How to Reduce Nitrate in Freshwater Aquarium (Adding NitratEx to Fluval FX6 Filter.) Part 2

hello everyone and welcome back to the
ultimate fishkeeping show this is part 2 adding NitratEx
you’re probably wondering how did I get on with the nitrate situation well
after having added in the NitratEx to the filter nearly two weeks ago the
nitrate has came down greatly which I’m really pleased about
so what ratings would I give this NitrateEx product, well I would
certainly give it a really good rating I would certainly advise anyone who has
an issue with nitrate or may experience an issue with nitrate from time to time
to use it, but why did I have a problem with nitrate after all this aquarium has
been running for two years over two years, more than considering that it had
been installed a on the month of May of 2015
well the answer is simple if you recall before they before it was a heavily
planted aquarium there was actually over 200 in a an obvious plant in this
aquarium which as you know the plants do take in the nitrate, they
absorb the nitrate and they give off a co2 which is a important oxygen as you
know is what is the type of oxygen that we we breathe the same as a the fish
they breathe they breathed a co2 so well why did I take out the plants if
everything was going well before I can answer that question very well the
reason for that is because if you have watched the episode the African Cichlids,
episode: 4, the update like I said in that episode I had to completely empty
that way take absolutely everything out and I don’t want you any of you remember
but the reason for that was because the sand was becoming anaerobic so I took
out the Sun I had to empty out the whole tank and then like I said I started adding
the rocks in one by one and then after I did so I then put in the fresh sand
so I was going to add the flowers e the plants sorry back into the aquarium and
then I thought you know I think it would be nice just to freshen them up you know
also I should buy some fresh plants you know give just a freshen them up a
little and also that it’s looking nice since I had done a whole new layout to
the hardscape and that was it sadly I have not done that,,,, or soon
enough I as I was hoping, would have liked to so yes so now I,
I regret, not putting back in what I had and then he adding in
some new plants but hey oh that’s how it goes you know we we all we all make
mistakes from time to time in the matter how, how much experience one has,
you still make mistakes and I suppose that’s also part of the joys isn’t it of
a having an aquarium you do one thing you do another and you think well I
preferred it like this when it had lots of plants
never mind,, I have got plans to put in this aquarium again Anubias plants
just some various sizes, various mixed varieties of a anubias well everyone I
first of all would like to apologize for the length of it the duration of this
video is gone over five minutes and I would like to thank you all for watching
I hope that you have enjoyed watching this video and please leave any comments
or questions using a comment bar thank you for watching

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