I Tried Ordering Live Fish in the Mail

hey howdy hey and welcome back…. toooo the……
day…? *crickets* the sun is setting right when I start filming really? really Sun? come
back. I think a cloud might have just gone over the Sun or something. I don’t
think it’s setting yet. it’s not quite time. *clicks tongue* dangit! the light was so good! and all I got
with those five seconds of good lighting is “hey howdy hey welcome to the day” *in a distorted voice*
hey howdy hey and welcome back to the day! okay! so,
today is a cool day I did a um *clears throat* I did a poll, on twitter about which video
you’d like to see the most, I am gonna be doing all the ones I listed, but, out of
the three I listed which was.. Snake tubs vs. cages uhh *crashing noises* (kitty make light go boom) taylor: just watches it happen bc why not *sighs* oh…. *sadly* be right back… (laughing) nothing happened! ooooh the sun’s coming back! cool! so! asked you guys, out of the three… 1. what prey size to feed your snakes 2. snake tubs versus snake cages and
3. buying fish online and seeing how it goes out of the three, you guys were most
interested in getting fish in the mail so I am starting off with that one, but I
am gonna be filming all three. [asking ghost] what kind of fish do you want? so we’re gonna open
up my laptop and look at a few websites I think we’re gonna order from like
maybe two or three websites. and this isn’t sponsored, so I’m not gonna be
praising any particular one. I got this idea, actually, because I used to order some of my fish in the mail, and when I ordered them online like 90% of the time
they’d come DEAD. (rip fishy bros) uh, when Zazu passed away I wanted to get another dwarf lionfish.
he’s a dwarf fuzzy lionfish and it just wasn’t the season that they were “in”, like
at fish stores and stuff. so I went online and I ordered one, and it arrived dead (rip) so they gave me a refund, and I ordered another one and it arrived dead (rip rip) so they gave me a refund and I ordered another one and it arrived dead (rip rip rip) and then
I never have ordered a fish online again because that pissed me off, like, they’re
just throwing away these fish lives but they swore “that’s not a usual thing” and
bla bla bla, but anyway! because of that I’ve been very…. curious to do a video
where I report how many of my fish come alive, if it, you know, seemed like a good
process if it’s something I would recommend cause right now I don’t
recommend it at all I have gotten fish in the mail another time it went really
really well, I got them from… uhm *clicks tongue* where did i get them from?? that really well-known aquarium place that used to be on tanked [tv show] I don’t- I don’t remember their name.. I’m sorry guys, they literally gave me free
fish, so, that’s their name [points to on screen caption] I forgot what it was but, they were really cool, and all
the fish arrived and we’re all great and they’re still all alive almost three
years later, so… 10/10! liked that one. but when I tried it again
it didn’t go too well and I did not order from that same company they don’t really
do online orders that was like a special occasion. they’re really a wholesale
company, they like- they sell to fish stores, they don’t really sell to people-
from a people to people basis it’s kind of a special thing. so anyway, let me open u- [my voice on my computer] “i’m like freaking the hell out” (me to myself on the computer) shut up crying taylor!! I don’t want to hear the heroin
story again (3 months sober now woot woot) so let’s open up my screen recorder ๐Ÿ™‚ [talking to self]… screen recording… what’s that noise? oh.. ghost is playing with… my light! because that’s great ๐Ÿ™‚ alright… okay so now it’s
screen recording uhm, please ignore the fact that I’m watching the Minecraft series nothing to see here!!!! it’s not like I watched his entire Minecraft series in
two days or anything PFFFT and it’s not like I downloaded minecraft myself and tied to make cheese and failed so I never played it again after that…. BUT I’m still watching him play it I mean I’m not watching it because minecraft is silly…. [whispers]
I really like it… it’s really funny okay so the first website I’m gonna do is the
most well-known one that I know of uhmmm [trying to remember the name]
aq–ua?? uhhhh bluhualallalalhuuala I forgot the name of all these websites
it’s been a minute since I’ve done any fish orders… oh well let’s just try this [typing on google]
“order fish online” oh? not GrubHub… nope that’s not what I’m talking about- live aquaria! there we go!! alright ๐Ÿ™‚ [reading the website]
arrive alive, stay alive! risk free guarantee alrighty let’s give this a go I like shopping from the divers den because
it’s actual pictures of the fish you’ll get, and not just a picture of the
