I Chanced on some Water Lily Plants on my cycle ride.

Hi there, Deano from GardenersHQ here. I was out on my bike this morning when I noticed
some beautiful Lotus so I just took a little video of them for you. So this is the little lake at Ubon Ratchathaniin
Thailand. You’ll notice this lake is a little bit overgrown,
a little bit of a mess at this side. It’s very open at the other side but here
it’s been taken over by the local plantlife. Ok, I’ve just been cycling a little bit longer
and I’ve managed to find some more. So as you can see it was a case of mistaken
identity. These are in fact water lilies not lotus. So there are three main methods of telling
these two plants apart. A lotus has wider petals, the leaves are generally
out of the water, and if you look inside the head of the flower you will see a seedpod. Unfortunately as I did not have my glasses
on me I mistakenly identified these as Lotus as I was cycling by. But never mind, water lilies are quite nice
anyway. And I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures
so that you can tell the difference between the Lotus and a Water lily yourself. And won’t make the same kind of mistake that
I did. That’s enough for now, I love these plants. Have fun in the garden. Bye.

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