How to Stop Swim Goggles From Leaking

Hello, today I would like to show you how to fix leaking swimming goggles. These are my goggles. They are leaking on the outside, which is very uncomfortable while swimming. All we need to fix these goggles is a bowl of very hot water. I have heated up this bowl in the microwave. It was still boiling a few seconds ago. Place the goggles into the hot water for a few seconds.
Be very careful not to burn your fingers while doing so! As you can see, I do not submerge the entire goggles in the water. Only the soft rubber is in the water. Once the rubber has heated up, I am taking them out of the water. Now we can reshape the rubber to better fit to the shape of the face. I do this for both sides. The rubber on the second side has cooled down already, so I am reheating this side once more. After reshaping the rubber, the goggles do not leak for a while. In case they do start leaking again, this procedure can be repeated. Thank you very much for watching!

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