how to water plants part five

We are doing a special video how to water plants part five Now you might be thinking how could I do it differently this time I thought about that got this withered plant here and so our idea Is to throw it in the dishwasher Alrighty Oops I accidentally started it. START Alright, let’s see if that works Yep, it’s working wanna zoom in on that sound Quiet but It’s going alright, so The time now is like 5:40. I think. um So we’re gonna wait like 16 minutes or so because that’s what it wants us to do Hello guys, here’s proof. It’s been Almost 20 minutes now, the dishwasher just beeped Let’s go check it out Well, would you look at that it’s all nice and red and greenish now Well, it’s not the best way to water plants in my opinion, but it’s one way oops Okay That was how to water plants part five subscribe

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