Ice Fishing Walleye with Underwater Camera! (Top 5 Lures)

Oh Mark yes That was awesome, I just literally got everything set up that wall I came from behind I got the camera set up a little bit closer today just because of visibility issues but that wall I just come in and crush that rattle bait a nice fish – Unbelievable you guys have you got an intro done? Welcome back to Clayton chick outdoors I am out today one of my favorite bodies of water Lake of the prairies chasing walleye there is an insane first ice bite at Lake of the prairies especially in like that say like that first part of December till Christmas you guys it’s insane like I mean like Aggressive fish like that. Just come in and crush the rattle bait. Are you kidding me? Like I just literally got everything set up. Look at that fish So Lake of the prairies has a slot limit. This thing would be well over the slot Probably about a 21 22 inch or something like that. That was insane Awesome. I got to get it back in quick. We’ll talk a little bit more about where I am and what I’m doing today Go so good I sound like such a one of those the lame TV shows that we’re gonna talk about where we are today that’s not what I want to do at all but Yes, like I said Lake of the prairies crazy walleye bite First ice we’re going to go through Probably like might like say top three to five walleye lures through the ice Obviously if you can apply for open water to but most of it is for high these lures I like for ice fishing So I’ll go through my top five one of them being right here the rattle bait I’m gonna cover more in a detail later, but that’s the tantrum that you’ve seen in a couple videos Earlier this season already. I Have a I’m a big fan or a ttle baits and I’m beginning to be a big fan of this tantrum for sure It’s got super nice action. So that was awesome. That thing just came in from like great from behind here So somewhere from underneath the camera and come straight down and crushed it. Oh that was epic That back. Oh There’s another one right there another one right there. Oh, come on, come on. Well, that’s another nice fish. I just got set up again Like just drop down here. He comes here. He comes come on Come on Look at him don’t they just stares stares at it? Balance that are in front of his face Give it a little jiggle. Come on. Come on. Come on. Oh, did you? See if I can get him to eat it out of the dirt maybe Pound it in that sand. Look at he likes that. He likes that a lot. He likes that a lot Pull above him. Oh, he didn’t like something there see one swing around pound it on the sand pail in the sand Come on Here he comes Oh, come on it’s a good fish. That’s a good fish. That is a good fish. Come on That is so crazy, oh Yeah, man, I hope this is what I’m in store for today is some crazy action like that that was oh here comes here He comes Come on Look at he noses right to it and shiz off. You can learn so much from the underwater camera Nice – I could see the flasher east in the air always get more aggressive. That’s a different one. That’s a smaller fish That’s a death a different fish. That’s a smaller one For sure That’s a smaller fish than the first one I was in there Hold it really still no It’s so crazy. Oh here comes another one comes another one. Look at him. Stop come right up charge it and stop. Oh Oh, he’s circling It’s like sizing it up Come on Come on Come on here it comes There’s two of them down there Smaller and was let us sit in the sand for a sec Come on and eat it you eat it. Oh Here he comes let him get aggressive So what what did I do to all that is a nice fish Oh see that was a bat. That was a bad. Move. I Don’t move it when they get their tail near it Man, I was a I wonder what I did to stop that fish from coming in and not eating it because he was charging it And I did something that made him stop Well, this underwater stuff is mind-blowing. It’s so awesome. I’m so jacked for this today Here comes Yes. Yes that fish ate it right off of the bottom step as big as that first one I don’t think and not as big as that one that came in right after and circled it for a bit, but Doesn’t matter right now catching walleyes On the underwater camera like all that. It’s unbelievable. Come on, baby See he took a swipe out of it in the sand. I ended up with it. Just kind of on his side He tried to eat it headfirst, right? So if you line up the bait headfirst right there that’s ran enough with him right there Barbless hooks pop straight out. This would be like the perfect eater at Lake for areas like a 16 inch fish Like I said, there’s a slot limit That would be a good one to keep but I don’t think I’m keeping any tails. I have one in the fridge right now so yes, he’s going back a Little bit of wind today So I’m trying to do my best to block it as much as I can keep the wind in my back And keep the audio clean and clear Where’s the fish Market on what here he comes here. He comes. Oh I missed him I missed them come back Come back come back, I Felt them Come back Come back. Please. Give me their chance Eve another chance, please My feet there’s here he comes here he comes Go, oh it’s so cool watch it Come in and pound that beat. Oh He gave me two chances I missed them on the first one He ate it but I hit it but I don’t think he ever hooked up all that was so cool So cool. I don’t think it’s a very bad fish. Ooh. Ooh That’s a pretty good fish. That’s a that’s a really good fish really good fish