/Peace friends You are watching channel “Kuch bhi”, on which I will show you anything I do in free time for fun. Hopefully you can also find something to learn from it Today I am going to plant some aquatic plants used in aquarium hobby. I will plant these in a clay pot and put it in small pond I have Please watch and hopefully you will like this video Soil in pot is dry and hard so will first moist it to make it softer It’s been dry for a long time, so will take some time. Will show you once it softens Soil has softened. Will plant cuttings now It’s better to trim off roots when re-planting. So I am trimming more than half Now to plant it, you can use anything to make a hole so that on inserting stem in soil, stem is not damaged due to pressure. daughter is trying to give some instructions I think 🙂 One cutting is planted Now will plant another type of plant We will push it without making hole(you can do it if stem is hard) like this This is another plant, bacopa, you can just pinch leaves at end of stem plant like this This is big one, I don’t know name of this plant Will also plant it the same way This is hydrilla I think, sorry if it is not, I cann’t remember most of the plants names Anyways, you can see, stem is rotting at the end, so trim it. End of stem begin planted should not be rotting So friends, this is small pond I have, unfortunately you will not be able to see into it as it was raining and wind was blowing earlier so water color has changed by the leaves of surrounding tree fallen in it Soon will upload another video to show you inside of pond after changing water So you can see I have placed pot in pond and you see a little bit the plants which we just planted. This was a short video about planting aquatic plants Soon will upload new video for you guys Please subscribe our channel, like this video and let us know about any suggestions in comments. Thank you

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