How To Put On A Triathlon Wetsuit Properly

– Fairly serious things when it comes to putting on a wetsuit. (crowd cheers) Why more people don’t do
this, I couldn’t tell you. Morning trainiacs. It is currently, 6:15 in the a.m. I just spent the last hour or so shooting a video for Cycling Body. (techno music) (crowd applause) They’re doing a 200k ride
with primarily new riders. I think they might have a tough day. But good on them for doing it. Raised a bunch of money
for Ducks Unlimited and we’re going to make
a nice video about that. Now, it’s open water swim time. (techno music) Hey, so there’s two fairly serious things, woo, why are you so dirty? Fairly serious things when it
come to putting on a wetsuit. Number one, you don’t want to chafe. You don’t want to be in pain when you’re putting on your wetsuit. Body Glide. I like to put it on the areas that rub. Which are typically
neck, back of the neck, front of the neck, pecks, and underarms. Oh, it looks like I’ve still got a little rub spot for long sweat. Don’t be shy with this stuff. It’s not like it’s expensive. (techno music) K, I lied. There was third big thing. Second one, is as you’re
putting on your wetsuit, you wanna get as much
fabric as you possibly can into your shoulders,
like high up your arms, and high up your legs. Use the pads of your
fingers, not the fingertips. So like, paw at it like that. And then get as much as you can up into the shoulders especially because that’ll get you some good mobility as your turning your arms over. You don’t want it to be tight up here. You want it to be tight
there and tight there and in the legs so that you don’t hold a bunch of water in your suit. It’ll keep you fast and keep you mobile. (techno music) And then the last thing, is
how you put on your watch. If you race with a watch, a
big issue that people have, is like what do with my watch in the swim? And if you put it on overtop
of your wrist like that, when you try to take off your
wetsuit, its going to catch. I myself lost a placing in a race because of that many years back. So what you do, is you put on, squinch it back a little bit and take that and make
sure that it’s folded over top of the wrist,
so when you rip it off, this just goes, whoop, over top. And now we swim. (techno music) Oh man, trainiacs, that was nice. I was intending on driving
about 40 minutes out and back to this place called Birdshill Park and then I realized
this morning, like hey, I already swam in the
river that is right there, why not do my open water training there? Feel like Kramer swimming in this cesspool that the city thinks is just polluted. And in the morning, with the sun out, Paddling Association
going by occasionally, water was water was nice and calm. I got to say, that feels like
more in tune and in touch experiencing nature
than just about anything because it’s right there. Like that water doesn’t
have concrete or cell phone. It might have a GoPro. But it’s just you and the water, and nature and the wind and the current. And all you get to experience
is real, raw working out. It’s fun. All right. What do I have there? Oh, a groaf. Ew. And I recognize that not
everyone is cool with being in open water, or not everyone
has access to open water. So for one, the being cool with
open water, I wasn’t either. I was terrified of the
water for a long, long time. Do it as much as you
can, and you get over it, and eventually you start really liking it. If you don’t have access to open water, well, that’s another thing, You want to get into open
water as much as you can but if you can’t, there are resources. So for one, take a look at this video about how not to panic in open water and wait for that to go away. Three, two, one. And if you can’t get into open water, take a look at this video
which will help you practice open water sighting and
open water swim tactics while you’re in the pool. So that’s a snot glob on my chin. This is a tremendously successful morning. Holy smokes. Hey there trainiacs, I got
to go kick a day’s ass. Do likewise. Do likewise.

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  • shocked you do not use a buoy so boaters can see you better but great tips

  • How do you (very specifically…like, details) transition onto a bike with shoes already clipped in? I've seen a ton of videos on this, generally, but I still can't figure it out. I'd also love a video on how you learn really good aero form (like, without having to take a pricy class).

  • What about wetsuit care and storage?

  • I have a hard time finding a cotton wetsuit. Most other materials are hard on my skin. Do you know where they sell them? I should also be fine with microwool too

  • Hey Taren. Did you ever consider a swim buddy type buoy? I always worry about something happening. The good ones have a dry bag pocket for keys, phones, $, etc.

  • I definitely have access to open water in the Philippines around 3 minutes away from my house. But it was reported that the river’s nesting an alligator. I’d rather drive 3 hrs to the beach.

  • Great videos! Keep it up!

  • Done some races in my current wet suit and struggled with resistance on my shoulders. Done this last night pulling as much fabric up to my shoulders as possible. It felt as close to not wearing a wet suit as I could have hoped for and made a huge difference on the shoulders! great advice.

  • Thank you but are you absolutely sure body glide isn't toxic to fish, wildlife and/or coral?

  • Old video but I have the same watch lol

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