Who will stay buttoned stay buttoned? I’m so glad that fish came in and gave me another chance Oh, it’s wrapped in the core during the camera right now as if a wall I got oh he’s over here gates free It’s free. Oh, that’s a good fish. That’s a good fish. That’s a big fish. That’s a good one. That’s a good fish Okay, girl, I got you. I got you. I got you. I’m trying to keep it pinned against the ice. Come here. Oh Yes, look at that one right there Lake of the prairies gold rattle bait munched Oh Beautiful. It was a very awkward grab in the hole, but I didn’t want That rattle bait in my hand, you know, it is part of us. That’s a beautiful Get 25 26 inch or awesome fish beautiful Thanks girl. Thank you for the epic need on the underwater camera I Gotta I gotta think about how am I gonna do this when I release these fish cuz I’m just spraying water all over the place All that was so cool Absolutely epic. So like I mentioned earlier I’m on follicular praries. It’s a it’s a border lake meaning. It’s on the border of Saskatchewan and Manitoba All of the Manitoba regulations though kind of fall for this body water because it hasn’t more on the Manitoba side you have a slot size of 17 and 5/8. I think it is. There’s a I think it’s Does that work to 45 centimeters? I believe you can’t keep anything over that Mark, which is nice, right? Because it keeps all of the breeders back in the lake So, you know You could take home a couple like 16 17 inches type of thing and the lake is full of walleye Like I mean full you can come here and it’s like common to have like 50 to 100 fish days It’s it’s pretty insane, especially when you get to those prime time power hours, you know Is that Sun setting it can just be one after another I’ve had days here where I can’t keep up with two rods Even I just have to put the dead stick away because you just can’t keep up. But like I said, it’s a boarder Lake It’s a really really long reservoir. It’s got a it’s got a little river channel that kind of flows through the whole thing And what’s nice is hummingbird has Actually mapped the whole thing so you can put it on your unit You can also put it on your your hummingbird fish smart app and you can have it on your phone So when you’re walking out to the spot, you know You can kind of pick your straw you want to go to and then walk out there? But I’m just set up just off of the old river channel there in one of the little like nooks and crannies a turn Turns are always a key Like if you can set up just like on the outside of the river channel somewhere where the fish are going to come up from Feed sometimes during the day you can slide into the river channel as well and probably fish it in there But I like to set up on top here I’m a 19 feet the river channels just off to the side of me and I’m basically waiting for these fish to come up here And cruise this little flat here and have a little snack It’s a great. It’s a great body of water. I I grew up fishing this when I was younger my parents have a Campsite at Ricker’s so I spend lots of time there I stay over at lowens place at lost Meadows quite frequently there, too And it’s uh, it’s wonderful If you’re gonna look for a weekend to come out, especially like before Christmas and you can get out here all in December But you can smash them. I believe lowens got some openings there yet still for December. Not many He books up pretty fast, but he’s got three cabins there his Information will be listed below of this video in the description And then there’s also like Roblin which isn’t too far away, which is also a good accessary You can stay at a hotel there. And then you have a couple lakes there. You can fish east goose. West goose you can slide over to twin Lake for tiger trout really make a weekend out of it, but This early season while I bite Early ice season is something that you should probably experience like it can be it can be insane Hold it up good fish good fish What scared what scared him come back? Here Mike something He didn’t like something. Oh He bolted Look at him look at him size it up. He’s totally interested. Oh Oh come back come back come back a little snack. Come on, come on, come back. Oh It’s crazy Oh, sometimes they just come in and pound it and sometimes they like they size it up look for that opportunity the longer that they obviously Analyze the bait, you know The the less chance you have of catching that fish if you can get them to eat when they first come in Right and trick them that that’s actually a live meal that it’s real and not a piece of plastic obviously, right? That’s your best chance, but the longer they analyze the bait It’s it’s tougher to catch them That’s why sometimes it’s good to even like just drop it into the sand and just like stir up all that mud Because they can’t get a good read on what that is they just see something messing around in the mud right and all sudden you get a little bit of a profile and they just attack it Obviously doesn’t always work out But it’s definitely one good option To do with any type of bait whether it’s a jig in a minnow or a spoon or a rattle bait You know, sometimes just having it down in that mud It’s good, I have a little bit of a disadvantage right now – I’m right next to a rock Like that, so if that that fish isn’t gonna slam it’s nuts note into that rock, right? so when I do have it into the sand to try to get it away from that rock a little bit and Then balance it just to