species of the fish that you’re getting but the actual particular fish so, this is the main website I kind of want to get from, but maybe we’ll do another one I don’t know! um, we’re doing marine fish cause i no longer have any freshwater tanks and, when it comes to the fish, I need reef-friendly fish so, non-aggressive
reef friendly fish I’m gonna look in here and see if there’s anything that I
particularly have been wanting to get. I know I do need- like these are super
simple and super cheap and I could get them from the store… like down the street
a lot cheaper than shipping them here BUT since I’m testing this FOR the video gotta do it for the video ๐Ÿ˜‰ can’t say do it for the vine cause Vine is dead (rip) -it’s just cardinalfish just [in weird voice]
plain ol’ cardinalfish! but um….. striped ones ๐Ÿ™‚ is that freaking- oh I thought that was an octopus that’s pretty cool though only…. a thousand dollars nope! not happening today these guys are cool they’re blue…. and they’re cool… they’re 80 bucks for three of them yeah that’s what
I thought, they’re reef friendly Do I have any blue fish? I’m trying to add some more color to my tank. it’s between these guys annnnnnnnnd these guys these guys might be a little cooler yeah, these guys are cool, how many? all right let’s get these guys! oh, nope, not view cart continue shopping! *in high pitched voice*
CONTINUE SHOPPING! I do wanna get some corals, so maybe I’ll get some corals from here too so if I see any banggai cardinalfish i do need those ohhhhh this is a fish I’ve wanted for so freaking long it was the very first, before I- -before I got my big reef tank it was like the fish I talk about like
“now that I have this 150 gallon I’m- gonna get a gem tang” and I still haven’t
gotten it…. cuz they’re $800 but (laughs) I really think they’re beautiful but I never got one, and I’m not buying one today- oh my god I want one so bad!! I just don’t have the tank for it!!! oh my God look how stupid it looks!! oh my god its reef friendly?!?! *angels singing* oh my god I want it so bad!!! oh my god nothing to see here! [laughing] I can’t believe I’m getting that! please watch my ads on this video i just bought a $270- $280 fish
that is literally three and a half inches and looks like an idiot please watch the ads thank you :))) if it arrives dead I’m telling you…. I will fight
someone! that thing deserves to never die- it’s not a thing, I’m sorry! that
BEAUTIFUL beautiful HANDSOME gentleman deserves to live so if it arrive- if it arrives dead I’m throwing some hands! aw this is cute! oh I can’t get it, I already have too many clownfish… all right -well I have TWO, but, my two own the tank. they would
be very mad if I brought another one in there. I’m already way over the limit I wanted
to spend BUT IT’S FINE- let’s just also get a $650 basslet! it’s fine! no, let’s not. let’s not do that ummmmmmm these aren’t reef friendly, or they just wouldn’t go with my particular fish oh that’s so cuuuuute -SEVEN – *is speechless* on sale!?!? [laughing awkwardly]
no…. not happenin…. I’ve never gotten an anthias but, they just, they need to be fed like three times a day
kind of like how cheese needed to be fed three times a day.. actually honestly I
still probably feed my fish three times a day most of the time BUT they like to
swim a lot, and I believe they are top dwelling fish and they swim on the top a
lot in the surf- like they like to be on the surface, and, I know they’re jumpers
too… but I have a lid… BUT! I already have one fish that likes to swim a lot- which
is my naso tang, and he’s already so big in that tank I don’t think I want
to put any more fish that like to swim long distances in the tank, if that makes
sense…? pretty sure it does make sense! another gem tang??? *blows raspberry*
waaah, i want it : what about hawkfish? those are reef friendly. well not all of them, well maybe, no…yes? no? I don’t know oh my god!! y’all got the coral crouchers!! have y’all seen the videos of them??? they’re SOOO cute!!!! oh my god :O this is the one I want. I want it to look like this! I want it to be spotted. out of stock?? pfft PFFT okay. I’m gonna… I’m waiting he’s not spotted, and I’m gonna wait till I find a
spotted one. next! oh my god this guy comes with the shrim- three hundred dollars-never mind!!! aw that’s all of them? waaaaaaa okay let’s look at corals then, and
I actually need to get some more crabs like cleaner crabs like for bubble algae and stuff?? not for…. not hermit crabs but like… crabby crabs… like the… *imitates crab movements* crabs you know what I mean you know what I mean! awww a little anemone crabs! cute… what’s a medusa worm??? it’s not something i’ve heard EEWwwwwwWwhh oh it’s like Medusa!!! it has all the little snakes coming out of its head oh it eats detritus just- – it’s not
venomous but it’s poisonous when stressed or dies me. that’s really cool
