how to water plants part two

Hello everybody this is dylk (hi) and pylk is in the background you might hear him Maybe not. This is how to water plants part two (Everybody says hi back) Okay. See you got put it on shower and this hose is a little different And so the thing you press it’s just you move that up now. Let’s let’s watch Wow, look at how it does that oh, man It’s the most beautiful thing ever All right now we gotta go a little a little more Easier on the plants so we’re gonna do mist WHOOSH Oh, yeah Oh yeah, all these plants are getting nice (You should water, uh, that other guy) I should water Corbin. (Yeah). Ok Corbin, come here. We’re gonna spray water at you cuz you’re a plant now No, okay (You should start chasing him and yell, cmere plant) The hose doesn’t go that far, okay (Then try putting a peanut butter cracker on the floor) Hey, do you like peanut butter crackers Corbin? I’m gonna put one on the floor and you’re gonna come over here Darn it. The hose is broken gosh stupid water snake And So this is an educational video. So this is how you fix the water snake. you do that and then BAM No, that’s full we’re doing and on jet there we go c’mere Okay, that was fun Oh we got a package. Okay. See you next time. Bye. Bye Corbin Yeah he’s waving. Hey pylk say bye (what) Peyton say bye. Say (no, I refuse.) Okay. Bye

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