give him a clearer profile You have to think too down there that that rock if it sticks this far up Right and that baits here beside it when that fish is here. He can’t even see over top of that rock sometimes right? He doesn’t have it clear had clear line and clear visibility of it. So an ideal world I literally would move over like say you know a foot foot and a half something like that just to get away from that rock having those rocks in the area is Great because it’s a transitional and different structure but being right right below me. That’s not a great thing for me This is gold I Love here, he comes here. He comes see he’s getting past that rock. He took a swipe at it right there He got past the rock turn took a swipe at it now. I don’t want a hammer right now below Hey I want to wait till he gets a bit away and then I’m gonna work it again A lot of times if you start hammering it up and down when they’re there. They’re near it like that You’re gonna end up spooking them. Don’t forget to you got a fishing line straight up and down So there’s a chance to that their tail could run into it, which is also gonna spook them, right? You got to get it you got to pick here your Your your battles when to move it when not to move it that fish did take a swipe at it but completely missed it It’s a lot having the underwater camera You can just have so much more information that’s like available to you compared to any flasher That’s out there, like even even a live scope that Garmin makes you there’s it’s an awesome Readout but you’re still not gonna get what you can see on an underwater camera right that That just right there in front of you be able to actually see exactly what’s going on. Now. I have the I have the camera Exactly about 38 inches because that’s the length of the rod away from my hole now when you have better visibility Obviously you can back up your camera a little bit more but this is kind of where I know that’s why right now I’m a 19 20 feet. This is what I can get away with for visibility where I am Some days is gonna be clear some day is gonna be a little bit cloudy err in terms of the water clarity But you just gotta you know Try it. It never hurts and obviously also to your your peak times Early morning or later at night. You’re not going to have great visibility either but during the day like it’s it’s pretty good, you know for a reservoir lake that’s Reservoir lakes are you generally not known for really good water clarity in general It’s great like and it’s so much fun being able to watch these fish slam these baits like Yeah It’s so good. What a life have I ever mentioned that I love fishing like I love fish Oh, Oh just change pay something a little bit smaller here another type of bait any ol I Knew I shouldn’t set like he’s coming he’s coming again he’s coming again You know, he hardly hardly has that hook in his mouth. Like it’s held by the underwater camera. He hardly has it hooked So I’m using a different style of bait again smaller fish which I kind of knew from the underwater camera, but one of my top fives is A jigging spoon. They consider there be two different styles of jigging spoons this one Little Northland buckshot. It’s like an on-the-spot Jigging spoons really small dents. It doesn’t swing out side to side the other type of Jenkins spoon, which I’ll go through later yet Too has a style It’s a flutter spoon Which is like the dinner bell from frostbite and the slender spoon that I’ve used in some videos before It’s at a more of an erratic side to side action spoon. That just does Awesome things right just shoots out from the side shoots out to the side. So there there’s number three right now We’re on bait bait three got the rattle baits. First one jigging the minnow and a Jigging spoon. That’s more small compact dense than this one being a Northland buckshot spoon The dinner ball is quite nice because you can almost Use it as both if you rip it hard little flutter out to the sides quite nice But it’s also a really good pound on the spot spoon – it’s kind of a cross But yeah, the the Buckshot it’s definitely like if you notice it’s like it says like a straight up-and-down There’s no out to the sides at all. Like the rattle bait out to the sides around me It’s out to the side right this a spoon like this is like straight up and down and that’s pretty much it That’s little better fish that’s a little better fish Here comes here comes that fish crushed it like crushed it that fish crushed it You come and took a little I’m just freaked out down there freak out I’m not gonna Horse this one too much last two summit fish You know they’ve been smaller try to horse them up the whole quick and then I end up getting Them stuck on the bottom of the ice This one’s a little bit nicer fish though a little bit nicer not not like before though, but still nice fish Okay, girl, come here. There we go. There we go. There we go. Okay. Nice fish. Oh, not one. That’s fun Cuz I watched it come in found look at him get all tensed up. They get angry angry fish. I’m gonna put you back Okay. Stop flaring. It’s okay Yes, that would be a good idea. Oh I Oh I see a mark on the flasher. He comes free come come on, you pound it Oh-ho-ho, I don’t like it against that rock. Can we from that rock? Come on Thinking about it He’s thinking about it that gosh darn rock Literally should I wish I was literally like Literally just like I don’t know a foot over but everything set