but I don’t know anything about it so I don’t want to get it yet I’m gonna look into it though. wish I could bring this down lower.. oh maybe I can.. so i can be chill- oh wh- what!?? I could have been filming at this level this whole time?? god I’m stupid : this guy’s pretty cool! I don’t think I have any new red one’s it’s eighty dollars though, so, debatable, this guy’s cool. I like. let’s buy. this guy’s cool too… buy. oh shoot that was just one section of the corals. Wow, maybe this is the only website we’ll
be buying from today ladies and gentlemen we’ll just be reviewing this one website and
if it works I cannot justify ordering from any more websites or spending any
more money than this because.. the shipping on top of this, is… at least
$100 so, yeah, let’s let’s just review this one website :)(: what’re purple star polyps? I’ve only ever heard of green star polyps. that’d be a cool mix, if they
grow as much as green star polyps, that’d be cool to mix in there. I’m gonna get one and see if I can grow it, cuz I would love to grow it and mix it in, like with my green ones, because I have a lot of green ones, so, adding some purple would be pretty. dang. cool. if you ask me *clicks tongue* I don’t want a green one I have so many green corals I want a freakin!!! red goniopora *pouts* that one’s purple. feel like my cart MIGHT be full enough I feel like I MiiiGHT have enough but… mmm..nope still going. still going strong actually if I’m gonna keep going, let’s go in the like the… the generic sawp- *ehfghdgd* (word vomit) if I’m gonna keep getting anything, let’s go in the generic shopping area where it’s not like an actual picture of, -what I’m gonna get, annnnnd let’s get some cardinalfish (thinking to myself)
…cardinal fis- *GASPS* *a god appears* I still cry over that fish thank you
very much. I am not over that. by the way I will talk about this really fast in
this video. um, let me pause the- camera- um okay I keep getting questions about if the results ever came back for cheese, they did a long time ago, the reason I never talked about them is because they were inconclusive. they basically said that he had severe tissue damage, but, that that is because he was so- dead for so long that the … flesh deteriorated before I got
him in. so….. I did keep him for like a day because I was having a literal…. crisis like literal existential crisis, meltdown whatever my brain was not okay, the day he died. and I could not even bear to part with his dead body so I had to have some weird funeral to even cope….. yeah so it took me a while to get him to the vet I paid ’em to have the necropsy done but um it just was inconclusive. it said he had a lot of tissue damage but it was literally from deteriorating after being
dead.. so, that’s why I never talked about it. cause I never really got any definitive answer-
[accidentally jumps ahead]
so okay let’s go back to screen recording okay sorry
okay sorry I was just seeing that picture of a cowfish…. sent me I couldn’t handle it. so let’s go ahead and wrap this cart up, and then we will wait for
the stuff to arrive! what if i just got an octopus? I would love an octopus,
they’re so smart and so intelligent, but I just- I don’t have a tank for him, I don’t-I don’t have the time for one. so emerald crabs live off of bubble algae, so if you don’t have bubble algae, I don’t recommend… buying them, because they will die. um….I’m gonna get three ๐Ÿ™‚ clams are super cool but nope. awww a little tiny carpet anemone so cute BUT IT’S GREEN- *angrily*
no more green [mumbling]
I’m so tired of green you don’t understand… I have so many green corals let’s get, like I said
the bangaii’s, and I think we’ll be good after that. they literally don’t have the
bangaii cardi- but where are the cardinals??? there they are. and they’re captive-bred! heEEllL yEAHhAAAH that dottyback is cute, I like it alright, that’s plenty let’s see what our total is shall we??? I’m scared…. scroll to the bottom… *sees total*
OH SHOo- I- I might- I might make that a little smaller… I’m trying to not be so… reckless with my money, so, let’s see how we could… fix this. I’m getting that angler I don’t
care what y’all say! goooooodbye, Tonga coral okay, 490. I guess we’re doing 490. oh my – shipping is free?? oh HELL yeah it just said shipping was free?? ….oh taxes?? what the fu-
[how dARE they make me pay taxes] add notes for this order um,,,,….,.,. pls bring cheese back 2 life alright. your order has been placed! alrighty ladies and gents, I guess we will wait it’s a one-day… it’s an overnight delivery I ordered it at 6:00 p.m. though, so I don’t know if it’s gonna come tomo- if it’s gonna be sent out tonight I don’t think it will, so I think it’ll probably
come…. Wednesday. yeah it says right there Wednesday, September 4th. I’m super excited to get the fish, I hope they arrive all alive! if my anglerfish arrives dead, I will be fighting someone just saying *blooper sound* ***HAVENT FINISHED EDITING CAPTIONS YET, THE REST ARE AUTO-GENERATED AND MAY BE INCORRECT* all right so where’s the one box one box
