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(happy music) (throat clearing) – Oh, hey, didn’t see you there. Do you like my shades? (laughs) Do you, Braden? – [Braden] Yeah. – You guys, really exciting news. DIFF sent me the cutest freaking glasses. We have these guys which
I look (foreign language), which is beautiful in Italian, and these guys, which I’m forgetting the name of. (laughs) I think it’s Cosmo. You guys, for real, DIFF
has the cutest glasses. They’re cute, they’re comfortable, they even have the blue light lens, which I know Braden has. I’m gonna make him go on
camera later and show you them. They’re so comfortable, they’re so cute, and the best part is, Jonathan frickin’ Van Ness
is partnered with them. If anybody watches Queer Eye here, I’m the huge Queer Eye fan. Shout-out JVN, shout-out
Antoni, shout-out Karamo, shout-out Bobby, shout-out
cutie baby Tan, okay? If Jonathan Van Ness is on
board with DIFF, I am too. And guess what, my sweet subscribers? You guys get a discount
code from me, yours truly, to get money off of your pair. So go check them out online. And I do believe that they donate money. Like a pair that you buy helps someone in need who also needs a pair but can’t afford it. So I’m on board with that. They’re cute, they’re fun, JVN’s on there, and they help those in
need, so check them out. DIFF, as in make a difference. Shout-out their marketing team, you guys. Today we’re gonna be working on spotting, so I highly recommend
taking your glasses off. You’ve been begging for it. Today we are learning how
to spot for dance turns. Okay so exercise number one, you’re gonna have your hands on your hips. Now I figured, teaching
spotting is kind of awkward on camera because I don’t
wanna be like, I’m looking over there, and then Braden
has to pan over there and then pan back to me, so I’m gonna spot your cute faces. So the camera is gonna
be my spot, all right? So you’re gonna start with
your hands on your hips in a parallel. You’re gonna take little
tiny scoots around. (record scratching)
Okay hello Auti, first of all, what in the world is spotting? (laughing) Spotting is how you
don’t get dizzy in turns. Spotting is finding a focal
point that’s not moving to keep your focus on so
that your center of gravity and your sense of space is locked-in, and so you don’t get dizzy,
you don’t feel super out of it after your turns, and that
you can get multiple rotations because you’re focused in on one thing. Fast forward to me teaching
you how to do this. So we’re standing parallel,
our hands are on our hips, you’re gonna pick something
that is not moving, so it’s stationary, okay? You’re gonna focus on it, you’re gonna take baby steps around. I’m still looking at
that same focal point. When I cannot look at it any
longer, I whip my head around so that I am still spotting it the moment I can see it again. You’re gonna try that a couple times. Keep your eye focused on it,
whoosh, look right back at it. Pro tip: what you don’t wanna do is twist your head, oh my God
that makes me really dizzy. You know the Looney Tunes where they run and the little things spin around? That’s how I felt right now. So keep your spine long, keep your chin tucked in, you don’t wanna be like this, okay? Keep it locked in, around. Try that I would say
about 10 times both sides. Ba-dum. And that’s a great first exercise. It’s your turn around yourself, baby. Exercise number two. Number two you’re starting
in a jazz pirouette prep. So I’ll face this way so
that you guys can see. Prop that back- See you next week. (laughs) Prop that back foot up,
plie, lower abs in, prep. You’re gonna go from here,
drag your foot on the floor, and just land in a parallel. So you’re not doing a pirouette, you don’t have to stress
about the pirouette yet, you’re just focusing on spotting. So once you’re in your jazz
prep, find that focal point, lock it in, whoosh, while you’re turning just into a parallel. This is a phenomenal prep
for your actual pirouettes, it’s good muscle memory
practice for your spot. Find your spot, plie, turn,
whip that head around. Good, try it again. Seven and, find your spot,
plie, hold it there, turn. Up, plie, hold it there, stretch. Try that a couple times. This is so weird just staring
directly at the camera. I’m realizing now how
like woo I usually am. Focusing. That’s your pirouette parallel
princess pop exercise. Alliteration, #alliteration. Our next exercise is a good
prep for your chaines turns. You can pull them to a bar
or you can do this in center. The reason that I thought maybe a bar is that you don’t have to worry about your little hula dancing moment, you don’t have to worry about your arms, you just have something
secure to hold onto. So I’m gonna face sideways to
what I’m gonna be looking at, I have my right-hand at the bar, other hand on my hip so it’s not floating, walk in my spot, you’re gonna step out. Just like the chaines turn, you’re gonna flip like a
little chocolate chip pancake, whoosh, keep your spot. I’m gonna switch my arms
so that I can flip around as if I’m doing a true chaines, but keeping my eyes locked into my spot. Switch arms and flip. Switch arms and flip. Are you getting scared Bray? – [Braden] Kinda. – Da-dum, spot, ba-dum,
spot, ba-dum, spot, duh-nun, duh-nun. Is it just my hair now? – [Braden] Mm-hmm. – I feel my leotard
lines totally on my butt. But you guys, that was a
perfect prep for your chaines. If you don’t have a bar, that’s okay. You can just keep your hands on your hips or out in a second. Make sure they’re not behind
you, so go whoosh, zip it in, look, and look, and look, and look, keeping your focus, whoosh, whoa, (laughing) and your balance on that focal point. Boom, da-da, da-da, da-da. Yeah. You guys, this is a once
in a lifetime moment. Braden is on camera, baby. – Don’t get used to it, you’re never gonna
– Show your face. see me again. – You guys, he’s on Instagram @Bradenbear, FYI if you wanna follow him. – It’s pretty much a Auti fan account. – Oh, thanks Bray. (laughing) Also, for the record, Braden’s
one of my best friends, not my boyfriend, tell the people. – Never. – Okay, that was a
little aggressive I felt. I felt it in my (foreign language). You guys, we’re getting
off topic. (laughing) We both have cutie baby DIFF eyewear on. Show them your blue lights, baby, oh yeah. – I stare at a computer a lot, looking long and grueling
hours editing Auti’s videos, so I need these to keep my eyesight. – Oh God, you love me. – I do. – No? Aw, you heard it hear people. Braden loves me. Friends, you learned how to spot today? You learned how DIFF has cute eyeglasses? So check out those turns,
check out these shades, and let me know what else you wanna see. I truly, truly get my ideas from you guys, and spotting has been
in a million of my DM’s. So if you wanna learn more
stuff, just shoot me a DM, I’ll do my best to read it, and we’ll get you some videos out here. Don’t know why I had an accent at the end. Is this too long? – Now it is. (upbeat poppy music)

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