up so nice. I Don’t want to move it. I don’t want to move anything. I like my setup Moving everything’s like take me now or to move it all If I wasn’t catching fish I’d be moving it because I’d be like in my head that that’s got to be the reason for it here It comes here comes oh Come on did you see that? He just like nudged it What’s nice fish I think hard time when they’re close to the camera right looks better though I’m not trying to be too erotic with it hoping he just like takes he turns and comes in and charges is what I need There we go, I just pulled that one off the bottom a little bit and When the fish turned to go up out of it he got him – got him – bite Okay, okay Okay, just wait I’ll bring you up. Wait, there we go. There we go Okay, shush. Shush. Shush. Shush shush Little guy get him back down. Look I Okay, I said I change up baits here again We’re gonna do that. I’m gonna drop down the rattle bait white tie a new bait on this rod I really want to keep my rattle bait on for most of the day, especially as the day progresses and those fish get A little bit more aggressive. I just want to keep my rattle bait on all day So I’ll pop another bait on that rod and show you guys a different bait There’s another bait right here. This is a hyper rattle. This is like your jigging rap style bait. This one’s a lot smaller It’s a very very dartie lure when you snap it goes out to the side out to the side but the hyper rattle is nice because It’s also really really dense for being the size that it is. Does that make sense? It’s really dense Normally when you get a small update that’s that small it’s not so dense, but this one Falls nice. It’s very very erratic I got on the bottom down there somewhere see if I can find it on the door camera It’s been a really really good bait Having that erratic side-to-side. There it is. Plus it also allows you to really really move it. Just twitch it on the spot nice and Slow nice and soft type of thing. It’s a very very good bait Here comes a fish right now literally in the first lake Here he comes First couple seconds of dropping it down there small little walleye small that’s called the small. I small I I Feel like when those fish come in like I even want to just pull it away from them just case there’s a bigger fish behind him or Something like that. Like no, I don’t want to catch you. Don’t eat me. Don’t eat me This lures really dirty and hard to capture on the camera the whole time unless I’m just holding it still all right in one spot And you can see when I snap it goes like off the screen off the screen off the screen very very Daugherty lure Good bait though like a very very good bait good bait. Oh Here we go, here we go Got him got him almost lost them. I almost lost them almost lost them Almost lost him Just a giant head just a giant that’s a tiny fish. There’s small fish here, too. That’s good populations strong Okay, well there’s another style of a bait I never used it long but we’re going to switch over to one more style bait, which is a Flutter spoon, I’m gonna use I think They’re going to use the sled a slender spoon right now, and then I’ll probably use the rattle bait for most of the day That’s just kind of what I’m feeling I’m gonna lay all the baits out here yet and do a little bit of a comparison to show you some different styles of each bait, but ya know hyper rattle flutter flutter spoon Very another very erratic bait Lots of side-to-side movement. Sometimes you have a tough time picking it up on your flasher until it falls back Levels itself back out where it should be type of thing It’s going to be really tough to pick up on the underwater camera at times but there it is right there Very radically, I’m a big fan of flutter spoons Erratic motion side-to-side type of thing. I Really like a gold color. You can work these things aggressive You can really just kind of hover them and just kind of jiggle them and switch them twitch them on a spot I’m gonna tip it with a little Minnow and see what happens. I bet you Sometimes see what you can do to instead of the minnow head Take your Full minnow and you can do like a rap Rap so those Manitoba boys do rap all the time Stick it through the treble and then they just kind of wrap it around the whole hook so they’re actually putting minnow a little piece of minnow on every hook with rap, and that’s just basically that allow you to stay on just a little bit better now right now I feel like Those fish are just a little bit finicky. They need some kind of bait with them right now the bait is gonna kill most of the action on the spoon, but the spoons still has lots of Movement and lots of flash and then you have that bait there when you want to sit it in the bottom Just let it sit there. It won’t do erratic side to side as much as you’ll see anymore but Sometimes that’s what you have to do when they’re just that they’re not super aggressive right like you need them. You need some bait Sometimes you just need some bait It probably I’ll seal the deal I bet you yeah, look at that like I just on the top corner the screen I just saw a fish pick it up. It feels It was really tiny just tiny it’s not that small. But yeah, see how like that was like instant I was down there forever with no bait, and I dropped it down With bait and it was like an instant eat instant Little guy. He’s a little guy though. It’s a little guy Comes another one Come on Here we go, here we go not when I have to