How to Treat Fluid in the Ear | Ear Problems

Fluid in the middle ear is referred to in
the medical literature as serous otitis media. And serous otitis media occurs in the middle
ear for several different reasons. The most common reason is as a result of a
middle ear infection. Oftentimes when the acute infection which
is causing pain or discomfort, is resolved, there will be leftover fluid that doesn’t
drain from your middle ear. And it doesn’t drain because your eustachian
tube is swollen closed. This is usually treated with various anti-inflammatory
drugs. But on occasion those drugs are not effective
and the fluid must be surgically drained. This fluid is drained by making a small hole
in the eardrum, which is called a myringotomy. This is a procedure that can be done on an
adult in the office painlessly with a topical anesthetic. Young children, however, who will not hold
still in the office, often need to be sedated in the operating room with a light general

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