How Triathletes Can Please Their Spouses

– The NTK has been working
on a little bit of a present. (whooshing) – That’s how I ended up
getting in touch with Mel. (whooshing) – Thank our supportive triathlon spouses. (whooshing) Morning, trainiacs, little
change of pace today. Actually in the south end of Winnipeg, and this is like literally 300 meters from where no-triathlon Kim
works, which is very fun, because NTK has been
working on a little bit of a present, gift,
offer, opportunity, chance to seize the day, for all you trainiacs and your significant
others, A.K.A. race sherpas. (chillout music) – Hello. – Mmm, Le Tour, so Kim has
been hard at work making this, for all of your respective race sherpas. It’s very important to
keep our sherpas happy. Actually, let’s make that
what we talk about today. I might need your help for tips. – Okay. (chillout music) – So that right there
is the Bomber Stadium. She used to work for the
team, and what she does now, is she is the on field game day host. So you know, and like in between plays, people, they go through
the crowd and they’re like, “Hey, do you want to win a bunch of coffee “for your entire row?” – So what you’ll have to do, Johnna, is you’re going to pick two pizza boxes, and if you match those
two, great, you’ve won. – Kim is the person that’s saying, “Do you want to win a bunch
of coffee for the entire row?” And Mel, actually, from the
office, everyone’s favorite video editor of Triathlon Taren, – Hang on.
– I like the plastic bags. – Is Kim’s camera person,
going around the stadium. That’s how I ended up
getting in touch with Mel. So with all that said, here
is some friendly advice for how I’ve managed to keep the peace, lay low, stay out of
trouble, calm the waters. Number one, we train a lot, as trainiacs. The more you can get your training done early in the morning, the better, because family functions,
events, things like that, that you’re going out
and doing as a couple, they tend to happen in the evening. So, you get them done in the morning, it’s not as nearly as much of a burden as if you were to do all of
your training after work. Second, I’ve said this
before, I’ll say it again. Make your social circle part
of your training community. So in our case, we spend
a lot of Christmases, New Years Eve, birthdays, special events, with our training group
over at Coach Pat’s. We’ll trade houses, and
then our get togethers are often actually after
a really big workout. So we do a really big
workout, all the spouses come, we have breakfast, everyone’s happy. Later this summer, Kim
and I are actually going and spending a week at
Victoria Beach, with Coach Pat. I’m going to train a whole bunch, she gets a holiday out of the deal. And that leads into
your destination races. Going to a destination race is fantastic, because local races, while they’re fun, they don’t tend to have the
hype, and the huge numbers, and the motivation that I
find I get from a huge race with tons of people from
all around the world. You can also make it a family trip. Now here’s the trick to that,
to make it a family trip. You want to fly in, or travel in to where your destination race is, as close to the race as possible. So later this year,
we’re talking about doing a destination race, which I will announce in the next couple of days,
and as opposed to flying in well ahead of time, so that
you can get climatized, and adjust, and get rid of
all the jet lag, we’re trying to fly in for the Sunday
race on Thursday evening. Then basically, you’ve got Friday to put your bike back
together, maybe loosen up a little bit, take a good
sleep, that’s your rest day. And then the day before the race, just go and do a light little workout. You’re not taking up a ton of time. Sunday you get the race over
with, boom, you’re done. And then you can spend a fair bit of time in that destination, after the race. If you do it the other way,
where you’re flying out just after the race, and you’re
coming way ahead of time, you’re going to be a miserable
S.O.B. coming into that race, because you’re going to be fussy about all the little things
that happen with traveling. You’re going to be on your feet a lot, and you’re going to get crabby,
because you’re not resting. You’re got be fussed about what you eat, and you aren’t going to be a
very pleasant vacation partner. And then lastly, and
probably most importantly, is after a race, you’re
going to be crabby. You’re going to be crabby,
there has not been an event that I have done, that I have not been a miserable turd after a race. It’s important to know this going in, so that when you feel
yourself getting annoyed by whatever your family members
and supportive race sherpas are doing that’s annoying
you after the race, you’ll recognize, “Oh well,
maybe I’m just being a turd, “and I shouldn’t be so crabby.” And then if all those tips fail, I recommend getting a
trainiac sherpa t-shirt from Teespring, hashtag #TEAMNTK. (chain tinkling)
(dog panting) I want to see, hello. (grunts) Well trainiacs, no-triathlon
Kim is at the Blue Bomber game, doing her, “Kim Babij-Gesell here, “and who wants to win
a chicken drumstick?” So that means that for dinner,
I had a bowl of cereal. Now to explain this
whole t-shirt business, I’ll give you the old, the
old (imitates bell ringing) yeah, those are your finished designs. A lot of trainiacs out
there have been asking for kits, gear, merch, tee shirts, whatever you want to call it. And what we ended up doing here is, this is kind of like a
test, and a fun test, because how Teespring works is if you go to, you can order these tee shirts. And what happens is, I’ve set a number that we have to sell
75 of these tee shirts. If we sell 74 or less of these tee shirts, nobody gets tee shirts, you don’t even pay for the tee shirts,
it’s kind of like a contest, that unless we hit that
75 number or better, tee shirts don’t get made,
because it’s an indication that not enough people
want the tee shirts. But if we hit that 75,
Teespring goes like, “All right, contest won!” It’s kind of like Kickstarter,
and they make the tee shirts, and automatically send them out for us. But one of the purposes of this is to see if there is enough trainiacs out there that want a Triathlon Taren kit, because I’m actually working
with a graphic designer right now to design one,
that looks pretty badass. But I figure hey, instead of going through the whole rigamarole of
designing this massive kit with all different types of items in it, we just see if there’s
enough people out there that even want a Teespring tee shirt. And then the second
purpose of this is that, as trainiacs, we selfish. It all revolves around the
triathlete in the family. I know, I am that
triathlete in the family, and I’m very demanding, so
for this first tee shirt, I thought that it would be
good to have the purpose of it to be to thank our
supportive triathlon spouses. There’s a women’s, there’s a men’s. So if you are a male trainiac, you can get one for your
female or male sherpa. Or if you’re a female
trainiac, you can get one for your male or female sherpa. Either way, as I’ve said, we’re about this channel, all the time. This is all about
community, it’s about me, chilling out, hanging
out, having fun with you. This is about you having
fun, learning about me, learning about triathlon, being part of your local triathlon community. And that also includes your family. Being just a solo trainiac, and doing this all on your own, that ain’t fun. That gets old pretty quickly. So the more you can include
people around the community, training partners, family members, the better your triathlon
experience is going to be. So if you want to thank your
favorite triathlon sherpa, you go to,
and get them a present. It’ll buy you some brownie points, that you can use for the
next five or six hour ride that you want to go on on the weekend. All right trainiacs, I’m going
to go watch the Bomber game. Day’s over, have an excellent
evening, afternoon, morning, day, whatever you want
trainiacs, just make it good.

