hey guys today I want to show you how to
do a proper salt water flush there’s two parts to it I’m going to get into the
first part of the salt water flush ah this is the easiest way to do a salt
water flush I use two 16-ounce bottles because the total salt water solution is
32 ounces I think that is easier if you put like I just did here there are 16
ounces of purified or spring water into one 16 ounce bottle then you take
another 16 ounce a bottle and put purified water in the 2 teaspoons that
you’re going to need pink : saw um so I’m gonna do a demonstration it’s
already in here you just take the pink Lance all scoop up two teaspoons of this
stuff people in Seoul I prefer using on Pinkle insult because epson salt and sea
salt to meet are too aggressive and salty and pink alayan salt once you get
to the chug in the 16 ounces down after the salt water solution the 16 ounces of
it when you use swig ‘el around a little bit of water into your mouth that taste
goes away and then you just feel like it’s first thing in the morning and
you’re drinking some water that’s how it looks it doesn’t even seem like you’re
doing a salt water flush once the water touches your mouth the water without the
salt water solution and then I choke down in 16 ounces which totals by the
time I took down the salt water solution in the regular purified water or spring
water that I put inside of this other 16 ounce bottle it totals 32 ounces and
then that’s the whole salt water flush okay um and then you wait from 15
minutes to an hour I do recommend after 15 minutes if you
don’t feel like you’re going to stop to go I would take
a teacup this is my teacup that I use and I put some purified water inside of
that teacup and I warm it up in the microwave and then I sip on it like it’s
tea until that water is completely down don’t take an hour to drink it take
about five minutes tops to drink that tea down hot tea down or water down
those are insane hot team the drink that hot water down so that it helps
stimulate the colon muscles and help move along the salt water so that it can
push out all of the toxins that are in the colon um but the second and the most
important part of the whole entire salt water flush and I like this from the
Master Cleanse is the detox tea let me put it here hopefully you can see it the
Lighting’s not probably all that good this is the green Valerie Ballerina tea
that I use you can also use the smooth move tea I will put the link in the
description of this tea it’s much cheaper and it works just as good or you
can get it at your Asia market typically it could be two dollars and fifty cents
a box for three dollars but you probably won’t spend that much more for this kind
of tea here but this is the detox tea now I like this from the Master Cleanse
doing that they call a lemonade diet the beyoncé diet where you drink the maple
syrup with lemon and water concoction 64 ounces of it for 10 days and you’re
supposed to lose up lose up to 20 pounds this is what they allegedly say but
every night before you go to bed they tell you to drink a detox tea at night
this is the help prep you for the salt water flush in the morning so you drink
one cup of detox tea you can drink it with a sweetener in it or without I
drink it with no sweetener drink this before you go to bed addy
Tosti whether it’s the ballerina tea that I use which I recommend or the
smooth move tea which I’m a lot of people use it’s a very popular brand
smooth move teeth you use smooth booty or this tea here at night before you go
to bed every day that you’re on the cleanse salt water flush cleanse and
then in the morning time you which this has to be shipped up in the morning time
because this has to either be hot or at room temperature so when you make this
solution this is something I forgot to also tell you make sure you leave this
out this has to be a room temperature so that it works because if it’s cold it’s
going to take time for the body to digest the cold water if it’s warm it’ll
go right through your system so in the morning time on an empty stomach and I’m
going to say this again on an empty stomach
on an empty stomach you drink the salt what a solution which will not have this
pink layer because it would be dissolved from you doing it first thing in the
morning prepping it to next morning the already dissolved in water and you drink
the sixteen ounces of saltwater solution then you chase it down with the 16
ounces of purified water no salt in it and wait 15 minutes one hour and your
salt water flush is done now it might not work as well as it does for me
because I’ve been doing it for a while until you do it a few days I don’t
recommend you do it more than two times in the day I have done that but it’s not
because it didn’t work good it was just that I wanted to just cleanse out two
times and so I did two um 32 ounce flushes but that’s when you get better
better at it and your system responds better to it a lot of us are really
clogged up yes clogged up so we have to take baby steps so I just want to show
you how to do the salt water solution it’s very easy
a very natural it’s not habit-forming and you it’s not over-the-counter
over-the-counter anything over the counter you already know without even
happen to consult with anybody it’s not something you can do every day or it’s
just not something that’s healthy um but before you start any regiment or any
suggestions that I even get to you always consult with your doctor your
physician I am NOT an expert I’m just showing you what I do what works for me
so what all that means said please subscribe to the channel like it share
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for now

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