hang Birth in front of them had to hang it right in front of them. Okay There we go, there we go, there we go See what that bait on that spoon. It definitely helped out a lot Okay, that one was Tipped down a little bit better there I get down with the pliers Okay, another good eater knock down Okay, I’m gonna put it’s getting to be Pike primetime. It’s 3:30 right now so I’m gonna grab this kind of quick here put a bunch of Lures out here go through and quick and then we’re gonna fish the power our really hard So here you can see a couple different baits. I talked about the rattle baits here some of my favorite ones are The savage gear fat vibes is like two and a half inches, and then I’ve been really liking the Tantrums I’m using that color down there though, the metallic sexy shad and then you can’t go wrong with the old jig and a minnow Right there. That was my second-favorite. Probably not my second favor, but my top five and then you have here the more dense spoons The kind of pound on the spot. Those are both buckshot me by Northland and then you have your jigging wrap foil baits That’s a hyper rattle hyper rattle and that’s like a jigging wrap right there And then you have lastly your flutter type spoons here. These are medium sized dinner bells I don’t have any the big ones yet the slender spoon And then yeah another cilinders for another Frost bite dinner bell there and this is a buck shot Flutter spoon and I believe it’s called something like that. It’s a buck shot style. So yeah anyways, that’s like my top five must-have Walleye baits through the ice. I’ll probably finish off this day mostly with the rattle bait a little bit with the jigging spoon I’m gonna fish rather aggressive because I just want like one big fish yet You know one giant one to come have them slurp it up. So it’s a good it’s a good day It’s a fun day today. I think I have so much footage today like is It’s a 40-minute video too long. Like is this what does this get boring after a while or is it so good? With like just all the underwater stuff. I don’t know what to do. I Don’t know what to do. Like I have so much footage today. I have all these fish It’s gonna be hard to choose what to edit out and what’s keep Coal fin the raised what comes a little guy aa Smaller guy had to fish in there and the smaller one of the to come and eat it Not that the other one is much bigger, but he’s still down there. We’ll see if I can Get back to him quick Get back to him quick Little guy love the prime times Power hour. It’s not even power hour yet. It’s gonna get stupid. I can just feel it. You just feel it It’s gonna be lights out up here Come another one No, small guy. Yeah, like this is gonna get just crazy He just spit up a little minnow Oh, there’s sufficient there good one good fish good fish come back turn around come back. That’s a good one That’s a good one Come back. Here. He comes Come on Yes, that’s a good one fish looks good, it’s oh I dropped him he hardly ate it and I dropped him oh That one looks good. Oh Man that’s too bad That’s too bad I had that fish eat on the underwater camera I’m losing light slowly on that. So I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna get good footage on the underwater camera. Oh Man That’s too bad I gotta meet though but I dropped them oh There we go that’s decent fish Don’t think he motors from the side never even gave me much Norris all of a sudden it just come in and eat Look at that hole don’t plate and I’m leaving six don’t ask go easy. Go easy go easy That was inseam. Look at that rattle bait inhaled like inhaled gone That fish never even gave me like a chance to get ready for it. It just come up and pounded me awesome fish Those are the moments that I love live for those. Oh Here comes another one chart this one’s good to Know He got stung somehow we didn’t hook up that’s a big one. Oh Are you kidding me? How did that not hook up? Well, ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of all ages that will wrap up this video the night But you know what? It just did not happen for me. I stopped marking fish for probably a good 15 20 minutes already and Yeah, it just didn’t happen. I’m sure if I sat here all night, I could probably plug one or two more fish But it’s been a great great day The the objective was to come here and play around the underwater camera, which I made it happen So it was awesome you guys there’s lots of time this season yet to experience this Lake of the prairies while I bite and and don’t get me wrong I keep saying the video that it’s like up to like Christmas You can still come here Later, and you can find fish the the action might not just be as hot and heavy now. Keep in mind I’ve had some of my best days back in the day when he just put the ice castle on here in February I remember catching fish all night till like 1 2 3 o’clock in the morning, which was pretty fun I’d have a hundred fish days lot lots of smaller stuff lots eaters and I catched I think the biggest I ever caught nice cast was 27 and a half inches here. I’ve caught some bigger fish here But yeah, anyways, I’m rambling you guys. Thanks for watching don’t forget if you Haven’t been subscribed yet subscribed and hit the like on this video, too The more we can like these videos probably the better. It will be for YouTube pushing my content going forward So thanks for watching. Don’t forget get outside

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