is here one of the boxes have arrived and then the other box is over there
already so I’m gonna carry this over near the fish tank we’re gonna
investigate all of them see if they’re you know alive how the bags look all
that and then we’re gonna float them in the tank so they can get adjusted to the
temperature difference from their bag to my tank that’s the first step to
acclimating them for their new tank the first box is the smaller one we’re gonna
open that one first and then go to the big one so this first one is the
Cardinal fish to be friends with the one little guy that’s alone and some of the
emerald crabs normally yeah the top always has some codes coupons that’s the
word I’m looking for and acclimation guide no just telling
you not to release fish into ponds and lakes and to put them in tiny bowls like
that No so basically telling you to protect the wetlands by not throwing
your fish into wild lakes and ponds and streams and that stuff yeah and then
this is the acclimation guide so if you guys aren’t familiar with how to
properly slowly acclimate a fish this is your first time ordering fish online or
whatever this is a step by step guide personally I think you need to acclimate
fish even if you go buy them from the mean you know the fish store down the
street so hopefully you do know how to do this
if you own fish but if you don’t there’s a guy what is this and why is it what a
really weird package and it’s wet so concerning I think they’re I think these
are cool packs keep the thing cool all right
first I thought they put the fish in a paper bag and I was very concerned all
right here we have the crabs and they are all alive
there’s three of them they’re all alive just wondering why the heck they’re in a
little bag probably so what we’re gonna do is while the lights are off we’re
gonna float them up here okay next up we have the cardinal fish see if they’re
all alive or not always did I start it by like
anticipating them to not all be alive but oh I see – maybe they put the third
one in a different bag because there’s only two in here yeah so there’s only
supposed to be two in here maybe I only ordered two
I might have only ordered two but as you can see they’re super super light
colored I don’t know if you can actually see yeah they get really light colored
they’re actually much darker color than this but when they’re stressed they lose
their coloring and when it’s dark they lose their coloring so they might not
necessarily be stressed they might just a bit in the dark so we’re gonna flip
them in the tank now so far so good everything is hold on so far on to the
next box because this one only have those two things all right so this
should have all the other stuff in it I’ve been really excited about okay this
one should have my scissortail trio my purple star polyps my pipe organ a pimp
picked me to be to beYOU could – you’re cute – Buick you’re light both Hubble
huh it’s that pygmy angler alright discount
things and another acclimation guide let’s see how these guys are doing do
you think well this is a lot of the times with things that can be stressed
easily they black out the sides so it’s a little less stressful for them to be
transferred so I can’t really tell you what’s in here normally when they’re
wrapped in this they’re wrapped in two different bags and the top bag is one
with the black on it so I’m gonna try to get that one off and leave the other one
so we can actually see what we have going here
open I was wrong because the one underneath it is the one with the black
on it all right oh no it comes off it comes off I got
this one open and there’s one little scissortail fish right at the top
swimming around so now that I got the dart part off you can acclimate to the
new tank all right I have a feeling this will be a very long process next one
okay these look like the purple star polyps which I’m gonna try to grow with
the green star polyps they’re closed up right now so you really can’t see
anything I’m gonna attempt to grow them with the green star polyps so we could
have a mix of purple and green in here instead of just the green let me go take
the top layer off so it can acclimate properly all right and now in another
bag underneath that oh my goodness okay wait gotta go take the bag off one more
time Jesus so it was in a bag in a bag in a bag turn this right side up Leakey
so now I could actually acclimate properly because it’s the closest back
to the actual water so it can warm up appropriately instead of having to go
through a million layers to do it okay so this is another blacked-out one I
don’t know what’s in it um let’s go over to the sink and take the black off and
then we could see what it is all right this one is a coral it looks like well
