How You Can Stop the Spread of Aquatic Nuisance Species

North Carolina offers over five thousand
square miles of fresh water for our residents and visitors to enjoy. The
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is tasked with providing
recreational opportunities while protecting our natural resources.
However, our fresh waters are being threatened by aquatic nuisance species.
Aquatic nuisance species are plants and animals introduced to our waterways that
can devastate native species, impact habitats, and affect local economies.
Hydrilla is an aquatic nuisance species and is considered one of the worst of
the worst, out competing native plants that are good for our environment. This
adaptive invader alters habitats and creates thick mats that impede waterways,
limiting recreational uses and also increasing mosquito breeding grounds.
Hydrilla is currently the costliest aquatic nuisance species that infest our
state’s waterways. Approximately 1.5 million dollars of public funds are
spent annually on Hydrilla management across the state. Boaters, that’s why we
need your help. It’s as easy as clean, drain, dry, clean. First you’ll need to
inspect your boat trailer and gear. Clean off all vegetation, mud, and foreign
objects that you find. Drain. Next pull all plugs to drain all water from the
boat including the motor, the bilge, live well ,and bait buckets before you leave
the lake. Dry. Lastly, open all compartments and live wells to allow
your boat trailer and gear to completely dry before entering another body of
water. If you are unable to leave your boat out of the water for a week, wash
your boat, trailer, and gear. Surround yourself Carolina. Help keep
our waters clean and clear both now and for future generations.

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