[Adam Paszczela] Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! Welcome to Japan! We’re here in Niigata, and this is the venue where the IAPLC prizes for 2019 are gonna be distributed. We have a lot of IAPLC Grand Champions here. Josh Sim – double IAPLC Champion, Takayuki Fukada from Japan – also double IAPLC Champion. We’re gonna have Dave Chow here. And who knows, who else? This is gonna be a great event and we’re gonna try to speak to them and maybe you guys can learn a little bit about how they think and why they get these prizes all the time. It’s crazy! I’m so looking forward to this! Stay with us! What’s your take on this 2019 event? We have been here in Niigata in 2013 last time. [Viktor] It’s great to see all these people again. It’s kind of a great community event. For me it’s all about friendship and the party, that is happening right now, so… Super exciting! Good to see the same faces, like we had back in 2013! To walk this carpet is a dream come true. How many times did ADA organize the Nature Aquarium Party? You know, the first time was in 2001. So this year is is the 19th time. As you might know, Mr. Amano started this competition. We organized this contest with very pure heart. You know, we just want to promote aquascaping! It’s something like a magic number, a connection, because right now I reached to the 13th place. And this is my 13th trip to Japan. And we started the trip on the 13th of October. It was 16 years ago, that I reached 16th place. So I think – maybe – it’s an accident, maybe it’s not, so… Can you believe it, or not? One of the oldest tank of the contest is 2.5 years old. So this is also really unique for me. I used a few styles together, but the tank was growing nicely together. I really like tuning the tanks. It wasn’t completely planned in the beginning, it evolved in its own way, and I put something in it you know. And it was… It has become a miracle on the way. Finally, a little bit of magic and religion is also inside it. Let’s go, see what’s happening in India, guys, because we have many-many viewers from India! And we have ADA India here! Adip! Hello! How are you? I’m fine! Welcome to the Green Aqua channel! Super! I’m super happy here! I think this time we have a ranking in the top 50. One… Two rankings are in the top 50 – actually – this time. So it’s definitely going up! Thanks to you guys! You’re inspiring a lot of Indians also! That’s our main goal, to inspire you guys! And thanks again for your support from India! You’re most welcome! See you around, guys! Now your outfit is perfect! Kondo san was arranging your outfit! Thank you! My last year’s idea fell far from Master Amano’s spirit, but this year I kept it simple and natural. So I think this is what brought me the higher ranking. [Balazs] How’s life? Very good! With you, even better! Yeah?! Have you sent many applications from your country? Yes, this year yes. Yeah, this year we managed to win… How many, do you know? Malaysia, 40+! [Background] 45! [Balazs] Alright! Congratulations! You have the best aquascaper there. And not only one, many good aquascapers! Yeah, we’ve got to get more. Absolutely! That is some perspective, guys! In this year Malaysian were trying to create something very natural, but each to their own style. So we are trying to use very straight wood, to create those flows, scape flows. We try to use this effect, to create the “wow” effect. So, yeah… I think this is something very new from Malaysia. Also for the whole world of aquascaping and stuff. This type of wood is special in Malaysia. If the people don’t know how to use it, I don’t think, that they would have got it (the ranks). So sometimes when we see some driftwood, for a few days… We don’t use it, because it’s ugly, but if you have a better idea, it can become a very beautiful masterpiece. Congratulations for the second place, it’s incredible! Yeah! But Josh Sim beat you this time. [Laughter] My main job is graphics designer. You know, I always use computers. Many pictures are created using Photoshop. Every year I see many-many beautiful pictures. I’m so happy with this year’s result. [Balazs] You are, because it makes you work more for next year? [Fukada] Yes, sure! [Balazs] Congratulations again! This is a wonderful prize! I will see you next year at the IAPLC. Thank you so much! [Ovation] Art is subjective. I’m standing here today, not because my layout was the best. I’m just the luckiest one… Because I think all the layouts in the top 27 would be great champions. I remember last year Mr. Fukada told me that I needed to create more fear in my layout. Without you, selfishly sharing your wisdom with me… This would not be possible. So I’ll be sharing my honor with you, but not my prize money! [Laughter] I think that most of the standards are still very high. And then I cannot see, that there would be a mainstream trend, that they would have to follow, to win the contest. But mostly, if you think about winning the contest, I think it’s the natural feeling, and also, how to compose with plants… It