Ice in Fresh vs Salt Water

Hi I’m Caleb and this is Kid Physics. Today I’m going to be talking about ice in
salt and fresh water. So, what I have here is two equal bowls of
ice, two buckets filled with water that is 24 degrees Celsius three inches high, some
course salt, some course sea salt, thermometer to check after, and… here we go. And by the way I did put the salt in for about
10 seconds (just saying). So this one has salt in it and this one does
not. I’m going to pour one bowl into the salt water
and the other bowl into the none (salt) water. Now we’ll be checking with you in a few minutes. So, we’re going to check the fresh water first
(and we’ve already put ice in it). Let’s see. What I got from my measurements was a one
degree difference. The fresh water was 14 degrees. Salt water 13. Now it’s your turn to do this experiment at
home. Send me the video in the comment section below. I’m looking forward to seeing your videos. If you like this video, like and subscribe
to my channel. This video was inspired by the ALS challenge
(AKA the Ice Bucket Challenge).

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