good morning everybody so today we’re going to get ready for her key Matthew she’s a pop or Pete it’s supposed to come it could be a good because it’s called that so tomorrow and we’re just today we’re just gonna get ready dad at the house in jacksonville right now we’re in orlando case everybody has to vacuum the water’s coming right up to the land is already are still two days away from the hurricane officially coming back that way water is already up pretty high and looking angry alright IM evacuating the beach as of the eleven-o’clock update today for hurricane Matthew they put a mandatory evacuation for the beaches areas out so i’m just going down Orlando where the kids and Allison are everybody’s report meant to evacuate the beaches at this point on the other side of the intercostal and you can already see the traffic is building up with people evacuating the beaches areas this is very unusual for this time of day and actually there’s a billboard up there that tells us there’s a hurricane watch for all these counties around us including our own but this is all people trying to evacuate the Jacksonville area first up grocery shopping for food just in case the power goes out well so like bread or cookies cookies it yeah cookie butter cookies get thrown in there yeah cookies plenty of bread also added a touristy publix that can make a difference but the bride dad usually like this game like what kind do you think that all right we’ll go some potato Bird said something about potato once all right they got lots of water you want some water get picture keep it underneath get underneath I usually kept busy and we’re here to lead the princesses I wonder what princess we’re gonna meet digital Aurora you think you’re gonna meet Aurora yeah you think so so when the line gets really really long will actually give you a pager and you can use it anywhere on disease screens property at least she said but she said try to stay a little bit closer but that means you can head over to the lego store and shop or head over and have lunch and then when it’s your turn and it has a shorter line then the page will go off and you can come back to meet your princess isn’t the coolest thing was nice and cold thank you i want is Aurora today knew it IRA good what hats more hats alright guys should we do a half montage for you i’m thinking I look at all these cute ears you have Murray Avengers Captain America the great pirate so many cute you all look at these fancy ones it’s been hot out so we’re gonna head over to coca-cola store and try some cold beverages yummy yummy who to see the sparkle shine on the head I think I need that shirt hey guys I think I need this shirt right now yeah look at that playing that is sweet I’m going to be my cup number and chapter 11 where they came from and why every differences we replaced Apple joined with what is this one from you better eventually faded from japan so this around that’s one trade ya you get all kinds of cool coke products here and on the very top floor of the coach store which is fun but we’re going to try the taste of the world we’re going to do the International train when she noticed it’s true trees not wanted to alright this is a lot of coke products holy moly look at them all alright let’s see taste of the world re-enter open it up and see what the taste arm that was from Tanzania right now oh we don’t have a winner on that one was taken alright thumbs-up or thumbs-down know alright so that was kind of like a and it’s fighting like crazy on the Burning Man 2 products for new that one has to be good to play everyone we’re gonna go to blaze pizza for lunch pretty video good pizza it’s all build your own you get pizza at your way that movie without you ok not many places for you don’t think you can blame and we’re going to get some sleep i got myself these are our blaze he says i love this place the pieces are so reasonable in price and look at all that the kids eat happen now and then half of it later mrs. hunters this is my piece and i love the crust crunchy yummy crashed and he would stop yummy yummy this Kelly Kelly looks like you got a supreme he has a lot of stuff on this we can’t come to disney springs without making a trip to like a store Kelly’s favorite store ever taking pictures for his xmas once about the boss cinderella castle that’s all Legos hello only purchase one person I was this is the inside of you have magic mirror with careful we have the fire something elegant and the problem that is the needs and they’re singing about right near $350 that’s what they look like that and then holds match you’re almost solid buzz to infinity unknown Lord leave for buzz alone 45 you got the story all the Disney stuff these Mickey story box those are the coolest those are heat and then you have white and pink tip included in red and blue and plaid these are awesome this is an amazing deal disney t-shirt to your auntie speeds for nine dollars and ninety cents these are so cute desi difference look at the a/c dep ones always so cute oh that’s adorable I think that looks a little big these are super cute look at this one with princess Sofia the first and the disney staff goes on and on on Mike Ashley college stuff stuff this is crazy and cheap with that 49 even sweaters for fall we’re going to end our day here justly springs with this quote love your mama dreamy hunter

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