[so] guys you know that I love reptiles, and I love snakes well today I have a really exciting guest that’s coming in because I’m an animal lover and that means that I’m into aquarium fish, too And that’s right Joey from king of Diy is coming into town all the way from Canada And I’m gonna give him a little taste of my world and then later on we’re gonna go check out a little of his world [you] heard that right? We I spent all day yesterday working with Brian and his snakes and today We’re going to the aquarium to give him a taste of my world and why I love aquarium so much [I] just wanted to quickly mention that [Brian’s] also going to be filming while there for his Snake bites channel as well as his personal vlog [channel] Brian [Barr] check and I’m going to leave links in the description below for you guys to check him out and also Subscribe and support another great guy, who’s just as passionate about his hobby who I am alright? So we’re here at the sea life aquarium. We’re gonna take a tour of it as well as a behind-the-scenes tour So we’re just waiting to get into sea life, and I look over across the way I see this place I don’t even know if I can be in here But I really wanted to see is this It looks [like] it’s a restaurant of some sort I wish I had time to stop and have a bite, but we got to get over to see life the Great Lake Sturgeon It’s a small little sturgeon here These are actually these two [our] only creatures that remember will not be able to stay here for their whole lives Yeah, once they get too big we’re going to ship hop to our one in, Minnesota money There you go come on boy We think I love aquariums, man. I tell you what is yo? Seriously Dead [cherish] the first memory I ever had as a kid When I was 2 years old was at the [belle-isle] aquarium here in Detroit first memory not my mom not my brother not my sister Aquarium and it was a ball python by the way, but who is that member? another big one Now I’ve heard these guys called Moon fish also [drop] down. Look down. Look [down], [okay]? Yeah, they’re super cool These rays were born here with it You’re right She arrived pregnant Yeah, beautiful They aren’t originality Videos are scary [three-two-one] The dancing to the [flow] [means] that dino wasn’t in jeff. Yeah. I don’t need even know how to put Perspective on that, but he looks to be 18 inches tall Wow absolutely massive whoa Enjoy anything love that man incredible did you see the race the I did see their race? Yeah, [they’re] [cool] attack, but this guy stole my heart They call it this name’s Jeff There you go the size got to be at least [six] [feet] [long] Incredible I need these one for one at home Go into these bubbles Yeah, so this is definitely a smaller aquarium, but certainly worth the visit [I] think you guys already know which which portion has been my favorite part so far Of course [I] had that natural attraction to these phrase More than a pufferfish This is look weird. This is totally rounded. That’s really cool So [cool]. I love aquariums This is amazing my job, then yeah We think Man, I tell you like this. This is awesome, and I live for this stuff. This is uh it’s funny. It’s like I’m never happier than when I’m in the around a place like this You know what? I mean, it’s like no matter how stressful life is when you get into a place like this it’s just like Kurma smile and I Literally could just I was saying my blog I was saying you have your seen those youtube [videos] that are like they like lock their self in and they like barricade their [self] In and stay over like Tom crowl [job]. Yeah, yeah gently do that. We should do it [here] How did you find a spot and [just] like hide away 24-hour challenge? Yeah? I would do it if you want to do it I’m doing it. Let’s do it tonight 20th, 24-hour challenge, Nico. Just tell them that we left. Oh yeah Yeah, yeah, we they left already yeah. Yeah, I’m just waiting for my kind of pick me up Like yeah, they left waiting for me This is a great spot Officially it’s [10:00], and what’s your happy is a group or though this lay on his side. Oh You guys freedom no no, we don’t do a justice probably a change here. We focus This is behind-the-scenes. This is kind of what I want to see All spotlighting. Oh boy. I’m not drop the camera in [there] So a little bit of behind the scenes here up top this got to be the best area of the aquarium truly But obviously it’s not accessible to the public [I] just wanted to give a quick rundown on how it all works actors kind of took me all through it and explained it to Me mind you when we get into the filtration room. It’s really loud [it’s] going to be difficult to hear me so I’m going to have to yell at you, but I promise I won’t do that Too often start off with having the ability to have you know a basic Hospital or quarantine area for a fish that we’d like to take a break from the main aquarium That’s kind of how [zack] explained it where they can kind of corral him in here and section it off [and] this is quite a large tank size on the same note They can come in and out as they please obviously there’s already one in there. So how does all of this work well? We started off with an overflow. Just like your nail normal aquarium. Would have as you can see Water is obviously going to overflow from the top and then come into this compartment now. I found this really interesting [see] all these black sauce here. Well these are all like shower heads instead and each shower head feeds down into a large tower containing fire balls that tower a viable Here within this concrete pile, and it’s fed at this That’s going to be a [ten] inch piping you 12 inch pipe now this haulage fight leads to this massive Protein Skimmer, how about I gave you some scale, but this is pretty huge So all of that [water’s] going into the protein skimmer and be treated by this ozone as well Water is then circulated over to here to the main pump and they can control it with the controller There’s a couple of pumps to do that their main control system where they control everything for this system is right here all touchscreen Now you [seen] that there was a lot of air bubbles in the tank, and you’re probably wondering how it got there well, it’s done by this a Massive Air blower which again it can be controlled right [from] here The water is then the water is also Mechanically filtered with sand filters and they backwash these five times a week [these] two Massive tubs, those blue barrels there are their sand filters they also do ultraviolet sterilization through this massive ultraviolet sterilizing water essentially, then come right back up to the main displace alright guys, so that [was] a Behind-the-scenes tour and as well as a front tour of sea life. I hope you guys enjoyed it. We’re Gonna ask you brian What did you think but you know when I get around these situations? I’ve just all spoke [geeked-out], so I had a great time I had a great time not kind of learning a lot from you while we were going through and learning from the people here at Sea much so yeah amazing [day]. Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video If not join me next Thursday, and I’ll definitely have something new for you

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