maybe this is the Paula’s yeah these look like the purple star polyps so the
other one must have been to Coral somehow and I didn’t notice all right
now I got another layer off so we’ll stop there I never know sometimes if
they double layer it if it’s because there’s a hole in the first bag so I
don’t like to go all the way to the bottom bag sometimes it kind of freaks
me out mostly I can do it but that one looked
like it might be leaking so I didn’t want to cut to the back the bottom bag
another big one this probably is another dark fish and this one is a Dartfish
yep there’s another little dark fish I’m gonna check on my sump and make sure
it’s not too full cuz I float this stuff it brings the water level up which then
brings the sump level up but it looks okay
probably another Dartfish dark fish it freaks me out about my water level it’s
been a little higher but I could fit one last one in there alright we’re down to
the last one which is the little angler fish like I said in the intro if this
one arrives dead I’m gonna be very mad and fight someone let’s go get the
little black off and see if he’s cute oh they have it black on both sides top and
bottom so he could be extra extra chill if this top layer off
don’t worry mr. Engler you’re gonna have a big home now for your tiny little body
I like you please be alive if it arrives yet I’m telling you I will fight someone – he’s alive he’s so cute
oh my God he’s so cute you can’t really see right now hold on is it focusing can
you see him so cute he’s a little blob oh my god he’s a little more I love him
– get this one last layer off how’d it get y’all guys to see him perfectly oh
my god I think it’s focusing look at his little body he looks like a frog I love him you can eat my finger he’s up
pygmy angler so he tiny okay now we’re just gonna let them all float for like
another 30 minutes and then we’re gonna slowly start putting my tank water in
their bag there’s also another way you can do it for fish super prone
distressed you can get a bucket I did this with my other arrival of fish that
I did a long time ago I’ll put it in the card section I got a bucket and I slowly
dripped my water into the bucket so the levels would slowly shift but I don’t
think any of these are that sensitive other than maybe the angler but I’m
gonna spend the next thirty minutes kind of googling it and deciding basically what you’re gonna do first is
take your fish and put it in a bucket now the important thing to do is when
you’re going to release the fish into the bucket you want to put the water
slowly into the point where when the fish goes in it has enough water to be
fully submerged so if a bucket this deep is going to be too deep to fully
submerge your fish get a smaller bucket don’t make them flop around in the
bottom of the water okay one hopefully your fish bag won’t be tied with a hair
tie and two hopefully your fish your saltwater fish won’t be from Petco I’m
sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry pet Schmo and we’re gonna slowly release the water until it’s deep enough for your fish to
go in peacefully slowly add the water from your tank to this now the way we do
this is called a drip acclimation system first thing you’re gonna need is an air
pump does not have to be a nice one it could be any kind of air pump about five
feet of airline tubing this is like 10 feet but five feet of airline tubing
should be it plenty now you’re gonna cut up the airline tubing where you have
five feet for the drip system and then a little bit left for the air pump now
first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add some oxygen to this water because as
we start drip acclimating the fish the fish may get stressed and we want to
make sure they have plenty of oxygen during this time next we’re gonna start
drip acclimate I’m gonna put this frog rack in my tank and this is just gonna
be something that’s gonna hold on to my airline tubing you don’t have to use a
frog rack you do plant weights anything just to make sure that the airline
tubing stays in your tank so what we’re gonna do next is get the airline tubing
you could tell that’s it even though it’s out of focus and you’re gonna put
one side in the tank make sure it’s safe the next thing you’re gonna do is you’re
gonna start the siphoning effect you’re probably gonna have to put your mouths
on this and I’m trying to make this sound as normal as possible put your
mouth on this like a straw and it’ll start the siphoning effect okay now once
you start it you’re gonna see the water is gonna come out really fast this is
not dripping this is too fast so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna tie a
knot in your airline tubing now it’s dripping now if the drips are still too
fast you can do another knot and now you’re literally gonna leave it in there