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  • Very cool tee. Get the kit designed too so we can take a look at it!

  • I do all my training when my spouse is asleep. That way my training does not take away from family time. Destination race is just not in the cards.

  • Ordered a tee for the wife. Lets hope we have enough people to get them to print! Come on Trainiacs!

  • Ordered the T for Trainiac Wife Sherpa!
    Support TT and get your T Shirt Today
    This is not a paid commercial.

  • Good topic bro. Good topic. Alllll well covered and agree 100%

  • I want a trisuit!!!

  • lol Thanks for the tips. The wife has been on me hard lately. Race in 14 days 11 hours 1 min 5 sec 🙂

  • Wow, up for a few hours and already hit your goal! As for the kit design, my vote leans towards the red and black "digital design". A firm NO on the rainbow stripes.

  • Taren, you should look at IM 70.3 Cebu as a destination race. Located in the Philippines on the island of Cebu. Atmosphere is fantastic and you can get a super holiday out of it after the event.

  • Bought my Sherpa a shirt, and from your kit ideas on Pinterest, I'll be buying up one of those as soon as they're available too!

  • Get running singlet or tee, that'd be so cool

  • Excited for the gear! Thanks for the initiative! I also wanted to say thanks so much for the inclusivity… just the simple sentence of you saying you could order shirts for your same sex Sherpa… very important and so cool. Triathlon is for all communities and it's awesome you recognize that. It means a ton, thanks TT and NTK! 👏🏻❤️

  • Cool shirt! I'm my own sherpa, though. I'll keep an eye out for a "Say Yes!" shirt! =D

  • Since we are both trainiacs, we are each other's sherpa, so I ordered one for me and one for my wife!

  • All good advice. Bucket list includes destination races in Oceanside, CA and Korea for the wife and family. Ordered Ts for my 10 year old son and me. He introduced me to Triathlon Taren channel while developing a school project about his interest in triathlon. He and I train early in the morning together watching this channel and GCN. We are each other's sherpa. We are in for Traniac kit – we vote cycling jerseys.

  • 5 or 6 hour ride on the weekend???? I'm a sprint tri, never going to give up that much time for a long ride or run or anything. I can't, not fair to my kids or my husband. And you are right about one thing, morning training is the best way to get it done without interfering with family time. If I don't train in the morning now, I don't train at all. I just can't bring myself to take that time away from my family.

  • I wake my wife every morning at 3 am when I get up to train. I say, "i'm so sorry for what ever I do later." I then give her a kiss. Later when I make her mad, I can refer her to the apology I offered earlier.

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