is very-very important. Most of the judges will be thinking about more complicated tanks, I think. This is my opinion. Complicated tanks are hard to manage, to make them look very beautiful. But if you manage better, your layout will be more detailed, and it will catch the eye of the judges. [Balazs] I think the fish got a lot more attention this year, than last years. What do you think about the importance of fish in a layout? You can see that in Fukada san’s layout. That is very good for shooting. Because the layout is very bold, on the two sides with the stones… So the fish cannot swim there, so they are in the front. So in that layout – fish are very easy to manage. [Laughter] [Balazs] Yes it is, they are squeezed in there! So guys, I think it’s not very easy to do a good layout, but I wish everybody good luck for next year’s, 20th anniversary of IAPLC and are you gonna be there? Sure! My layout is already finished! Are you ready with the two-thousand… Okay, so you guys are competing against this Master! Good luck for everybody! Good luck! [Laughter] Right Viktor, so I have a surprise for you! What is that? So let’s go! If you guys remember that, this was in the showroom for many months. Actually, we moved this from the old location. This is a good example, that no matter of the ranking, it’s very good for you guys, just to enroll. And I was allowed to take this and to give it to Viktor. Thank you! And with that, the 2019 Nature Aquarium Party is officially over. All we have to do now is to eat and drink and feel good and have some friendly discussions with fellow aquascapers. I hope that you guys were inspired by this beautiful event, we’ll see you next year in 2020 with the 20th anniversary of IAPLC. We are here in Tokyo, at the Sumida Aquarium, which is built on the base of a big skytower here. Mr. Amano has built five tanks in total, in here. I’m standing right next to the biggest one. On the right side of the screen, you see the 10.000 liter, 4 meters wide tank. All the plants that Mr. Amano has used in these tanks are classic Nature Aquarium style plants. Low-tech plants and you’ve got some stem plants in the background, but mostly you’ve got fern types, Bolbitis and Microsorum types and some Anubias in there. The sheer size of this whole thing and the background music playing is really giving you a very condensed Nature Aquarium mood. This tank is so big, you can swim in it! I just came behind this tank, to see what kind of gear, what kind of technology we have here. And I discovered four ADA SuperJet 2400 filters. All four of them have any carbon it it. And this adds to the sump filtration of the tank. And the biological filtration is actually done by the sump, and the four are helping with the chemical filtration of the tank. It’s quite nice to be here, behind Mr. Amano’s biggest tank. And I can see that the Grand Solars are dissipating so much heat on me! 14 Grand Solar lights are illuminating this 10.000 liter tank. I just checked with the ADA staff, the maintenance stuff here and they told me, that they actually have a chiller, which keeps the water temperature at 26°C constantly in this tank, to compensate for the ADA Grand Solar heat. Actually these two tanks were scaped in 2013 by Mr. Amano, but the ADA staff has rescaped them. The layout creator for this tank was Homma san. And for the other one, it was Uchida san and Ochi san. You can see him on the left side of the picture. Good job! In the background here, you see the longest tank, that you see here at Sumida Aquarium. This tank is a little bit over 7 meters long. And it has the Glossostigma at the bottom of it. It’s quite nice, how small the Glosso leaves look in this huge aquarium. The most stunning thing about it is the fish. For me. Because they are swimming along these structures. The whole mood of it is just incredible. It’s a narrative style! On the other side, you’ve got a 3 meters wide aquarium. And in that, you’ve got the Lotus and you’ve got all kinds of other plants. And you’ve got the Blyxa aubertii in the middle, which we don’t have in Europe. I just learnt, that you actually have 20 ADA Grand Solar lights above this 7 meter tank. It’s crazy. And above the other one, you’ve got 10 Grand Solar lights. A total of four ADA staff members are working on these tanks all the time, seven days a week. Guys, this Glossostigma carpet is trimmed every four days, by the ADA staff. This is the space, that greets everybody, who visits Sumida Aquarium. This place is a must-see. The idea behind it is to communicate the Nature Aquarium spirit, and to bring it closer to the public. [Viktor] The next generation is right there. Yes and the next generation is here. I hope that you guys liked this video. If you do like the Green Aqua YouTube channel, please do not forget, to subscribe. Hit that like button, if you liked this video! And I’ll see you next week, with new inspirational material coming up on our channel! Stay tuned! Stay tubed! (?! :D) Bye!

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