dripping until the at least doubles and then check it see
if the salinity matches your tank and then you can not you won’t pick your
fish up like this but you know pick your fish up and put him in there he’s dead
remember that video I made years ago about apt Asia yeah I got one back one
has returned it’s right there but it’s not focusing focusing on the fish behind
him but it’s there I promise you the Irwin be ready for new friends that the
angler oh my god he’s so dumb I love him well yes oh my god oh my god
so dumb hey I’m gonna release the dart fish that have been acclimating and they
all found each other it won’t focus yeah they’re all right there they all found
each other there now you can see them appropriately
they’re cute I like them the new scissortail guys they’re right out here
they’re not scared at all but when I put the bank guys in there they just
disappeared they’re hiding somewhere but they’ll come out when they’re ready okay
now we just got to get this guy right here we just gotta get him comfy and
then when he’s comfy he’s trying to swim down he’s trying to do that method from
Nemo where they all swim down it’s not working for him but he’s trying a for
effort but anyway I’m gonna give him a little
longer and then we will let him free and hope for the best because I’m really
rooting for him I’m rooting for a little frogman him down oh look that’s my
original one and look the other ones are below him and he’s not killing a home
I’m so proud you know the glasses algae I gotta clean it okay I don’t know if
you guys can see him me lower this I’m gonna release him and we’re gonna see
how this goes and I don’t even want to touch him so
I’m just gonna let all the water filling swim down buddy
yeah you swim down okay I’m gonna clean up all this mess and then try to look at
him and admire him I cleaned up the glass a little bit so you guys can see
it but I haven’t really deep cleaned it yet so the tank is a little messy but
just a little update on how everyone’s doing I’m gonna take this off the stand
in a second but here’s the overall view of the tank the corals have not opened
yet my anglerfish who I have not named yet
it is a boy because he doesn’t have the little weird protruding thing on his
head that looks like a lamp he’s right there and I really don’t want to bother
him right now because he’s just getting adjusted but maybe when it’s feeding
time he’ll come out a little more but he’s so dang cute and little and Irwin
doesn’t care about him Darwin probably thinks he’s a rock and doesn’t even know
he’s there my cardinalfish is by himself again he’s a loner he’s rejected his
other friends which isn’t very cool where is your friend
where did he go why is there only two of you where your friend go why are you
looking in the reflection that is not you I just wanted to show you guys that
the pipe organs at least came out okay so my camera is having a really hard
time focusing for some reason and of course our ones getting right in the way
but the pipe organs are opening the job and this is where my camera falls to the
floor and hits the tile and shatters and breaks so for the rest of this video I
will be using my phone or my mom’s camera and the audio kind of sucks so
for the most part I’m just gonna be playing music over it
luckily I did film my outro though before my camera fell so there will be
an outro anyways I need a new camera please watch my ads hi and you even say to sit you’re so
good you’re so good going to see hi Kim Kim Thank You Kim okay guys so that concludes the video I
hope you guys enjoy it I hope you guys had fun watching some fish come in the
mail it’s a fun experience I’m so far everyone’s doing really really well
still can’t find my angler fish she’s hiding somewhere but my mom said that
she saw him earlier so he’s definitely in there somewhere yeah he’s gonna be
hiding he’s gonna be hiding for quite some time
cool little thing to end the video on today I am three months sober clean and
serene for 90 days yeah so I plan to do a video on my second channel about how
my recovery is coming along in a little video about it if you’d like to keep up
with my recovery in between and just me in general in between you can check out
my Twitter and my Instagram I’ll put the links in the description and my at is
right here so that’s all I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you guys next
time in the comment section good bye super excited about these I so
happy about that so now I’m just gonna stand here awkwardly and give you the
option to click on my last video I made before this and click on this video if
you’d like to see the story behind beast and subscribe if you’d like to subscribe
and now I’m just gonna awkwardly stand here and let you guys decide what if you
want to click anything you clickin why aren’t you clicking
click away

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